Jacques Allaire – A Terrible Tale

Jacques Allaire

Jacque Allaire was born with a 1st house stellium ( multiple conjunction of planets ) in Scorpio. The Sun and Jupiter are in close conjunction with Venus and the Ascendant. Technically Venus and the Ascendant are in Libra but anything in the final minutes of a sign are considered to be in the following one. Scorpios are deeply intense, passionate people with strong emotions. As a rule they have an awareness of their feelings and the vulnerability that this can create so they are good at creating a controlled exterior. With the Sun and Jupiter so close to the Ascendant, these feelings would demand expression and self control would be very difficult.

The stellium is opposite Uranus on the cusp of the 7th house and this opposition points to tremendous volatility in relationships with sudden unexpected and disruptive behaviour. The Sun opposite Uranus adds a strong wilful and stubborn streak to Allaire. The tension in this powerful opposition focuses by T Square onto the Moon / Pluto conjunction in Cancer. This points to an explosive release of tension through a powerful act ( T Square ) involving Allaire’s family and particularly children ( Moon in Cancer ) which is likely to result in death ( Pluto ).

This tremendously difficult chart threatened something very ominous. Capricorn Research could find only one piece of information about Jacques Allaire. He killed both his son and grandson in July 1987. No background and reasons are given.

Pluto in July 1987 was at 7 degrees Scorpio, having just passed the conjunction to his Sun, but close enough to still have an affect. Pluto had been in the stellium from 1983 to 86 so we can only guess at the horrendous pressures that lead to this terrible result.



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