2 – Treat Yourself – Remedies Individually Tailored To Your Birthchart And Transits

Astrology is without doubt the finest tool for understanding both our place in the scheme of things and what the Universe is requiring from us at any point in our lives.

A consultation with a good astrologer is an essential tool for us in navigating our way through.

But even when we understand the forces that are shaping and directing our destiny, we still have to experience them. We can trust this developing comprehension but those feelings, concerns and anxieties still come up when we are going through a particular transit, at times even on a daily basis.

How should we go about tackling them to help improve our state of mind and body and place ourselves in the best possible position to make the most of the energies around us ?

Husband and wife team, Karen and CC have come together as Capricorn Rising Remedies to do precisely that.

In days gone by there was no separation between astrology and medicine.

Many astrologers were also herbalists. Health conditions and their remedies all had astrological connections. Anyone going to their doctor would expect them to refer to their natal chart for both diagnosis and cure.

Over the last 250 years there has been a separation between astrology and medical science. This has been part of an overall movement to separate that which belongs to the mind from that of the body.

The rise of complementary medicine over the last 30 years has sought to bring these two approaches closer together with a considerable degree of success.

Astrology is the most sophisticated and accurate science in terms of understanding the make up of human beings. But it is still mostly used in terms of psychology.

Few astrologers would see their role as including prescriptive remedies and consequently the most important instrument for improving your mental and physical wellbeing is left underused.

That is your own birth chart.

CC is one of the world’s top astrological researchers with almost 50 years experience and is highly skilled at picking the essential elements of a natal chart and transits applying at the time.

He is also a complementary health practitioner with over 30 years experience training others and teaching mindfulness techniques with a particular focus on the body.

CC began using the Bach flower remedies in the 1980s.

A 12th house Sun and Moon, along with Chiron exactly on his Ascendant and a close conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus in his 6th house, leaves him perfectly placed to bring these skills together as an astrological healer.

Karen was introduced to Astrology and Buddhism at the age of 11.

A Mercury / Venus conjunction in Pisces aspected to a Uranus / Pluto conjunction in her 9th house gives her a powerful intuitive sense and an empathic understanding of other people’s spiritual needs and make up.

Karen combines these skills with an innate ability to choose the right remedies for you.

We have put together a therapeutic package based on your own birthchart that will really provide great help for you as you negotiate you way through life’s challenges.

This consists of a laminated copy of your chart and interpretation of your most significant upcoming transits and how they will affect you.

We have also included a 50 ml combination of flower remedies that have been specifically chosen for you using your birthchart with these particular transits in mind.

It is a highly effective way to help you make the most of your opportunities and to aid you in making the mental and emotional adjustments that your transits require.

This would also make an ideal present for friends that you really care about.

The fee would be £ 65 or AU$ 95, including postage.

If you send your time, date and place of birth together with your postal address and an email address for invoicing via Paypal, to info@astrologyresearch.co.uk or direct message via my FB page, Facebook.com/ccapricorn1/ we will send your Capricorn Rising Remedies package directly to you and you will know that you are doing everything in your power to aid you on your path through this life.