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Capricorn Astrology Research is the work of one individual attempting to express the above birthchart. The Sun, Moon, Ascendant and Mercury are all in Capricorn, hence the name.  Capricorns are known for being focused but also rather narrow minded, materialistic and not interested in believing anything unless its absolutely proven to them. They are also known to be slow moving and not inclined to action unless pushed by one of the more dynamic planets. After a series of personal changes caused by Pluto’s square aspect to the Sun in the early 1970s, this particular Goat’s narrow vision was widened sufficiently to see the beginning of the path up the Mountain of Astrology.

The Moon is in the 12th house, the traditional place of research and serious astrological study began with Pluto square to the Moon between 1977 and 79. There have been many paths explored in the years since then but Pluto’s conjunction to the Sun in 2010 suddenly provided a direct route upwards together with the necessary tools to complete the ascent and the understanding of how the task should be performed. The tools that have been essential are the Astrology calculation software Io Edition and Io Detective   https://timecycles.com/edition/index.html  and the Astrology databank   http://www.astro.com/astro-databank/Main_Page

As Pluto comes to conjunct the Moon in 2015 – 16, the wish is that the research begun under the same planet’s square aspect will reach a wider audience because this is presumably the reason for all the work in the first place.

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72 thoughts on “About Capricorn Research

    • Thanks for the message. I don’t do standardised chart readings, there are so many available computer generated for free. I could do a personal consultation for you, my fee would be £ 35. The advantage of this would be that it could be tailored to any particular questions or interests that you have. Let me know if you’re interested.

  1. What if I say,you are not the goat you think you are;-)?
    If pluto is conjunct your moon in 2015-16,it means you are Saggitarius according to the sidereal zodiac(not tropical).Which further implies you are not so narrow minded,or materialistic after all.But may well be keen proponent of a belief 🙂

  2. Infact even your sun is in saggitarius according to sidereal astrology ;),as your sun was conjunct pluto in 2010.I have seen your twitter page,and you seem to be a sag more than a goat.

    • Thanks for the message. Believe me, I am a triple Capricorn. I know I’ve been living with me for 60 years.
      No doubt sidereal works in some countries, but my experience is that it does not in the West
      Regards CC

      • Well if we consider sidereal.Your Sagittarius moon in 12th house was making a square to pluto in virgo,9th house.In case,you consider tropical,the square is between libra and capricorn. I just think that saggitarius(jupiter/learning) and virgo (practicality) represents your interest in astrology better than the other signs.Because Pluto caused big changes which influenced your learning(saggitarius/astrology),and created a desire to put it to practical use(Virgo).Also,Nasa horizons tool to depict planets supports the sidereal view( http://ssd.jpl.nasa.gov/horizons.cgi#top ).For instance in July 5th,it depicts sun as being in gemini and not cancer.Your capricornian nature may have to do with your ascendant rather than sun and moon,but maybe i am going wrong here.

      • Interesting. My feeling is that aspects carry a lot of weight in a chart, and these would be the same whether tropical or sidereal. But it’s signs that are the main indicator of personality. The personality of Capricorns and Sagittarians are so utterly different, they are opposites.
        If I was a triple Sagittarius I would say that astrology was complete rubbish.
        This may sound arrogant but in 40 years of studying charts I can see no place for the sidereal zodiac at all. It may as I said work in places like India, I do not have enough Indian charts to go on, but in the West, no.

      • How can you say that sidereal doesn’t work in the west? . I have studied both traditional western astrology and vedic astrology for many years.

        In the vedic system of the sidereal zodiac they use 27 or 28 lunar mansions which are called ‘Nakshatras’. An approximate translation would be ‘stargates’

        These run behind the zodiac signs. Each mansion is 13 degrees 20 minutes of arc on the circle. So a Nakshatra would contain two and a half zodiac signs.

        I have The Ascendent, mercury, venus and south node in Sagittarius in the tropical system. I certainly don’t believe that astrology is bunkum.

        However this is balanced by my Sun conduct moon in Capricorn.

        I think that one reason that people may feel that the Sidereal system doesn’t work in the west is that Indian culture is Hinduism, is based on lunar cycles. With a number of their deties being lunar based.

        While in the west we have a more solar culture. Our holidays being based on Solar cycles. The western zodiac being based on the ecliptic, a mathematical division of the Sun’s apparent path around the earth. Also because of the Earth tilt we have more seasonal variation in the northern hemisphere.

        In Vedic Astrology the moon is masculine and in the legends he had 27 wives (the Nakshatras’)

        Each Nakshatra divided into four pads or feet.

        In the Vedic system planets cast aspects to each other however it is different to the western system. There is also a system of Dashas or planetary periods where a particular planet rules for a number of years.

        In Indian astrology they tend not to use the signs as being so descriptive of personality but in order to weigh the strength of the planetary energies ie Saturn is strong in Aquarius and Capricorn because of reluership.

      • Thanks for your interesting observations. You start by asking me ” how can you say that Sidereal doesn’t work in the west ? ” Then you follow that with a number of statements that actually simply confirm the fact that the Sidereal Zodiac does not work as a means of assessing character. Which is actually my point.

        It may be that Vedic as a system works within its own parameters and particularly for people born on the subcontinent. I am not disputing that.

        But what absolutely does not work is western people trying to use the Sidereal Zodiac in the same way that they might use the Tropical one – to describe their own personalities.

        The two zodiacs cannot both work as a description of personality for the simple reason that adjacent signs are opposites.

        So someone for example claiming to have the Sun in both Aries and Pisces or in Virgo and Leo is absurd. It has to be one or the other.

        The Tropical Zodiac works extremely well in terms of delineating personality. That is indisputable.

        Therefore the Sidereal Zodiac does not. It’s a simple statement of fact.

        If you wish to claim that Sidereal has all kinds of other relevance besides that of personality, that’s another story, but as a means of assessing personality, it has absolutely no use whatsoever to western people. Anyone attempting to use it in this context will only get more confused and move further away from what astrology can offer them in terms of understanding themselves.

  3. It is undeniable that you have a capricorn in you,as your ascendant(which is reasonably powerful) is in capricorn. I have noticed this thing with astrologers,that they claim only one system works,and it is the one they follow.Both sides have their arguments http://www.skyscript.co.uk/sidereal2.html. .I am certainly not a astrologer(am just interested),and hence have no qualms about being flexible here.For me,I am willing to accept both sides,provided I am given proof.My personal experience certainly lends to my belief that Sidereal works.However it is true that concepts such as fixed signs do not make any sense in sidereal.You seem to say that you have definitive proof,that sidereal does not work in the west.If so,what?I think your website would be a good venue for sharing the same 🙂

    • Sorry, but I don’t see how you can use both. Adjacent signs are so different, the following sign is a rebellion against the character if the preceding one. By sidereal Margaret Thatcher would have the Sun in Virgo, Moon in Cancer and Libra rising. Napoleon would be a Cancer Sun. Just about every chart on my website would not make sense.

      • Well,but some others will make sense. Der Kaiser(Franz Beckenauer,famous germany soccer player has leo sun.I dont follow typical sidereal astrology,but the IAU definition by Walter Berg( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sidereal_and_tropical_astrology ).So according to that Napolean is certainly leo sun.I have checked margaret’s birthtime in astrotheme and hers is leo moon in sidereal(dont know why you said cancer moon).Even if the birth time is slighly different,it would still remain leo moon,if you follow Walter Berg’s definition.Now,what is this Walter Berg stuff i am going on about.You would find stuff about it in the wikipedia page i linked.But it is something based on science and follows nasa (http://ssd.jpl.nasa.gov/horizons.cgi#top)/or maybe nasa follows walter berg ;).Basically the cancer sign is not as long as we think it is.It ends at around 23 degree cancer(sidereal).So despite the fact that napolean’s sun seems to be in cancer in sidereal,but as nasa tells us that cancer ends at 23 degree cancer(sidereal) and leo begins,napolean’s sun is actually in leo.

  4. And the king of pop.michael jackson is actually a king with leo sun.So is the queen of pop,madonna with Aug16 birth(Walter Berg.So

    • Add Elvis Presley to the list(same birth date as madonna).Add balotelli too,as his sun falls in leo(walter berg).Check out all the other astrological portraits that you have drawn.And you would find that Walter berg works ;).And people like jackson,Der kaiser,who are leos,but are not in tropical are restored to their real glory

    • Another proof.
      Take Adolf Hitler
      Can you actually believe that hitler’s mars is in Taurus.The all action guy,who would never hesitate getting into a scrap.be it enrolling as a soldier,the beer hall putsch,invading countries without thinking much.The daringness of hitler comes from mars in Aries(Yes!!sidereal walter berg).While all people with mars in aries are not so violent,but they certainly have a tendency to be reckless or very much prone to action.But hitler has a mars venus conjunct.Venus stands for peace and luxury.With mars,symbolizes destruction of peace.Without mars in aries,hitler would never have been what he was.

    • Ok,another proof
      Please have a look at your article
      It is mentioned here that
      “Venus scores highest in Aries with 146 % and Aries rising comes out highest ( once the adjustments for general Ascendant distribution have been made with 159 % of the expected figure.

      But of course its Mars where we would expect the results to be most emphatic, and this is true as the highest scoring planet in any sign is Mars in Taurus with 36 ( 181 % ). The 2nd highest is Leo with 27. This Mars distribution has a very strong p figure considering the sample size of 0.0023.”
      Well for a sportsperson mars does best in taurus?When it is at aries,where he would get the relentless drive and stamina he needs.Venus scores highest in aries?When in pisces,it is exalted,and well in tune with the public personality sportspersons are.That mars in leo comes out high,(which is as expected),is simply due to the cancer sign being very short.So tropical leos actually are leos accoridng to iau principles and walter berg

      • In the article you have justified that anomaly,by saying mars in taurus gives physical strength.But hitler,is he renowned for physcial strength?And boxers are not wrestlers that they rely so much on physcial strength.They rely more on agility and agressiveness(mars in aries).In fact mars in taurus people value strength and stability.I can understand strength,but stability?Boxer?

    • Still dont believe me?Still disagree? ok,then try out karl mar’s horoscope https://astrologyresearch.co.uk/karl-marx-the-eclipse-of-capitalism “Karl Marx was born with the Sun and Moon in conjunction in Taurus in the 2nd house. At first glance this is not what you would expect for the theoretical father of communist revolution. Taurus is arguably the most materialistic of all signs and the 2nd house is the house of money and possessions.”.Your experience in astrology meant that you could figure our something was wrong.The truth is something is wrong because marx’s sun and moon are in aries,which made him what he became.His mars is not in caring cancer,but talkative gemini

  5. Another proof wrt Sports Astrology.You are familiar with Courtouis?But you can surely spot the difference between him and Cech. For instance when Courtouis was asked if Neur is the best keeper.He replied he gets attention due his dribbling.Similarly he had a rant against mignolet saying he must show respect,In a friendly,he criticized his belgium teammates in a press conference and said that they had forgotten their defensive duties.Does this guy seem like the taurus sun and virgo moon,we think he is..Ans: no.Because he is the explosive aries sun and leo moon.Is magnus carlsen,chess champion a taurus moon,as tropical astrology dictates.Then why does he play such attacking chess?Aries moon,of course.Franco baresi the legendary captain doesnt seem to be one.But aries sun and mercury represents the aggresion behind him.Emlyn Hughes has leo sun(sidereal),which tropicalists may mistake or a virgo,same with Der kaiser.Paulo maldini has a collection of planets in gemini(sidereal) ,but his leadership like with bill gates comes from jupiter in leo(sidereal)

  6. Heard of Kennedy,havent you.A tropical astrologer may not find anything related to leadership in him.But a siderealist would find that he has moon in leo.Mars and mercury are in aries.Mars in aries represents his reckless nature/never say die spirit(a la hitler) and willingness to go to war with the soviets.but the lack of conjunction with venus meant that the consequences were not so disastrous.Like hitler,his political carrer had its orgins in the war.
    A siderealist who follows IAU/walter berg with agree with the tropicalists that personalities such as clinton,keane,balotelli are all leos.Obama’s mars is in leo,and that is what makes him a public personality,rather than sun in cancer(which tropicalists may consider to be leo)

  7. Ok, a final proof.Which may well be clinching.Consider,Roland Ratzenberger,the formula 1 driver who died in a car crash.The key is how he died!!!……………………………..
    “Ratzenberger was killed during qualifying for the San Marino Grand Prix at the Imola circuit on Saturday 30 April 1994. He went off-track on the previous lap, damaging his front wing, but rather than come into the pits, he continued, since he was competing for the final grid spot.[4] The high speed on the straight, and therefore the high downforce generated, finally broke the wing off, sending it under the car. ”
    Notice,that his front wing broke but still he continued.
    Isnt this the very symbol of aries,the eternal warrior who fights even when a leg is broken?
    Surprise!!Surprise!!According to tropical astrology his mars is in taurus.Thankfully,for the validity of the science of astrology,siderealists do not

    • Well Im pleased to see you’ve read so many of my articles. You are, of course quite welcome to pick any Zodiac you want and try to find examples that support it. By your reckoning Margaret Thatcher still has a Virgo Sun and Libra rising.

      You seem very keen to turn everyone into a Leo. Just because Michael Jackson is called the king of pop that doesn’t change his personality which was very Sun / Pluto in Virgo, Moon in Pisces. The same applies to Franz Beckenbauer, Venus conjunct Pluto in Leo is enough for Der Kaiser.

      Talking of Leos, you are a little bit out with Elvis Presley who most people would call a Capricorn, but you could of course be referring to one of the King’s many reincarnations.

      Karl Marx was the most materialist of all philosophers hence Sun and Moon in Taurus.

      In some cases you seem inclined to apply your system to one placing in a chart but not others. Kennedy according to you would be a Taurus probably with Virgo rising.

      Hitler’s chart, it is true has confused many astrologers over the years and I have attempted to address this confusion with Scorpio rising. Putting his Mars in Aries doesn’t alter things, particularly as he loses his Moon in Capricorn which is a must.

      Mars in Taurus works very well for boxers. You don’t seem to understand the stamina, physical power and sheer bloodymindedness of Mars in Taurus. Ratzenberger’s broken leg confirms this.

      I doubt if you are a Chelsea fan, if you watched him play you would see Courtois is very much the Taurus, Virgo combination.

      You seem determined to put everyone in Aries or Leo. Of course hardly anyone has Scorpio because it only lasts six days. The much nobler Ophiuchus takes over which is a shame for my list of serial killers but no doubt they all believe that they are performing a great service to mankind.

      Sorry your system doesn’t work, and I’m certainly not going to become Sagittarius Research.

      • First about Ophichus.Do you know Ophiuchus is the snake bearer?I am sure you do.What does snake represent?Transformation.Kundalini.And sometimes evil deeds.People misinterpret ophichus.Like Imhotep,it has magical powers,the most in the zodiac.But is imhotep noble?Certainly not.Imhotep is basically the most mystical of guys.This mystiue for some reason people associate with the scorpion/scorpio.
        Karl marx was the philosopher who attacked prevalent thoughts.He had a aggresive mind,in that way.He was certainly not after riches.Taurus with venus rulership certainly does not represent bloody mindedness.Else it is not venus rulership.Venus is love ,posessions,and materialism.Aries with mars rulership does represent bloody mindedness.Kennedy with Leo moon certainly shows his leadership and desire to be a leader.Infact leo moon,is a common occurence in most leaders,as to become a leader you need to have a desire for it,which is something leo moons have in plenty.And he is a taurean.I have no problem agreeing to it.It seems you have a problem with it.Virgo sun is something Mahatma Gandhi and many others had.Libra starts very late according to Walter berg.True libra only begins at around 14deg libra(sidereal).Till then it is virgo.Thats why mahatma gandhi has libra rising,and is yet so thin and unmaterealistic/spiritual.Gandhi’s ascendant ,libra falls in 26deg libra according to tropical astrology.Yet he shows no traits of a libra ascendant.Probably,you may be facing similar issues with respect to thatcher

      • Perhaps you need to read up a bit more about Taurus, the most fixed and stubborn sign of all. Gandhi is an example where sidereal might work. As I said it is an important part of the Indian astrology tradition and Im quite happy to accept that it may work in India. But he would probably also lose his Leo Moon.

        Often people question Thatcher’s Sun in Libra. But it is the apex of a T square conjunct Mars. And she has Scorpio rising. You would give her Sun in Virgo, Libra rising something she clearly is not.

      • It is a known fact that all constellations are not equal.Some are 30 degrees,some are shorter like libra,cancer and the ilk.Then why do you assume that all are 30.In the past this was understandable.We did not have tools.So they made approximations,for convenience.Now we have nasa.Why dont you follow it for constellations?If you follow it ,maybe you wont be arguing about what is what and would focus on what next.

      • No,Gandhi certainly has leo moon in sidereal.As Walter Berg and NAsa say,leo starts from 24deg sidereal cancer.So even if birth time is inaccurate,it would work

  8. Hi, I’m a student journalist doing an article about the possible connection between star signs and how we might vote in elections. It would be great if you could speak to me about this subject – I would of course link to your site as part of the post. Thanks!

    • Hi I would be happy to chat with you about anything to do with serious astrology, but I’m not interested in fluff so if you’re after Taureans are Tories, Aquarians vote Labour kind of rubbish, I suggest you ask someone else.

      • Hi, that’s great. I don’t know anything at all about the subject, so I’m looking to see how, if at all, astrology would impact on the UK election. This could be based on the timing of the vote, but also perhaps – and without prior knowledge, I’m not sure how reasonable this is – that those within certain star signs are more likely to vote, be more politically engaged, or typically sit at one end of the political spectrum than the other.

      • Ok, the problem for you and others attempting to write about this subject, is that astrology stresses the uniqueness of each person from the very moment of their birth. Most people would like astrology to be about what they think it is, ie the Sun sign. I have no interest in media attempts to portray my subject in this way. From my perspective this is like a child who has just learnt to write their own name neatly, wanting to do the Times editorial. If you were to give me the birth time, date and place of an individual person, I could probably make a stab at how politically engaged they might be and even perhaps at how they might vote, but we probably wouldn’t get many done by next Thursday. I’m sorry to disappoint you but I’m not going to get involved in an article about Sun signs. If you are interested in serious astrological research than let me know.

  9. I would like to commission a personal reading/forecast from you for my daughter. Do you still undertake these?

  10. Hello,
    I have come across your blog today and was reading the article –
    “Proof That We’re All More Accident Prone on Our Birthdays, and Half and Quarter Birthdays”.

    It interests me because I was in an accident roughly quarter before birthday and another one 6months after.
    But this is a car accident with no personal injury.
    My birth day is 13 May 1986 (7:57AM IST), accident1: 3 Feb 2015 (Tuesday); accident2: 11 Oct 2016 (Tuesday)
    In fact my interest in astrology heightened after the 2nd accident and began researching.
    Does this conform to the research mentioned. Also do you think I should not leave home on Tuesdays?

    Any insight would help tremendously.

  11. I am obsessed with your website!

    I’m a 23 degree Capricorn sun in the 10th house conjunct my South node Which squares Pluto in the 7th house. Being a natal Capricorn Sun square pluto has prepared me to handle intense pluto energies….and thank God because…. yeah I’m experiencing my Pluto conjuncting Sun transit right now. Hell of a ride! At the same time transit Pluto is squaring itself and trining my Virgo Moon.

    Lord Pluto has me by the neck. Transform me oh Lord! Lol 🙂

    • Thanks so much for this. You have my deepest sympathy having experienced similar with Pluto over my Sun and Moon. My Pluto is also natally 7th and its in that area of my chart that I have been hit hardest.

      Its just as well that its trining your Moon, that could take some of the edge off it.

      All I can say is that it does eventually pass and there is light at the end of the tunnel.

      Good luck with it all


  12. Hello Capricorn research! I was wondering if you’d like to give your opinion of the alleged kidnap of Glamour model, Chloe Ayling. Something just seems fishy, espically her press reactions!
    “June 14, 1997. Coulsdon, South London, England” – The internet.

    • Thanks Phoebe. I’d never heard of her but interesting story. Ayling had Saturn opposite her Sun last July, so don’t doubt it was the scariest thing that had happened in her precious little life. She also had Jupiter forming a Grand Trine with her natal Sun and Jupiter so its unlikely that she was in any serious danger.
      Still with that much Air, all publicity is good publicity.


  13. Hello,

    I think you do an amazing job… I was wondering how did you start studying astrology and if you have studied somewhere!

    It is so rare to find interesting articles with a serious view on things 🙂

    Best regards,

  14. I found your site by googling Jesus’s birthday. Very interesting, great research. I too am a Capricorn (my Sun happens to conjunct your Moon -16 Cap 50) and I am also experiencing a second Saturn return with Saturn at 10 Cap. What prompts me to write however is the upcoming transits of the South Node and Saturn at 17 degrees of Capricorn the summer of 2019. I’m in a sort of psychic/spiritual/physical disaster prep mode in anticipation of this transit. Would love to hear you thoughts.

    • Thanks Wendy. The one thing you can be sure of with Saturn transits is that they are always acting in your long term best interests. It might not seem like that at the time, because it often cuts off some kind of experience. But it only does that to make us concentrate on the more important stuff. And Caps are usually good at that anyway. So dont think disaster. Just ask what Saturn wants from you.

  15. Hi,

    Just read the entire conversation about Sidereal and Tropical zodiacs, and then wondered why…

    But it was enthralling!

    I guess observing the interaction was what really interested me.

    I agree that it’s the Aspects that are really what it’s all about, or that is my opinion at least.

    It’s the shapes formed by the aspects that really pique my interest. Whether it’s a Grand Trine or a Yod, or some other goemetric figure.

    That and the Dwarf Planets.

      • I’m not so sure.

        I’ve always been troubled by the arbitrary division of the sky, and what exactly is the cause of certain traits at certain times. After doing some research I’m very much inclined to switch to Sidereal.

        My Sun is in Aries in either zodiac, so it’s not such a huge shift for me personally.

        And, until I recently actually looked at his chart, I had always thought that Hitler was a Sun in Aries too.

        I mean, he was a leader and military strategist, suffered from paranoia, which seems common with the aries schizoid type of mind, and was brutally dominant in the bedroom, like any Sun in Aries worth their salt.

        Lol. Anyway, I’m certainly not going to attempt to present any serious arguments for or against Sidereal, but I would urge anyone interested to have a read about it @ https://www.lunarplanner.com/siderealastrology.html

      • I notice the article you linked, you state that “Tropical and Sidereal can’t both be right.”

        My research has led me to understand that both are correct.

        Tropical shows us who we are on a mundane level in our current life, the astrology of our current personality.

        Sidereal shows us who we are on a soul level, the astrology of our soul.

        Using Tropical only is like defining ourselves as only our physical DNA. The reason it works so well for the actors of the 20th century is that they were mostly people who were unconsciously playing out the energies of their physical coding without reaching a higher level of consciousness.

        As the Tropical zodiac precesses through the Sidereal, the energies of the stars in the constellations express through us in our tropical bodies.

        So broadly speaking, I am a Pisces soul in an Aries body/mind. You would be a Sag soul with a Cap body/mind. Of course this is somewhat of a simplification, our souls cannot actually be defined by such a simple concept as one sign, but it illustrates the concept. Perhaps it’s more accurate to say my Soul-Sun is in Pisces and my Body-Sun is in Aries.

        This also explains why Tropical works better in the West and Sidereal in East, since we have been all about our individual ego’s in the West, whilst the East has been more about transcending the individual ego.

        In relation to the seemingly contrary idea of the backward motion of the Sidereal zodiac, perhaps it is somewhat Sagittarian to view progress through the zodiac as being strictly one-directional. It could easily be suggested that Taurus helps Gemini become more grounded, Aries helps Taurus cease being stuck in mud, Pisces helps Aries actually finish the task and so on…

      • Whenever I see the words ” My research has led me to understand ….” I always think – What do you mean by research ?
        And from reading your piece it sounds like a piece of contemplation on your own chart.
        This is not research.
        What do you even mean by soul ? You DONT know.
        This Sidereal = soul stuff is a bunch of nonsense that people fall back on because they have no grounds for arguing the success of their Zodiac in this life.
        A natal chart is for this life. Why should it apply to a soul ? If a soul exists it should be independent of any actual astrology because it can encompass all placements.

  16. Just a thought on a conclusion you came to in one article that the Universe doesn’t want us to actually know the future…. does that mean that one should not necessarily read astrology as ‘fate’ or in a fatalistic manner?

    I spend a considerable amount of time and energy worrying about future political possibilities and one of the things that I struggle with hugely is how astrology plays into this. I keep concluding that certain future events are just fated because of the astro happenings and it makes day to day life very difficult carrying this outlook around

    • Thanks SD. This is a very fair point. I do not think that events are completely fated.
      I believe that certain themes have to occur at certain times. But every astrological symbol has a range of possibilities so if you have a particular transit coming up, something within that range will happen around you.
      What exactly that is depends to some extent on you.
      I will offer an example of my own. Saturn is conjunct my Moon for much of this year. I was anticipating all kinds of trouble around my divorce and the sale of a house. I recognised that Saturn was trying to make me give up a stubborn way of acting and took a step back and made a very generous offer to my ex wife rather than fighting with her.
      As a consequence everything has gone through smoothly and amicably and I have been spared a whole year of hassle.
      So my positive response to the upcoming transit has spared me the worst of its effects.

      If individuals can respond positively to steer the effects of their transits in a more helpful direction, I would hope the whole world can as well. We shall no doubt find out with the upcoming Saturn / Pluto conjunction

      • Thanks for the reply, I definitely see what you mean about how to use energies constructively, trying to do it in my own day to day actions

    • Thanks Phoebe. No need to worry. My life has taken a totally unexpected turn ( even for an astrologer ) and I have fallen in love for the first time ( at the age of 64 ) and am about to get married and emigrate to Australia. There have been Pluto transits and Saturn transits but next up for me is Jupiter. There have been no new articles because I simply haven’t had the time to write them. At the moment my main focus with astrology is going to be on using it to fund my new life through gambling on sport. I am still doing chart readings for clients. Thanks for your concern but I am having a wonderful time.

  17. Hi Capricorn, well at last I managed to find out that you are well. Congratulations and thank for the recent articles, but we can’t leave a reply anymore? As an avid reader of your articles, I was just wondering if “the seriously unhappy solar return” which you foresaw was actually and unexpectedly showing the present problems with Corona?

    • Thanks. Cant you reply any more. I didn’t know that. Will try and sort that out. You could be right about BJ’s SR. It would show the scale of Saturn / Pluto difficulties he had to face.

  18. Your website is brilliant CC. I love your articles, in particular your writing style and humour. As I’m not an astrologer but have had a lifelong interest in astrology, they’re extremely helpful and informative. Very well researched also. Will give me lots to read during these days of self isolation thanks to this revolting virus.

      • I’m sure they will. A friend had a reading with you and said it was great. I’m also interested in having one so I might email you about organising one for myself.

      • Thanks. Please feel free to get in touch. I can look at whatever is important to you, specific questions, chart comparisons with other people, transits past and future and finding auspicious moments for action.
        I look forward to doing some astrology work with you

  19. Excellent! I’ll have a think about what I’m needing to know right now and shall get in touch. Thanks CC.

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