A Seriously Unhappy Solar Return

Capricorn Research has always had an ambivalent relationship with Solar Returns. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t.

Perhaps it because I was born on Boxing Day. I got the presents yes, but everyone was hungover and as for parties – no chance. Most were so partied out by then that they were even wondering if they could get out the thing on New Year’s Eve.

So maybe I am already prejudiced against Solar Returns

First of all, a few points about them. To astrologers these should be obvious, but I have come across many who are completely blind to them.

The Sun will be in the same degree as it is in a natal chart so that means same sign, same house. Also any aspects that it has in the Solar Return chart should therefore be picked up as natal transits anyway.

So the Sun in an SR chart is irrelevant.

Ditto the Ascendant for the same reasons although there can be a difference of a few degrees, but this is still irrelevant

Mercury and Venus never stray that far from the Sun so there is a strong likelihood that they will be in the same sign or house as in the natal chart, or in a consecutive one.

So the only thing relevant about them is their aspects.

Uranus, Neptune and Pluto move so slowly that any involvement with any planets in a Solar Return should also have been picked up by transits alone. So irrelevant.

Jupiter and Saturn don’t move that far over the course of a year and an SR is supposed to be relevant for a whole year. Therefore these will have been picked up by transits anyway.

All that remains is the Moon and Mars.

These two can be very significant.

But even given all this, every so often you come across something that is clearly indicated that really isn’t elsewhere. No transits, no progressions nuffink.

This is the current one for our prime minister, often simply called Boris or BoJo or in the porcine community, Blowjob.

If ever a chart summed up the mess that this fool has got the UK into its this one. And with aspects, the tighter they are the bigger the mess.



So to have Mercury, Mars, the Moon and Pluto in a tight opposition all contained within 1 and a bit degrees is astonishing.

We all know that Boris Johnson is a character that works on a number of different levels.  To quote from a recent study of this phenomena Boris Johnson – An Arcuri(t) Portrayal

” His Sun exactly conjunct Venus in Gemini and Libra Ascendant give us one picture – the tousled haired idiot who can talk the hind legs off a donkey but is a loveable rogue because of it.

The 4 planet Grand Trine including the Sun, Venus and The Moon just drips with inherited wealth and privilege giving us another.

But as always the things that are important are the ones that nobody quite sees.

This is the sheer nastiness of a Scorpio Moon coupled with a T Square apex 8th house Gemini Mars that just wants to fuck everyone. ”

And it is what this Moon and Mars are doing in the SR chart that gives the most cause for concern.

Mars is tightly with Mercury in the career and social status 10th house, suggesting that this man will achieve his lifelong ambition and become Prime Minister.

The opposition between the Moon conjunct Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn in the 4th house indicates that this will happen with total and utter disregard ( Capricorn ) for the country  ( 4th house ) and people ( Moon ) that he is supposed to be leading.

This is so astonishingly accurate that this one chart has forced Capricorn Research to consider revising his opinion of Solar Returns.

But after all one swallow doesn’t make a summer even if it is suffering from acute sunburn.

So the only thing to do is more research. And given that we have a start with a Prime Ministerial debut, why not look at a few other ones.

One interesting thing about the Johnson Solar Return chart is that it stands on its own.

Capricorn Research has covered the fortunes of modern UK Prime Ministers in depth and in the vast majority of cases over the last 50 years, the election victories have been indicated by strong transits to their natal charts.

For more information about this in detail see – Electional Astrology – How They Try To Control Us 

Johnson’s predecessor, Theresa May became Prime Minister in July 2016. Her previous SR chart is as follows.


May’s chart is not very Prime Ministerial. She has a natal 7th house stellium consisting of the Sun, Mercury, Moon and Jupiter which would suggest that her fate is very much in the hands of others and that she wouldn’t get to lead on her own terms.

Also with Mars rising in Pisces she would tend to have awkward movements and would be best not advised to try native dancing when on tour.

She became PM on her Jupiter Return and it was conjunct her Sun and Mercury as she negotiated a successful first conference.

But to show the difficulties and the extra responsibility that she had taken on, Saturn was transiting her 10th square to her 1st house Mars.

What does the Solar Return chart do to add to this indication. The fascinating thing is that Mars is exactly conjunct her natal Moon.

No-one could predict that she would become Prime Minister simply from reading the Solar Return chart but it does give more power to her elbow.

It also shows via the Mars / Neptune opposition that her efforts to lead would be undermined and that for much of her time in office she would be on very shaky ground.

But much of that was probably the fault of her predecessor, for holding that bloody referendum in the first place.



David Cameron won the election of May 2010. The main indicator of this victory was the Progression of his Sun to square his natal 11th house Mars in Leo.

Interestingly Cameron has a natal Mars / Neptune square and Neptune was opposing his Mars by transit throughout 2010.

In his case, however the Solar Return tells us a lot.

Mars is in the 10th house of career attainment and it has easy aspects to Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Uranus.

But the most significant thing is that there is a very close Grand Trine between the Sun, Moon and Jupiter, probably the most auspicious aspect pattern that anyone could have.

So this Solar Return chart shows Cameron’s easy victory but also the fact that his early years in office were widely considered to be successful. He seemed like a natural leader – right up until Pluto squared his natal Sun and convinced him to hold a referendum on Brexit, assuming an easy victory for Remain would help get rid of the wackos in his own party.

But that is how a Pluto Turning Point works. Always expect the unexpected.

If it comes along when you are a nobody, it can propel you onto a different level. If you are already top dog, you will be taken down.



Gordon Brown’s accession to the leadership was not accompanied with a big flag waving transit. His progressed Mars was sextile Uranus but meh….

However within a few months of taking over he had Saturn opposite his Sun which coincided with Vince Cable’s observation of his “remarkable transformation in the last few weeks from Stalin to Mr Bean “.

Brown has a 5 planet stellium in the 12th, mostly in Pisces. Like Theresa May there is nothing in it to suggest Prime Minister material.

However for the Solar Return that 5 planet pile up became a 6 planet car crash.

That tight Venus / Pluto square could be indicating difficult times ahead, but all in all this SR chart doesn’t really enlighten us any more about his supposedly peak achievement to come in that year.



Like Brown, Tony Blair had a natal 12th house 5 planet stellium. Unlike Brown he also had Mars on the Ascendant and a 10th house Aquarian Moon, making him a more obvious leader.

And Pluto was opposite his Mars and Ascendant in 1997 as he was swept to power.

Uranus was conjunct his natal 10th house Aquarius Moon – a sure sign that ” fings can only get better”.

However, Neptune was transiting the 10th house square to Blair’s Mercury showing that this was just a DReam.

The Solar Return does build on this. The Sun / Mars trine makes things easier. Also the Moon in Taurus helps him big time particularly in square aspect to a 10th house Uranus ( reinforcing the transit between the two bodies ).



John Major’s accession to the top job in 1990 was extraordinary. To quote from Electional Astrology  

” Major appeared out of nowhere. It seemed that he got the job because he happened to be passing the Cabinet office at the time. This was not true because he had the unusual combination of Sun, Moon and Ascendant all being in close aspect to each other. One result of such a grouping is that any transit will hit all three major significators at the same time. Uranus, the planet of the unexpected was conjunct his Moon and Ascendant and square his Sun at the time. This explains why he got the job, his transits would have been so much more powerful than anyone else’s. ”

The Solar Return shows this, of course, but also there is an intriguing Mars Return.

John Major’s natal Mars is at 15 Aquarius. Here it is at 13 of the sign.

His SR Moon is also busy, being square his natal Mars and trine his Moon / Ascendant conjunction.


Margaret Thatcher’s natal chart probably taught Capricorn Research more about astrology than any other single one. If you would like to see more read Margaret Thatcher – The Plutonian Lady

The evil witch becoming queen in 1979 was clearly shown by the most powerful transit known to man – Pluto conjunct the natal Sun.

This is evidenced in her Solar Return chart along with the transit of Uranus onto her Ascendant which occurred as it was becoming clearer she would win.

The fascinating thing about the Solar Return chart is that Mars was bang on the Ascendant, and this strengthen the already super powerful transits.



Jim Callaghan’s natal chart had a Mars / Pluto conjunction in the 10th house. He took the top job in 1976 with transiting Pluto opposite his Aries Sun. Like Thatcher this is as clear as it gets, but also he had Saturn conjunct his Moon, showing that his time in office would be very difficult.

The Solar Return chart shows this but also adds a Mars Return not only to the 10th house, but in square to his Sun.

The Moon and Mars are in trine as well. So this is another situation where the SR chart really adds to the picture.



Harold Wilson had a 10th house Sun with Mercury right on the Midheaven and Pluto conjunct a Cancer Ascendant, certainly showing that he would reach the top.

In 1974, Pluto was square that Ascendant and Jupiter was conjunct his Mercury, sure signs that he would get elected then.

Saturn however was also conjunct the Ascendant showing there were tough times ahead and he had to resign 2 years later.

The Solar Return obviously shows all this plus it gives Mars sextile to Wilson’s natal Jupiter.

But the Moon’s placing in a Grand Trine with Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and the Ascendant clearly reinforces the transits.


Ted Heath’s natal chart contains a stellium in Cancer in the 4th house including the Sun conjunct Saturn – not an obvious candidate for the highest office in the land.

This conjunction however is closely conjunct the Tory party Moon / Mars in the 10th house – for more info on the Tory party chart see The Conservative Party – A Cancer At The Heart Of British Politics 

He came to power with his Progressed Sun sextile his Venus and Uranus transiting his Ascendant but all the work was done in the run up to the election as Pluto was conjunct his natal Mars.

The Solar Return reinforces that with the Moon conjunct his Mars as well.



Harold Wilson’s first term as Prime Minister began in 1964. This was a new era for British politics and indicated by Pluto transiting square to his Moon.

The Solar Return shows it clearly with Mars in the 10th house and Mercury conjunct his Sun.

So what does this 55 year romp down memory lane show us ?

It seems that Solar Returns do work in most cases, in that they add some understanding of the situation working alongside the transits of the time.

In the case of British Prime Ministers we are generally looking at a Mars Solar Return effect. But maybe for the rest of us who are not all megalomaniacs the Moon in our SR chart would have more impact.

There is only one chart where the Solar Return works as a stand alone, and that is back to where we started with Boris Johnson.

Capricorn Research can only hope that the lack of clear transits to Blowjob’s chart would mean that he would get dumped at the first possible opportunity and go back to his first love, pig fuckery.

But one of the things all of us ( including astrologers ) have to come to terms with due to the upcoming Saturn / Pluto conjunction is that we can’t know what is going to happen.

But with Saturn edging closer to that nasty pile up at 22 – 23 degrees Cancer / Capricorn in Johnson’s SR chart, it really isn’t looking pretty.

Either he goes down the shute ….. or we all do.



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