Howling for Columbine

Astrology is fundamentally about the study of cyclical patterns in order to try and gain some kind of understanding of the great unknown that is our Universe. We want to know what is going on in order that we might react to these unknown circumstances in the most appropriate and beneficial way possible.

Critics of astrology will often claim that its study and its followers are just pursuing a human weakness, our desperation to comprehend the unexplainable drives us to believe all this nonsense.

But to use this as a critique is just simply stupid. Human existence is entirely about trying desperately to comprehend a constant series of unknown factors, to relate them to our previous experience in order to enable the individual being to survive.

The human brain is designed entirely to do this. Every microsecond of our lives, the brain is constantly picking up vast amounts of information about our immediate environment, and comparing this information with what its expecting from previous experience.

Without this process continually going on we would not even be able to move a muscle. How would we know how to get up from our armchair in order to switch on the TV, if the brain was not processing the situation and recognising what we did the last time together with the recorded success or failure of our movement, so that it knows what messages to send to the body in order to achieve a successful result this time.

Even if we had a remote control, our hand needs to move towards it. If the brain was not picking up all of the visual and sensory clues about our position relative to the remote and comparing it with previous experience of successful channel changing, it would be unable to send the right instructions to our arm and we would end up missing the channel changer and knocking over our cup of tea.

Without this constant looking for predictable patterns in the face of the unknown, none of us would last 5 seconds, we would step out into the road and be killed instantly by an unexpected passing vehicle.

As humans we have to use everything at our disposal in order to make these patterns more predictable otherwise we do not survive. Anything that works on any level as a pattern predictor we assimilate and use as often as it works for us.

Even Richard Dawkins is programmed to do this. His only problem is that he refuses to recognise and therefore use the greatest aid in pattern prediction that is available to mankind. More fool him, there’s no point in arguing with these people. Ignorance of and refusal to use astrology as one of the factors that we all require in order to survive is just plain stupid.

To people who say that I am using astrology as a crutch to support a series of illusory perceptions because of my own personal insecurities, I am quite happy to agree, just in the sense that I would not want to cross a busy road with my eyes and ears shut. The perceptions of my eyes and ears may not be perfect, I see things relative to myself of course, complete objectivity is impossible, but for the last 60 odd years, they have sustained me across a good many roads and it would not make sense to abandon them.

And when I am about to cross a busy street, my brain takes in a great deal of varied information and processes all of it. It does not just look at one thing.

Many people when dealing with astrology will make their decisions based on just one piece of information, the Sun sign. They will say ” I always get on well with Ariens ” and use that as as a means of judging their relationships. This is about as sensible as saying ” I have always been ok crossing North St ” and assuming that I always will be so there is no need to look where I’m going.

We have to look at the whole chart, all the planetary positions by sign, house and particularly by aspect. It may be a lot of information to process but it gives us a better chance of getting across our dangerous road safely.

Of course every moment is unique, even when we try to change channels with the remote the circumstances are not exactly the same as any of our previous attempts. The tea cup will never be in exactly the same position, neither will the remote itself, nor the starting position of our arm. In fact there are probably millions of differences, all of which are picked up and recorded by the brain which immediately goes straight to the key factors that the movement to be made has in common with previous successful movements, so that the common required instructions can be sent out together with all the infinitesimally tiny differences needed to give us a chance of a successful result this time.

The same goes for astrology. No two different moments in time are the same, each will have a unique collection of astrological symbols.

As astrologers we are doing the same thing as when we want to change our TV channel. We look at the particular collection of astrological symbols in front of us and try and see if there are enough similarities to any previous chart that we have seen to give us some reliable information about the circumstance of the client or situation in front of us.

We process all this information, some of it familiar, most of it not so and try and give instruction to our clients in terms of how to deal with it, just as our brains do to our muscles in order to make them move in the desired direction. And then the astrologer just sits back and hopes the client doesn’t knock their tea over.

What else can we do, we look at a unique chart and check it against our database to see what happened last time a similar combination of symbols occurred. The larger our database of experience, the more likely we are to be able to produce useful information for the current situation, a fact that Capricorn Research finds increasingly invaluable in terms of how to navigate through this unknown Universe.

So when I am faced with something that seems to be unexplainable, particularly if it is a horrific and tragic event, my first port of call, just like everyone else is to look into my experience to see if there is anything remotely similar which will help me come to terms with it.

Fortunately I have a large astrological database that stands me in good stead and helps me out even when faced with the most challenging of issues. And every so often in life an event occurs that reduces most people to an excruciating combination of tears and fears. One such in recent American history was the Columbine High School Massacre.

Columbine was a school shooting in which 12 students and 1 teacher were murdered.  The two killers were senior students themselves and the attack was a pre meditated affair involving a fire bomb to divert firefighters, propane tanks converted to bombs placed in the cafeteria, 99 explosive devices, and bombs rigged in cars. The murderers then committed suicide.

The massacre was the deadliest mass murder committed on an American school campus since 1927.


Columbine Massacre

The one thing that stands out straight away about this chart is the difficult aspects that the Sun receives. It is conjunct Saturn and opposite Mars.

Columbine was an appalling tragedy that shocked a nation but something comparable had happened just 3 years earlier. In Scotland, the Dunblane massacre caused the death of 16 schoolchildren aged 5-6 and 1 teacher. The Sun in the chart of the event had very similar connections.

Dunblane Massacre


Here the Sun is also besieged by Mars and Saturn, in this chart however all three are part of a conjunction.

The two killers were Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. Most of the articles about Columbine seem to recognise that Harris was the leader of the pair.


Eric Harris

Eric Harris has a particularly difficult chart. The Sun conjunct Mars in Aries is a placing that is extremely assertive in any case and aggressive action would be a major theme in his life. The fact that this conjunction opposes Pluto shows the capacity for sudden and extreme violence.

The Sun / Mars conjunction is in the 5th house of children, so we are seeing an indication of violence towards teenagers.

Scorpio rising indicates an intensity and Uranus conjunct the Ascendant again points to sudden, unexpected actions and behaviour as par for the course.

Harris also has a very close T square based on an opposition between Mercury ( also in Aries ) and a Jupiter / Saturn conjunction which focuses onto an apex Moon in Cancer ( again a connection with children ) in the 8th house of death.

So each of Harris’ Sun, Moon and Ascendant are heavily afflicted.

Eric Harris was himself a student at Columbine, his targets were his contemporaries. The perpetrator of the Dunblane massacre was not a student, he was almost 40 years older than the children he murdered.

But there are considerable similarities between the two charts.


Thomas Hamilton


Hamilton also had the Sun in hard aspect to Pluto, a square rather than Harris’ opposition.

Whereas Harris had the Moon afflicted in the 8th house, Hamilton had it with equally difficult aspects in the 8th sign ( Scorpio ).

Both killers had Uranus conjunct a Water sign Ascendant.

But perhaps most alarmingly both had the major difficulties focused around an opposition between the 5th and 11th houses. In both cases the real propensity for violence was in the 5th. Harris had the Sun conjunct Mars in Aries in that house, whereas Hamilton had the Moon and Mars in Scorpio there.

Perhaps the difference was that as a student of Columbine himself, Harris’ Sun was in the 5th house. Hamilton was not a student, he organised youth clubs in schools, certainly a more 11th house occupation.

But the comparisons between the two are startling.

Whilst Eric Harris chart does contain a number of things that would fit with the description of a serial killer, his partner Dylan Klebold does not.


Dylan Klebold


The Sun in Virgo, Moon in Aquarius and Libra rising certainly does not scream psychotic serial killer at you. The Sun and Moon are not particularly afflicted either as square aspects to Neptune and Uranus are not the sort to strike fear into anyone.

However Klebold does have Pluto rising as part of a stellium of planets in Libra. This stellium is opposite Eric Harris’ Aries Sun / Mars and the astrology of the situation gives the impression that Harris was the real instigator of the massacre and that Klebold was an impressionable companion who was drawn into his friend’s issues. Once there, Pluto rising did the rest.

It is extraordinary how the two similar tragedies of Columbine and Dunblane had so many astrological factors in common.

In an astrological utopia, it might be possible to prevent massacres like Columbine because of the Scottish experience.

In both the Dunblane and Columbine cases, the attention of local authorities had previously been drawn to Hamilton through various rumours of paedophilic activity and Harris through complaints about death threats made on his website.

Maybe if the police had access to the birth charts of these two killers, they might have kept a closer eye on them and certainly restricted their access to weapons.

But up to the time of these massacres it was still relatively easy for people to obtain guns. The public response to the Dunblane killings changed this in the UK.

Ultimately whether its changing channels on our TV, crossing a busy road or dealing emotionally with a tragedy we need as much information about any situation as we can get, so that our brains can work out how best to react to it and send the appropriate instructions.

When the situation is a national tragedy like Columbine or Dunblane, the equivalent of the individual controlling brain would be the national government.

When given all the necessary information about Dunblane, the British government processed it and sent out the necessary instructions to do their best to prevent such a tragedy recurring – they banned all handguns.

After Columbine, the American government processed near enough identical information and sent out absolutely nothing.

When it comes to the personal possession of firearms, the US is about as stupid as Richard Dawkins.



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10 thoughts on “Howling for Columbine

  1. I really love your analysis, but without guns, does that mean crime ends? No. There is still violent crime in the UK and other places where guns have been banned. Heroin is illegal in the states, yet we have an epidemic of use. Legality isn’t the issue. Use and misuse is the issue. Don’t take away the rights of responsible gun owners, because a handful can’t behave. You know there are plans to made bombs on the inter-webs, correct?

  2. Wow Eric’s sun-venus-mars conjunction is conjunct my 19 Aries Venus. I’ve read stories online about how many naïve little girls idolize and have sexual fantasies these two killers and with my Venus conjunct Eric’s Mars-Sun-Venus I am shocked (but glad) I was never one of those girls. I don’t sympathize with him either and I certainly don’t find him attractive. From a synastry standpoint it is odd that the love/sexual interest aspects stand out between my chart and his but yet as I said I never saw his picture and sympathized with him or found him attractive. Eric’s Ascendant is conjunct my Vertex. I highly wonder if I’d been a teen at his school on that day if he would have killed me because perhaps his Sun-Venus-Mars conjunction to my Venus would make him interested in me and my vertex on his ascendant would make it a karmic situation. His Mercury is only 3 degrees from my 5 Aries Mercury which again is odd, plus Mercury in the event chart is conjunct his Mercury and close to conjuncting mine (my Aries Mercury is also in my 10th house as is the event chart Aries Mercury).

  3. What part does Uranus conjunct the Scorpio ascendant play? Is it the unpredictability inherent in that aspect, or perhaps some disdain for order? I have the same aspect within 0.22 degrees and have already considered it my most important aspect.

    • Thanks Pummra. I would quote the article and say ” Scorpio rising indicates an intensity and Uranus conjunct the Ascendant again points to sudden, unexpected actions and behaviour as par for the course “. ” Disdain for order ” would also work.

  4. Both massacres have their ascendant & descendant at 20 degrees. According to degree theory that is the Scorpio degree. Anyone familiar with this?

    • Every Ascendant will be the same degree as the Descendant. There are 10 planets and 6 different house cusps giving us the possibility of 16 different degree numbers. As there are only 12 signs any one of these will come up by chance alone. This is the problem with degree theory. It means that we can see whatever we want to see in a chart. If you want to look for a Scorpio degree connection, the chances are you will find it. But then the chances are you could find any of the other 11 signs as well.

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