April is the Cruellest Month – Fact

I always find it funny when so called seasonal biologists present their findings whilst desperately avoiding any reference to the ‘ A ‘ word.

It’s a bit like Basil Fawlty – ” Dont mention the war! I mentioned it once, but I think I got away with it all right. ”

The articles that present these findings often do just that. They say it’s almost as if there could be something in astrology but of course that must be nonsense.

The latest one to do so was about the worrying number of mass killings that seem to occur in April. See – The Strange Seasonality of Violence

The quaintest thing about these items is when they come to try and explain it all in sound down to earth scientific terms.

This latest finding suggests that the anger and resentment that was brooding in these serial murderers comes to the surface as soon as the better weather entices them outside.

Yes we can all identify with that one. Soon as the Sun comes out we all feel like celebrating by blowing up a school or two.

Perhaps it’s just because it’s their birthday.

In my collection of 545 Murderers the most common Sun sign by a distance is Taurus with Aries in 2nd place.

The examples used in the article, Waco, Boston Bombing, Columbine, Pennsylvania all occurred with Sun / Mars aspects

The Virginia Tech Shooting happened with the Sun and Moon in Aries

The article also mentions the assassinations of Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln both occurring in April.

Astrologically they both occurred when the Sun was in Aries in very close aspect with Saturn. Dr King was murdered with the Sun conjunct Saturn with only 5 minutes of arc between them and Lincoln was killed when the two were in opposition.

Another factor that happens in these articles is that they just pick up one or two massacres that people in the US have heard of.

This has the advantage of making the whole thing sound anecdotal and unscientific. Therefore any conclusions that might be pointing to some unexplained connection can be happily dismissed as coincidence.

If we take school shootings throughout the world out of the top 30 in terms of numbers of children killed, 8 of them occurred in the USA.

Perhaps more surprisingly 8 of them occurred in April. And another 3 happened in late March when the Sun was in Aries.

Out of these 11, 8 happened when the Sun was in Aries. Also Mars was in Aries 3 times with the expected number being 1.

The Sun was in aspect to Saturn 7 times when the expected figure would be about half that.

So out of the top 30 school massacres, the Sun was in Aries in aspect to Saturn 6 times, the expected figure would be 0.8.

Its therefore fair to say that these massacres are of the nature of Mars / Saturn.

The article suggests that the date of some of the attacks were chosen as an homage to previous events.

Alex Hribal, the Pittsburgh murderer wanted to honor the Columbine killers, but school wasn’t in session April 20. He struck on Eric Harris’ birthday — April 9 — and stabbed 20 people.

Harris himself wanted to mark the anniversary of the Oklahoma bombings, the perpetrator of which, Timothy McVeigh did it in honour of the Waco massacre.

So who started it ?

” We did not ”

” Yes you did. You invaded Poland ”


Adolf Hitler


Most of these guys mentioned Hitler as someone they respected, and they wanted to commemorate his birthday.

As referenced in the article Adolf Hitler – Only Got One Aspect, the Fuhrer only had one, but it was a big one.

Mars square Saturn.

Seasonal biology ? Whatever.



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