Does This Prove Astrology ?

The Capricorn Astrology Research Project

One of the largest research studies undertaken into astrology shows that there is an astonishingly strong and clear link between the planets’ positions and human behaviour

Venus and Mars in the charts of Public Figures

Extraordinary scores for Venus and Mars in the charts of over 20,000 Public Figures

Proof That We’re All More Accident Prone on Our Birthdays, and Half and Quarter Birthdays

A 20 year old research project into the timing of over 1,000 workplace accidents

The Moon’s Nodes – The Soul’s Path to Fame ?

A look at the position of the North Node of the Moon in 20,000 plus Public Figures

Statistical Proof of a Planet in Signs Effect

A list of 76 distributions of planets in signs which prove astrology

Astrology and Sexuality Research

The study of Mars and Venus in the charts of 1787 Gay Men

Royal Families – Top of The Jupiter / Saturn Index

A comparison of the frequencies of conjunctions of the Sun to Jupiter and Saturn throughout all of the Capricorn Research groups.

Jupiter and Royal Families

A look at other aspects of Jupiter in the charts of 229 members of Royal Families

Victims Research

A study of 1518 Victims of Murder, Aids, Accidents and Cot Death

What makes an Artist or a Scientist ?

A comparison of 783 charts of Artists and 737 charts of Scientists

Research into Prostitution

A study of the charts of 166 Prostitutes

Are Ariens Accident Prone ?

A study of 321 Accident Victims

Anyone for Taurus – Research at the Australian Open

A study of the Charts of all the Players in 2018

Aries is the Fastest Sign – Motor Racing Research

A study of 106 Racing Drivers

The 7th House Cusp – A Philosophical Position ?

The study of 127 Philosophers

The Mars – Jupiter / Saturn Index 

Another look at planetary positions for all the research groups, this time to discover the relative frequencies of Mars aspects to Jupiter and Saturn.

Is There a Difference Between Pop Music and Classical ?

A comparison between the charts of 680 Pop Singers and 170 Classical.

Jupiter – How Much is Too Much ?

A study of Jupiterean excess in the charts of 338 Alcoholics and 190 Drug takers

Gemini – The Twins ?

Research into the charts of 250 sets of twins

Sun Sign Career Advice

A look at the Sun signs in relation to career choices in the charts of over 23,000 subjects

The Most Important Factor in the Choice of Career

A look at the most prominent aspect in career choices

Across the Congressional Astrology Divide

Research into 429 members of the US Congress

Angel is a Centerfold

A look at the charts of 706 Playboy Centerfold models

Float Like a Sun / Uranus / Neptune Grand Trine, Sting Like a TSquare Apex Mars in Taurus

An analysis of the charts of 239 Boxers

Us and Them – A Study of the Ascendant / Descendant

An analysis of 72 different groups in terms of East / West emphasis

Is Astrology an Aquarian Discipline ?

A study of the charts of 953 Astrologers

The Role of Neptune in Sex Crime

A study of criminality

Suicide is Painless, It Comes from Lack of Changes

An investigation into the astrological causes in 345 cases of suicide

Pisceans Will Believe A Hundred Impossible Things Before Breakfast – Fact !

A study of 275 people interested in Parapsychology

The Effect of Planets with The Sun, Moon or Ascendant

A study of the frequency of conjunctions of the planets to the Sun, Moon or Ascendant across the research database

Proof that People Born in the Autumn are Sexier

A combined study of 288 Sex Symbols and 706 Playboy Models

Jupiter – Bringer of Joy ?

A look at 1145 members of royal or famous families

Mercury – The Writer’s Planet ?

A study of the charts of 2048 Writers

How to Choose a Princess ?

420 examples of royal consorts

Is There Such a Thing as a Crime of Passion ?

100 charts of people who murdered their partners

Mercury Retrograde – Does It Have A Natal Effect ?

A look at Mercury Retrograde in the charts of 2044 Writers and 321 Accident Victims

The Problem of the Moon in Research

Why does the Moon appear to be less significant than the Sun in astrological research findings ?

Dial OM for Murder

A look at Sun / Moon combinations in the charts of 545 Murderers

Athletics, Damn Lies and Statistics

A response to a statistician’s claims that 4 of Britain’s top athletes having their birthdays on March 23rd was purely coincidental


The Turning Point in Your Life ?

Astrology and Celebrity – all in the timing




12 thoughts on “Does This Prove Astrology ?

  1. What if we took 12 traits for our houses, planets and signs. So thirty six traits, had a questionaire of 144 mulitple choice questions of four choices. I would reccomend a psycology thesis, someone trained write. Create a hypothesis both for what astrology would predict and general estimates of scatter probabilities. I’m not trained. I’m sure there are enough of bored people to give it a try.

    • I agree Rose. Ive often thought there are ways of doing something like this.
      I would like to see a collection of say 20 subjects, placed into 10 pairs that have extremely different charts ( ie one with Gemini strong, other with Cap stellium etc ). Each person would have to write a description of their own character and their family members of friends would also have to write one. Then ask astrologers to pick which one is which. I would guarantee at least 80% success rate.

    • Thanks Franklin. Im glad that Im keeping them all entertained. Im quite enjoying my Twitter vacation, so can keep an eye on the golf as well. Happy Easter to you

  2. I read your comments about Brexit and Capricorn and frankly it appeared a piece of biased opinion rather than any astrological context. It amazes me that astrologers who should know, do not understand what is truthfully happening. The cosmic drama playing out is the Universe’s way of showing us that for so long our political elite has held us in contempt. It was predicted by many psychics that this would happen. Astrologers can see it in the charts but they don’t seem to understand why its happening. Brexit is a necessary event. The EU is a vehicle for the globalist Elite to form a New World Order. You cannot say you know nothing of this. Already deals are being struck between the S. American Union, ASEAN and NAFTA. The Commissioners of the EU, unelected all, are already advocating a Eurabia and a Eurafrica and the articles are in place for this to eventually happen. At no time has any European agreed to this. If you had done he appropriate research, you would know that the good forces (Pluto and Saturn incidentally) are exposing this agenda through political malpractice from our MPs. . The aim? To expose, reveal the dark secrets of the Political classes, to destroy and rebuild for the future. Help is coming from on high.. Farage and Trump are all players in this exposition. The Verhofstadts and Merkels are those being exposed. Naturally their agenda decries those who seek to expose. You are betting on the wrong horse. BTW. I’m Capricorn and because of this intensive investigation, I voted to Leave. And all the other Capricorns I know did so too. Uranus in Aries was working with Pluto in Capricorn to change the world’s thinking.

    • Fascinating. What you don’t seem to understand is that each planet represents a range of possibilities rather than one thing in itself.
      Our duty as human beings is to evolve and to operate consciously at the higher end of that range rather than the lower one.
      Both Saturn and Pluto represent responsibility and self mastery at the highest level. At the lowest level they can descend into extreme selfishness, bigotry and fascism as shown by Trump, Farage, Johnson et al.
      Every single person that voted to leave Europe did so because on some level, whether consciously or not, they just dont like foreigners. You can dress this up as some nonsense about exposing political elites, but you have just voted for Etonian pig’s head fuckers like Johnson. So try using your brain first before you start to misunderstand and misrepresent astrology.

  3. The present ruling Elite is the Vatican controlled by the Rothschild family. Do you have any charts for them? Is their rule coming to an end?

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