The Astrology of Bitcoin – Time To Sell Up ?

We’ve all seen the adverts – ” 7 years ago Joe Bloggs bought a handful of Bitcoin and promptly forgot about it, now they’re worth 10 zillion pounds “.

Some people might be tempted to remortgage and plough it all straight into the cryptocurrency on the back of this. Most of us naturally assume that if they’re targeting the likes of us, all the serious money has been already made and while feeling somewhat jealous of Joe B, decided to keep our hard earned where it is.

Very few of us would have expected the spectacular collapse of the currency this week which saw its value plunge to about half of what it was worth last month. But this is simply because we weren’t following the astrology of it all.



As with so many of these charts we could do with a definite time and place, but since Japan seems to be strongly linked, Capricorn Research has gone for noon and Tokyo.

This chart gives us Taurus rising with a very close T Square pointing to an apex Moon in Gemini in the 2nd house. This is a suitable arrangement for financial volatility and sudden, unpredictable changes.

Having read about the crash, Capricorn Research first drew this chart this morning and was instantly drawn to one simple fact – the Sun at 18.59 Capricorn.

So its Pluto strikes again.

Many astronomers claim that Pluto is not even a planet, even some astrologers question its impact or relevance. Capricorn Research would simply ask for their birthdata and would show them the Turning Point of their Lives, a sudden, completely unexpected revolutionary event which sweeps away all existing conditions.

For readers unfamiliar with the transits of Pluto, its important to point out that it moves very slowly and its major aspects to any planet are only likely to occur once in a lifetime. Also that it tends to move forwards and backwards over a particular point in a chart 3 times ( sometimes even 5 times ).

Pluto first reached 18.59 Capricorn in early March 2017, when it was announced that Bitcoin’s price had passed the value of an ounce of gold.

Pluto proceeded as far as 19.24 of the sign and then turned retrograde.

In terms of the Pluto cycle, such a light first touch can often be seen as a warning. In fact many pundits throughout 2017 were stating that Bitcoin was a speculative bubble and warning investors away.

At the end of September Pluto turned forward again and on January 6th 2018, it reached 18.59 Capricorn.

Since this date the collapse has been spectacular.

So what will happen next ?

Pluto stays around for a couple more weeks and then goes away, but its 3rd hit will be due later this year in September and October.

At this point its perhaps worth looking at the chart of the founder of Bitcoin.


Satoshi Nakamoto

It’s highly likely that there is no such individual as Satoshi Nakamoto, but this makes no difference to astrology. An inception chart has validity whether it is for a person, an institution or even an idea.

This chart is very powerful. It has the Sun in Aries opposite Pluto, which is a clear pointer to volatility. The opposition is also pointing to an apex Saturn at 12 Cancer indicating serious difficulties to come at some point.

When would that be ?

Any chart with an apex Saturn is likely to experience major problems when Saturn reaches the opposite point creating a Grand Cross.

This occurs in January 2019 and throughout the whole year, Saturn is transiting conjunct the Bitcoin Sun.

Many pundits have already ascribed the Bitcoin troubles to the threat of regulation coming from a number of countries, particularly China.

This makes a lot of sense as both Saturn and Capricorn are all about limitation and boundaries put in place by the authorities.

Ironically while writing this article I have just received a message in my inbox encouraging me to invest in Bitcoin because of a new development. On balance I think I might give that one a miss.

And Pluto and Saturn will suggest that Joe Bloggs get out quick before his forgotten investment disappears altogether.




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