2020 Vision – Charles And Camilla On The Throne ?

Capricorn Research has always felt there’s something wrong about New Year. All those people being cajoled into making resolutions that are doomed to fail. It’s just the wrong time to do it.

The whole of nature is in shut down hibernation mode. Try telling a bear to get up and make a fresh start – you could experience a very fresh end.

The weather is lousy, snow and storms. And what’s more it will be for the next 3 months.

Fresh start ? Sod that, it’s enough just to get through the day.

Ancient Rome had it right, copying most of the civilisations around at the time and starting the New Year in Aries. Until Julius Caesar came along and wanted his own calendar.

Caesar was a grouchy old git anyway forcing people to get going in winter. He had the Sun in Cancer opposite Saturn in Capricorn, so what would you expect.

It seems to me that the whole thing is just a sales pitch.

If you hold new year in Aries, everyone is already up and running. If you hold it in Capricorn, no-one was has the energy for it, so they have to buy things to help them get going with their resolutions.

Then when they inevitably fail, they have to buy more things to console themselves for feeling a failure because they messed up and blew it in two days flat.

But there’s one group for whom a January New Year really works – pop astrologers.

The tabloids are full of double page spreads about how this year is going to be wonderful for you. How so ? It must be true – it says it in the stars.

So the horoscope columnists clamber over each other to get their piece published, not realising that this, like so much of their wittering, brings serious astrology into disrepute.

Because once people realise that a few days into their new regime their lives are still shit and they have failed to start anew with the stars, they go back to their caves saying that they always knew astrology was bullshit and curse it for getting their hopes up again.

No doubt that this being a new decade, we will have much more of it than usual.

Publicly these Astros will be saying everything is wonderful, all you have to do is go with the planets. Privately they are all scared shitless because of the upcoming Saturn / Pluto conjunction.

Pluto being in Capricorn we know has corresponded with a serious lurch to the right in world politics. As soon as it entered the sign in 2008 it brought the banking crisis with the inevitable result that all the power possessing beings blamed everyone else for it – homeless, immigrants, lefties etc.

Its tour through the sign has taken us from Obama to Trump.

But in 2019, things seem to get worse. Saturn arrived in Capricorn and the lurch to the right got stronger.

The conjunction of these two occurs in January 2020 and naturally everyone is worried.

So what to expect ? The only thing we can go on is what happened previously when these two came together.

The last one occurred in 1982 in Libra.

With Reagan and Thatcher in power, there had been a massive swing to the right in world politics. Soviet leader Brezhnev died and there was such uncertainty around which octogenarian nutcase would take the reins that there were genuine fears that the Cold War at its height would turn into a real Hot one.

Reagan did his best to inflame the tensions by banging on about Evil Empires and other things that he’d seen on Star Wars.

The previous Saturn / Pluto conjunction before that occurred in Leo in 1947. This brought the Truman Doctrine and the beginning of the Cold War sparked by fears generated by the Soviet take over of Eastern Europe and the Maoist revolution.

But these two conjunctions were in relatively optimistic signs.

The previous one occurred at 0 degrees Cancer in the summer of 1914, just in time for the start of World War 1.

For more information on this, see Causes Of The 1st World War – Saturn And Pluto

So this time round in Capricorn would give cause for concern, but what sort of concern exactly ?

This is the problem, because despite many astrologers attempts to do so, their subject cannot be used to give specific predictions of current transits unless it is based on the charts of particular individuals or institutions.

And even then it’s difficult.

Take the current Brexit situation. The 1066 chart for England has 23 degrees of Aries rising ( a very clear symbol for a nation that goes it alone and does its own thing )

When Uranus ( change ) reached the opposite point, 23 Libra ( cooperation ), on its 7th house cusp ( with partners ) in 1975, the UK went into the EEC.

When Uranus came to 23 Aries the referendum in 2016 gave a majority to take us out again.

The upcoming Saturn / Pluto conjunction falls at 22.46 Capricorn, exactly mid way between the two and square to both points.

So what does that mean ? Is it bad news for the Aries Brexit contingent or the end of the Libra EU experiment ? Or in some way, a reflection of serious difficulties for both of them ?

Generally we are on safer ground when we are looking at the charts of individuals.

Watching the chaos in UK politics on TV last week there was one person who really looked like she’d had enough of it.



Liz is 2 years older than my Mum. The main thing on her calendar should be having lunch at the Friday Club with her old mates, not having to turn up in full regalia to read that farcical speech for the arsehole that lied through his teeth the last time he saw her.

And people even get upset when she didn’t wear that crown. Well try it then, sitting there boiling to death wrapped in ermine for hours with the equivalent of a bag of sugar on your head. At the age of 93. With Pluto on your Ascendant.

The one thing you can say about Queen Elizabeth’s chart is that she is a stayer.

Sun in Taurus, Moon in Leo, Capricorn rising with a T Square apex Saturn dominating everything at the top of the chart. There is absolutely no shifting her.

Capricorn Research has been expecting her to keel over at any moment this year. She has already powered through Uranus being conjunct her Sun without even a hiccup.

Pluto has been conjunct her Ascendant all year, but no. She’s still there.

Surely when Saturn comes to join it……..



Prince Charles has very strange synastry with his mother.

He has a 4th house stellium and his chart is utterly dominated by that Moon. At 0 Taurus, exactly conjunct Liz’s Sun. So it’s pretty obvious who is doing the dominating.

When Uranus reached 0 Taurus earlier in 2019, most people would have expected some kind of handover of if not the reins, at least some level of responsibility for day to day running of the royal show – but nope, Liz doesn’t seem to be too impressed by her eldest.

You almost feel that she’s only staying alive purely because she doesn’t feel Chas is up to the job and is hoping he will croak first ( actually looking at him sitting alongside her with that miserable face and weighed down with his medals that doesn’t seem such a long shot ).

But looking at the upcoming Saturn and Pluto suggests otherwise.

Capricorn Research has long felt that it is easier to see the death of someone in the charts of their nearest and dearest left behind than in their own one.

And Charles will have this conjunction aspecting his Sun in the 4th house of family.

The aspect however is a fortunate sextile and although the death of his mother will understandably be felt as a great loss, there is also one little advantage too.

Charles Sun is nataly square Pluto and his life has been dominated by its transits.

This coming one will be the 3rd Pluto / Sun transit of his life.

Absolutely the most powerful one was the conjunction ( as you would expect ). This happened in 1992, the famous annus horribilis, when his marriage to Diana broke up and the very future of the monarchy was under threat.

The other one, also a sextile was in 1969 when he was 21 and was made Prince Of Wales in a performance similar to a coronation.

So what price Charles getting another one with Pluto again making a sextile to his Sun and the only transit left to occur during his life ( even if he lives longer than his Mum ).

Of course Charles wont be the only one affected



To see a bit of background and give an understanding of Camilla’s role in Charles’ life and her synastry with both him and Princess Diana see – Queen Camilla ?

Eagle eyed readers will immediately spot the standout piece of synastry though. Charles Sun at 22.25 Scorpio is closely trine Camilla’s at 23.47 Cancer.

Adding to that Camilla has the incredibly auspicious Sun trine Jupiter ( which is conjunct Charles Sun ).

Apart from this synastry making them soulmates and a far better match than Charles And Diana – A Match Made in Heaven ? , it also means they will both be receiving Pluto and Saturn transits at the same time.

But whereas Charles has this combo in a favourable sextile aspect to his Sun, Camilla has it in opposition to hers.

And Camilla was born during the Saturn / Pluto conjunction of 1947, so these transits would have a very powerful impact on her. She has the natal conjunction rising in Leo.

Its interesting looking at Camilla’s Pluto transits over the years. She has had two major ones to date.

The first, the difficult square aspect occurred in 1981 when Charles married Diana.

The second, the favourable trine happened when in 1992 when Charles and Diana separated and he renewed his affair with her.

So if as seems likely from the Saturn / Pluto transits that either Liz will die in 2020 or reluctantly abdicate in favour of Charles, the opposition will mean that Camilla will be violently yanked out of her Cancer 12th house comfort zone.

You can just imagine the headlines and all the Diana related stories being given an outing in the press.

Capricorn Research is wondering which one of the tabloids will be the first to run with Queen Tampon.

But when you read your pop astrology forecast for the wonderful new year ahead, don’t expect to see any of it.



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