One of the largest research studies undertaken into astrology shows that there is an astonishingly strong and clear link between the planets’ positions and human behaviour


For real insight into what is going on in our glorious game



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  1. I’m not sure if I’m replying in the right place – just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your article on ‘House and Holmes,’ which I thought was meticulously researched and a really interesting read. I agree, one hundred percent, that Astrology is symbolic – and you’ve demonstrated the symbolism really well in this article. Thanks for writing it.

    • Thanks Wendy, I enjoyed writing it too. Am always looking for an astrology article with a slightly different angle so if you’ve got any suggestions, I’m happy to research them.


      • I just had a thought/possible suggestion today of a possible research angle – there’s a new series of Endeavour coming up, so I thought: Morse:John Thaw and Sean Evans; Sgt Lewis/Inspector Thursday and the author, Colin Dexter? I guess it’s probably been done would welcome your take on it – if you have time! I could have a look at screening times and Inception charts for those. Endeavour – a very Saturnine name! And Oxford is a Capricorn city.
        Best wishes, Wendy.

      • Thanks very much. I’ll look at the inceptions for Endeavour – from what I’ve looked at already regarding the screenings, there’s a definite Saturn theme emerging… and, of course, I’m thrilled to bits: more ‘Writing from the Joy of Saturn…’
        Best wishes,

  2. Maybe you can help me I want to ask how my health will be I will have a very danger operation I was born 26 May 1967 I Krotoszyn Poland. Thank you for your answer

  3. I’m so thrilled to have found your website! I just love it. I think if you do videos on YouTube that would definitely be a game changer. I love your method, your research, and analysis. youre having the Pluto transit your moon that now and ok retrograde! Out of curiosity, how has this affected your life? When Pluto squared my sun I met a man and fell in love and in our synastry he has Pluto conjunct my sun!! He was my Pluto person. Can you write an article saying how this transit has affected you so far? xxx

    • Thanks so much Amira. I’m happy for you, everyone should have a Pluto person. I do plan to write about my Pluto / Moon transit, but I’m going to wait until its over before I do. It has caused a lot of upheaval but the results have been all positive so far. Not counting chickens yet though.

  4. Hi,
    Thanks for an excellent site.
    Brexit! So what do you think will happen now? Are we really out of EU? Or will we somehow manage to stay in?
    P.s. Pluto / Moon transit – upheaval is putting it really mildly for what I went through. Sadly I lost everyone and everything I loved most.

    • Thanks so much. Not sure what will happen post Brexit. I’m trying to put together an article that will explore the themes though, but it may take a few weeks before it comes together.
      You have my sincere sympathies for the Pluto / Moon transit. I am fortunate in that my natal Moon has several easy aspects, but there has been loss associated with it. If you had any kind of Moon / Pluto natal thing, I’m sure the results would have been devastating. I hope you can find some solace somewhere.

  5. I read your Brexit piece with interest, before the vote. Your own analysis seemed to indicate the eventual result quite clearly. But then you opted for Cameron’s Jupiterian luck. When I read it, I felt that it was going to take more than the Jupiterian luck of one man to win this. And, besides, Jupiter is known for seeing things as bigger than they actually are – exaggerating. A Jupiterian influence does not know when to stop – it can go too far. In Cameron’s case, it certainly did.

    • Thanks Mark, a very good point. I realise now that my desire for a Remain result led me to overlook the sheer power of the indications for Brexit. I invested too much in Cameron’s coming Jupiter transits.
      Time for a rethink.

      • Real bodhisattva. Nodes with this Grand trine create Kite pattern. Do you know maybe what astrological signs or planets are related to blood?

    • Thanks Alice. This is probably a time when we need an accurate birth time. Genie’s noon chart doesn’t really indicate the kind of life she had apart from possibly the Sun in Aries opposite Neptune. If she was born early in the day she would have the Moon in Sagittarius conjunct Saturn which would also make sense.

  6. Thanks, two t-squares are well visible – this Mars opposition moon and Saturn on 3rd-9th house axis with apex retrograde Jupiter . Aries Sun opposes Neptune on 1-7th house axis with Leo Uranus apex in 4th house.
    I was fascinated a bit that in that family father did not wanted to hear any sound and forbid to communicate, mother was blind and Kids were forced to be mute. Senses, expression and reception blocked.
    My friend adopted 2year old kept hidden by alcoholic parents in the basement, it took years for him to recover. They wanted him to be silent, mute and did not want to see him ( senses again)
    His eyesight had never fully recovered, his IQ is slightly above average and at 22 he is almost independant.

  7. As a quadrape capricorn could you make a post on how to achieve capricorn north node? I am an aries sun… taurus moon and capricorn ascendant. With north node in 12th house capricorn. If find it very hard to acheive my goals. Why is this so?

  8. First of all thanks for your amazing analysis in all areas, I was trying to read all your post, especially which is related to football astrology.

    Usually, I am doing the analysis for football matches, I’ve started on 2013 and every time I was trying to figure out which is the best method to follow.

    Finally, I decided to use Mundane astrology to do the analysis. My question is:

    1. What’s the method that you are using in sports astrology?
    2. Do you think that Mundane astrology could help in sports astrology? I know it’s not easy to generate a cycle chart for clubs

    Thanks again,
    Ehab Atari

    • Thanks Ehab. Football is difficult to predict because its a team game. Individual sports are easier. The most straightforward is golf because they don’t have individual matches in a tournament – its just one chart out there for 4 days against the rest.

      It is a problem with so few club charts available. I feel that the most reliable method is based around manager transits.

      There is also the contest chart method for the actual matches. For more information on this look back over my stuff on the 2014 World Cup. I have also fine tuned this method which should produce even more accuracy going forward.

      If you can synthesise manager, club and contest charts then you’re onto a winner.

      I’m not sure what you mean by using Mundane astrology. Are you looking at charts of the countries / cities for the team ? If so I would be keen to see how that works.



      • Thanks, ccapricorn. I was reviewing all world cup 2014 charts on your blog and it looks amazing, you did a great effort.

        Mundane astrology is not only for countries and cities. By definition, it is the science of the influence of the heavenly
        bodies as they affect the world, nations, cities, communities and
        other groups of people and any organization of individuals functioning under a common governing authority constitutes an entity.

        What I am suggesting to use football clubs chart since they are working under the authority and to apply transit on these charts.

  9. Hey CC, I love your blog and your analysis, I really wanted to ask what degree does your mercury sign has. Is it in Capricorn, because I get both Aquarius and Capricornish vibe from you❤❤ I love your blog

  10. I think wavelengths from the planets, or gods, are impacting our personalities. Alpha, beta, delta, and Theta (greek word for god)

  11. Capricorn! I wanted to ask you your thoughts on progressed charts. Would you look at it in combination with the natal chart and transits? Are they relevant as to the transits too? For example progressed pluto opposition natal pluto with a t square transit pluto? Or is it toooo much

    • Thanks David. I would use Progressions as well as Transits. However you need to see them as essentially different.
      Transits tend to link more to actual events and happenings in a persons life which can effect their inner states.
      Progressions are more the opposite in that they represent an inner unfolding that can shape actual events.
      Also whereas transits range in importance from Pluto backwards, progressions have the opposite scheme.
      The most important is the Prog Sun. Mars, Venus and Mercury have secondary importance. The Moon comes 3rd.
      Progressions of Jupiter to Pluto are irrelevant and best not to look at them at all because you can easily miss the more important ones.
      One thing that is interesting however is that transits and progressions over a particular period are often quite similar even though they are calculated by completely different means.

    • Thanks SD. I have been watching the unfolding disaster that is the Tory party with Saturn opposite their Moon / Mars and things are proceeding pretty much as you would expect. Unfortunately they are taking the country with them. My hope is that an election is called when Saturn is at its most vindictive and then we will be rid of them. But until I have a date to work on the transits of Johnson and Corbyn alone are not revealing anything

      • Thanks. I have been re-reading your article about the Conservative chart and note that according to your interpretations the party is probably due another reinvention or something of the sort since Pluto has been opposing that Moon/Mars.

      • Thanks SD. Actually the Pluto transit occurred a year or two back and coincided with the Brexit referendum and Cameron resignation and all that. What we are seeing now is the effect of Saturn opposite that Moon / Mars.

  12. Juzt found this incredible blog do you have a website? a facebook page? I found your work and research truly amazing. Kind regards from Buenos Aires Argentina. I would love to follow your work. Kind regards and a huge thank you for your fascinating work.

  13. You may need to rethink your predictions for elections as the one for the UK GE was some way off. However I can see how your system for them works. Maybe this one was just too muddled to reveal anything, or maybe astrology just doesn’t work very well for reading elections?

    • Thanks SD. As I researcher I am always testing my reading of astrology with the events. For this election the astrology was unclear, the opening poll chart usually points to the victor very clearly, it didn’t this time. None of the main party leaders had strong transits in the way Trump did in 2016 or Cameron in 2015. One’s assessment always has to be on balance, so I therefore thought it would be a hung parliament and would need another election to solve the impasse.
      As it turns out, Pluto’s journey through Capricorn is still going strong and not ready to release the world from the grip of the right wing. The upcoming Saturn / Pluto conjunction does mean the final Brexit moves.
      Granted the astrology wasn’t clear with this one, but it has been with the vast majority of Brit / US President elections of the last 60 years.

      • Thanks for the insights, I see what you mean.

        US Presidential elections are easier to pick I find as the focus is on just two people mainly. There is an interesting article somewhere online going deep into the pattern behind those elections which seems quite accurate.

        Agree with your point about the Saturn / Pluto conjunction – the astro weather just isn’t inclined to progressiveness right now. However the middle of the forthcoming decade shows quite a shift going on, with Pluto into Aquarius and a Saturn / Neptune conjunction, plus Uranus into Gemini.

        Someone posited on another website that a Saturn / Pluto conjunction sets the tone of the next 35 years or so til the following one, if so I find it interesting how the atmosphere of now and the mid to late 2020s will clash.

      • Thanks SD, I agree with your points about Pluto changing sign. Its movement into Virgo brought about the Labour Wilson governments of the 1960s and into Sag, the Blair era. As soon as it went into Cap, that began to fold.

        I don’t believe Saturn / Pluto conjunction sets the tone for the next 35 years. That would suggest that any other transit occurring in that time have a reduced impact which is just dumb. And why just that conjunction ? You could equally say that for any transit, which would be just absurd.
        Some people say that the effects of an eclipse last until the next one – again that makes no sense at all.
        Any transit lasts until it’s over. It may be that we will feel the effects of this one for a while, but not too long.
        Jupiter and Saturn moving into Aquarius will soften things politically. As will Donald Trump’s upcoming Neptune transits. I’m just hoping that they will do so in time for next November.

      • Just another theory I’ve read about Saturn / Pluto conjunctions which may be of interest: someone noted that this conjunction can also trigger things in the opposing sign. They used the example of the conjunction in Leo in 1948 heralding more Aquarian ideas as well as Leonine ones, and the 1982 one in Libra giving power to neoliberalism through the opposite sign being Aries.

        I don’t know how much weight there is to this idea, but it’s interesting that the current conjunction in Capricorn is coinciding with various protectionist and nationalist instincts – all Cancerian traits.

      • Thanks SD. I’m sorry but this is the kind of sloppy astrology that I can’t stand. If this principle works in regard to one transit it must therefore work across the board. So someone with the Sun in Aries also has Libran characteristics ? Etc etc.
        It is this kind of thinking that dilutes the essential truth of astrology to the point where no-one could take it seriously. And it doesn’t work.


      • I agree. It just gets too vague when one goes into stuff like that.

        Been looking at your articles on the Con and Lab parties and it’s interesting to note that Johnson does not have any Moon/Mars aspects (although his Moon is in Scorpio) and the only aspects of his chart that connect to the Tory Moon/Mars are hisMC at 12 Cancer and his Neptune at 15 Scorpio. Not sure how that plays out TBH.

      • Yes, this is another reason for me not expecting Boris to get a clear majority. His chart doesn’t resonate with the Tory chart like Thatcher and even Cameron.

  14. I enjoy this Website, but when are you going to add some more articles. 2020 for the first 3 mths has been hectic due to this Megxit, Covid19 and the chances of Biden running on the Democratic ticket.

    • Thanks SD. The thing with horary is that the question has to be about something that is personal to the client. So for example if you asked about Donald Trump in November that could not work. But if Trump or Biden came along and asked, yes that would be fine.

  15. I am Sagittarius, like patterns in the sky, though lack the Capricorn ‘seeing it through-ness’ (and have always been careless of detail): so I admire your articles, written very well and amusingly.
    On Rowling, Travers etc, I see E. Nesbit was also Leo.
    I had noticed the Beatles, two water, two air, two cardinal, two mutable, forming a square; had you seen that Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, like the four of Pink Floyd, had a player from each element?
    I spent a happy afternoon looking at philosophers: I recall Hegel and Locke being Virgo, and many of the greatest, Marx, Weber etc Taurus.
    I actually found your site when looking to check up on my speculations about the Beatles.
    Hendrix was Sagittarius. Guitars are an interesting study too: Vai being Gemini, Marvin Libra, and I see you notice Piscean guitarists like Harrison and Gimour. Clapton and Blackmore are Aries, Page Capricorn, Beck and May Cancer: none of the guitarists I was interested in were Taurus, Aquarius, Scorpio or Virgo. But I google Robert Johnson, the bluesman, and he was Taurus, also Django Reinhart, who was Aquarius.

  16. Love your site, and the way you write. Very apt that the horary chart you have just posted for the outcome of the Presidential election (Ruby Tuesday) has Neptune rising (exact) on the Asc. Deceit and muddle which will undoubtedly follow, Trump’s ‘fake news’ character, and the virus which has caused him so much political trouble and will most likely bring him down.

    • Thank you Jan. I was going to make more of the Neptune rising thing and all the lying, but you have done it for me. I always feel Neptune’s power is underplayed in astrology. I think the next few years for Trump will give us all a chance to witness it

  17. I have learned lots from reading your articles, also love the way you write. Mango Mussolini alone caused a friend to giggle irrepressible for some few minutes.
    About Saturn and jupiter, ever since you opined abt old boss new boss, I have been wondering how to characterize the two of them in aquarius. Until the Sunburst hack. Done in March when Saturn entered the sign and revealed as a devastating attack just as the exact conjunction was upon us. I spent a lovely time looking at the context of the last great c. in aquarius in 1407ish. So maybe Saturn in aquarius emphasized might tend to be technological advances, which are often funded by warfare’s needs. In 1407 the Polish-Lithuanian union broke the force of the Teutonic knights, and in Italy yet another Italian city pounded it’s neighbor, but maybe the point isn’t politics or culture but simply some military technology.

  18. Waiting for the article Who can prise the French Open 2021. When is it going to be released ?

    Thanks a lot

  19. A fan of yr writing, I hopefully suggest any person or nation affected by the 1522 plus repeat of our recent outer planet match up…Pluto and jupiterin Capricorn, Saturn and soon to be Jupiter in aquarius, Neptune in pisces and Uranus in Pluto. Another moment of worldwide gun violence and the disease part of the Columbian exchange….

  20. Perhaps you could share your astrological interpretation of the United States’ current disaster of a President, Joe Biden and his joke of an administration? Long-suffering citizens of this nation could use a shred of hope.

    • Thanks Michelle. I certainly could. The only problem with Biden’s administration is the arseholes in GOP senate who won’t pass his legislation and the dinosaurs on the Supreme Court. With 4 years of Trump you have been long suffering. The only way out of your trouble is to vote Democrat in the midterms.

  21. I love your astrological analysis. A note as I was just reading your Donald Who article (which is wonderfully pieced together). Did you mean that Neptune is in exact square to Donald’s Sun? vs “Neptune is exactly conjunct Donald’s Sun now…”

    Again, excellent content and analysis and look forward to new articles, especially those related to the US experiences its Pluto Return.

  22. Hi cr, being American already obsessed with 2024, so am frustrated by looking at online predictions based on November 4th. Why? The election is on the 5th, which puts the moon at sag 21, where applying is a matter of minutes to points in kamala’s or de Santos charts. Am I missing something about the day before vs midnight in nh? Carol p

    • I haven’t looked into 2024 yet. There’s still a lot of transits to happen first. But I can assure you that one day won’t make any difference to who eventually becomes President

  23. What do you think of James Bulger case and Jon Venables ? How do you explain it astrologicaly? Venables has reoffended twice after the murder, he was caught with a lot of pics and videos of child abuse pornography and this year he has a chance to be released yet again

  24. Being a lazy Libra moon who loves a good laugh, I am grateful for yr exactitude and style. Always hoping for more on American politics so here’s something for yr Pluto collection — John eastman who looks to be the first fall guy for tump’s insurrection action, has a Tsquare affected by Pluto in the empty house during the Dec/ Jan 2020/21 action.
    Ps. If u need to know, your year on the close to exact Venus Uranus conjunction and Capricorn rising. That’s me.

  25. Are you familiar with the London Flood of 1524? Would be interesting to see an astrological perspective on it

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