Scummo And The Fires Of Hell

A lifetime of studying Astrology and Politics has convinced me that the majority of people living on this planet are pretty stupid and entirely unaware of the vast forces that are controlling their own destiny.

The greatest irony there is that they think they are aware. They even think that the jumble of thoughts, feelings and opinions that criss cross what they call their mind are their own and not transplanted there by billionaire media moguls.

This might seem like a fairly outrageous and intolerant statement to make, but just look at what happens whenever they are asked to vote on something. On mass they will invariably take the simplest option, even when it comes to the name on the ballot paper.

A quick survey of elections in major countries will show that faced with a choice, the electorate is most likely to plump for the candidate with the shortest surname.

Don’t believe that ? Well how else did Donald Trump, George Bush and W. Bush, Theresa May, John Major, Tony Blair etc, get into power ?

And if it’s not the length of the surname, it has to be a name they can somehow identify with.

Like Boris Johnson. One of the names Englishmen call their penises is their Johnson. And the name Boris implies some big Russian type. So Boris Johnson must have a big willy, after all he waves it around so much, he doesn’t even know how many children he’s got. So if I don’t vote for him, that must mean I haven’t got a big willy. So….

And just to make it even easier for them to vote for their chosen willy waver, they shorten his name even more to call him BoJo, thus guaranteeing him a landslide victory.

What is a progressive voter to do in the face of such opposition ?

Right now there is a debate occurring in the British Labour Party as to why they did so badly.

I use the word debate in the loosest possible way. In fact all the people jockeying to become the next leader are busy blaming their catastrophic loss on the other factions within the party.

But until this issue of surnames is taken into account they have no chance. Can you honestly believe the British public will vote for someone called Rebecca Long – Bailey ? They might as well just put her down as Rebecca Longest Suicide Note In History.

The only chance is to start a movement to call Johnson by another name.

I originally thought it would work to start calling him by the name that he is known in the pig community – Blowjob.

But I now realise that putting this on the ballot paper would only make people think ” Would you like a blowjob ? Then vote for this man “.

So I think the best way is to start calling Boris by his full name, as identified by my current favourite comedian, Stewart Lee.

” Boris Piccaninny Watermelon Letterbox Cake Bumboys Vampires Haircut Wall-Spaffer Spunk-Burster Fuck-Business Fuck-the-Families Get-Off-My-Fucking-Laptop Girly-Swot Big-Girl’s-Blouse Chicken-frit Hulk-Smash Noseringed-Crusties Death-Humbug Technology-Lessons Surrender-Bullshit French-Turds Dog-Whistle Get-Stuffed FactcheckUK@CCHQ Get-Brexit-Done Johnson ”

It is likely that many of his followers would still identify with all that, but many of them would struggle to read it all and would say ” fuck it, I’m not going to vote, I’m off down the boozer ”

This whole name thing definitely works in England and the US, but please readers try it with your own country.

In Australia, this phenomena has accounted for Kevin Rudd, Tony Abbott and even Harold Holt who famously did a Reggie Perrin.

So how did current incumbent Scott Morrison get the job then ? That’s at least one syllable too long.

He looked at the guy on the other side and saw the words Shorten and surname.

And his PR people came up with ScoMo.

Straight away the whole of Queensland voted for him.

So maybe we should call him Scott God Bothering Climate Denying Coal Loving Threat To Our National Interest Pedophile Ignoring Hill Singing Morrison.

Or simply Scummo for short.

Capricorn Research has a deep distrust of politicians, but this becomes much deeper for any one of them who refuses to make freely available their birth time.

I automatically think – what are they trying to hide.

And feel justified in coming up with my own birth time to suit my own understanding of their character and life.

So according to those criterion, Scummo was born at 11.00 am.



I have a chart collection of 545 Murderers. By some distance the most common Sun sign is Taurus ( this has been confirmed by other studies ).

Equally the most common Moon sign is Scorpio. For more details of this research see Dial OM For Murder

Scott Morrison has the Sun in Taurus opposite the Moon in Scorpio. This is a combination shared with Thomas Hamilton, the crazed serial killer who executed a generation of young children at their school in Dunblane, Scotland.

Dunblane was unique in that it’s the only time such a thing has happened in the UK, unlike the USA where it seems to be a weekly occurrence. For more information on this see The Dunblane Massacre – A Crashing Knock On Heaven’s Door 

This shared connection does not mean that Scummo will run amok on Capitol Hill, gunning down all his opponents.

But it does suggest that he and Hamilton share certain themes.

Taurus is the most conservative, the most down to earth, the most uncomplicated and practical of all signs. What you see is what you get. So far so Aussie.

Having the Sun in the 10th house of career at the top of the chart means that it is these qualities that will take Morrison to the very top.

However the Scorpio Moon down there in the 4th says something very different. Because whereas Taurus may be the simplest sign, Scorpio is the most complex.

And with the Moon there right at the bottom we are talking about a very dark side indeed.

Everyone has a Sun and Moon. Only 8 % of the population have them in the same sign, so most of us feel a difference between the day side of our personality and the night side.

But nowhere would that difference be so powerful as in the case of an opposition between a Taurus Sun at the top of the chart and a Scorpio Moon at the bottom.

We are talking a real heaven and hell thing here.

Opposition aspects have particular qualities. Most of us have one or more but few of us are able to express both sides of our oppositions comfortably.

Inevitably we tend to favour one planet over the other and try to be that planet and express its energy, while at the same time trying not to be the other planet which is pulling in the opposite direction.

Sadly, we cannot do this because the more we focus on one end of an opposition aspect, the more the other end rears its head and demands our attention.

One common way that people have of trying to deal with this conundrum is to project the undesirable end of the opposition onto other people rather than owning it in themselves.

So with the Sun in Taurus in the 10th house opposite the Moon in Scorpio in the 4th – hell literally becomes other people.

So it is hardly surprising that the Australian Prime Minister adopts a religious belief that enables him to make a hardline division between sheep and goats.

The presbyterian / evangelical view of the world is very clear about who is going to heaven and who is going to hell. And doesn’t seem to have too much problem with telling everyone which side they are all on.

Scratch the surface and Scummo’s views of who actually goes where are probably no more sophisticated than those of Israel Folau.

The other factor is that Morrison’s Moon is conjunct Neptune, an aspect that can be truly spiritual or utterly deluded.

A Full Scorpio Moon conjunct Neptune in the 4th house is hardly likely to accept that climate change is a major contributory factor to all these fires that are rampaging through Australia at the moment. He would be more likely to attribute them to God’s wrath at the result of the recent referendum on gay marriage.

It’s interesting that he has close ties with Hillsong, a group that perfectly resonates with his Sun sign considering that Taurus rules the throat and the voice and is the most common Sun sign amongst opera singers.

Also interesting is that the founder member of Hillsong seems to have some accusations of pedophilia hanging over him ( which would be very Sun in Taurus in 10th opposite Full Moon in Scorpio in the 4th ).

Thomas Hamilton’s Sun / Moon opposition went from the 11th house of clubs to the 5th of children. He ran the local boys club but ended up killing all those kids.

With the opposition running from 10th to 4th it would be easy to see Morrison’s life as having a strong determined drive to reach the very top of his profession ( Sun Taurus 10 ) while at the same time doing his best to create a hell for his own country ( opposite Moon Scorpio 4 ).

One clear difference between Hamilton and Morrison is that whereas the Scottish serial killer had this opposition convert into a T square with the vicious Pluto as its apex planet, the Aussie Prime Minister has it focusing onto the noble Jupiter in Leo in the 1st house, thus allowing him to make extravagant claims that he is a noble force for good.

Another factor in the above chart is that the Ascendant is at 19 degrees Cancer square to Saturn, a sure sign of a narrow minded and ultra conservative personality.

This chart would also have indicated that his Life’s Turning Point was when he was elected in 2018 with Pluto exactly opposite his Ascendant.

Over the last couple of weeks Saturn has joined Pluto at this position and he is now being burnt by the fires of his own personal hell.




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