An Astro Coronavirus Update – Lessons From 1918

I think it’s pretty clear now that Astrology predicted the coronavirus epidemic. Many astrologers had serious worries about the Saturn / Pluto conjunction of January 2020.

Astrology is just like any other predictive science. All astrologers can do in the face of the unknown is look for previous patterns as a guide.

None of them predicted it as a viral pandemic, many were concerned about the possible outbreak of World War 3. And given that the last time these two came together in a solstice sign was in 1914 with the outbreak of World War 1, thats a perfectly fair prediction.

I doubt if many predicted World War 1 either – see Causes of the First World War but just because astrologers didn’t predict it on mass, that doesn’t mean Astrology wasn’t behind it. We are all learning as we go, some quicker than others.

The trouble with Pluto transits is that they are supposed to be a surprise. There will be massive upheaval to be sure but it won’t be what people are expecting.

With hindsight you can see the build up to a Pluto transit, but at the time it bursts through into the realm of events, it is total shock.

Given that the Saturn / Pluto conjunction indicated the coronavirus outbreak, where does that leave us in terms of predicting how it will pan out ?

Again a number of people looked back to World War 1 to help out here.

The war ended 4 years later in 1918 when Jupiter was conjunct Pluto in Cancer, so some astrologers predicted that the viral epidemic would come to an end when the same planets came together this time.

These two came together in August 1918, being exact on August 11th. On August 8th the Allied Forces unleashed the Hundred Days Offensive and on the 12th the Germans were defeated at the Battle of Amiens, the last great battle of the Western Front.

From this point onwards it seemed fairly clear that the Allies would win the war.

However it continued to drag on for another 3 months.

Jupiter continued to move forward until the first week of November 1918 but when it turned retrograde and moved back towards Pluto, the Germans surrendered on the 11th.

If we look to apply the same pattern to the current crisis, we won’t have to wait 4 years. Neither should we expect the 40 million casualties.

Jupiter reaches a conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn on the 5th April this year. Its possible that this could mark a point at which we start to see the world beginning to get the upper hand over the virus.

Jupiter then turns retrograde on the 15th May, so that could mark a point where we succeed in conquering it.


There is one rather worrying proviso with this.

1918 was the year that Spanish Flu broke out.

And by August 1918 ( Jupiter conjunct Pluto ) the second wave of it had become the most deadly.

October 1918 was the deadliest month of the pandemic and things started to ease once Jupiter turned retrograde.

” In Philadelphia, for example, 4,597 people died in the week ending 16 October, but by 11 November, influenza had almost disappeared from the city. ”

Some observers believe that ” the 1918 virus mutated extremely rapidly to a less lethal strain.” Although it wasn’t completely over until the end of 1920 it seems that it was mostly under control by the time Jupiter moved out of orbs of its conjunction with Pluto in May 1919.

So if we are using this one as a guide, the pattern for the remainder of the Jupiter / Pluto transit this year is that Jupiter comes back to make another conjunction with Pluto at the end of June 2020, goes forward again in September and makes its final conjunction in early November, moving out of orbs in time for Xmas.

It’s difficult to know which of these patterns we should use as an example.

For the time being astrologers will just have to accept the unknown, just like everyone else has to all the rest of the time.



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