US Presidential Elections – World’s Most Powerful Democracy Decided by Ten People

Capricorn Research has often wondered why countries choose particular days for their elections. Since 1935 in the UK its always been a Thursday, the reason given is that it allows the newly elected Prime Minister time to form a government to start work the following Monday.

In the US its always Tuesday and has been since 1845. You might think well its a bigger country so needs a couple of extra days to get organised, but thats not the case. Besides, the President doesn’t actually take office for a full two months after the election.

The American reason is much more quaint, it would have been on a Monday but that might have meant people having to travel from their farms on a Sunday, which would obviously break a number of God’s laws.

Like so much of the American political system, it comes across to foreign observers as  intrinsically Cancerian and folksy.

Whilst the Brits in true Sun in Capricorn fashion arrange it so they can get on with the job, the US Sun in the opposite sign organises it to allow whole families to move in a crab like sideways direction slowly to the nearest polling station.

The other obvious thing about the days is that Thursday is Jupiter’s day whereas Tuesday belongs to Mars. This is a dead give away.

So the Brits choice of day shows they are concerned about who rules ( Jupiter, Capricorn ), the Americans are just organising a good old family scrap ( Mars, Cancer ).

Which when you look at the candidates that they usually put up for their Presidential elections, is pretty much what it is.

Capricorn Research knows that this has been going on since the Adams Family in 1796, and is only too happy to publish the charts of all of them, but recognises that most of his readers do not possess the obsessive staying power of his sign to trawl through the lot, so I will start with the first political family of the modern era.

For the same reason, this article is not going into in depth character analysis, we just need the most important points.


John F Kennedy


JFK had a stellium in the 8th house with the Moon in the 11th, which basically means a whole lot of sex and death ( 8th ) with a bit of politics ( 11th ) thrown in for good measure.

For the 1960 Presidential election Pluto was square his Sun so anyone who’s read any of these articles before, would say ok on to the next one.

Of course everyone knew where they were on that fateful day in November 1963. Well Uranus did anyway. Having occupied a natal place in square to much of Kennedy’s 8th house stellium, it’s 1963 transit took up a clear line of site from that grassy knoll in square to his Sun.

If you want any more details of this fascinating astrological study read The Assassination of JFK – Conspiracy or Fate ?  and Curse of the Kennedys – Sun and Moon square in Mutable Signs

JFK’s assassination propelled his VP Lyndon Johnson straight into the top job.


Lyndon Johnson


If any area in a chart shows of being suddenly projected into the global spotlight it has to be the 1st house and LBJ has a stellium there.

Johnson has a T Square from Neptune in the 11th house of politics being undermined and disrupted by the opposition to Uranus depicting a sudden unexpected event which projects onto an apex Saturn in Aries in the 8th house, showing the impact of death on his life.

You would expect close links between a President and his VP, but the synastry between Kennedy and Johnson is incredibly strong, showing how their fates were intertwined.

Johnson’s Sun and Moon are square to Kennedy’s Sun.

Johnson’s Pluto turning point ( conjunct his Sun ) was in the run up to the 1960 election when he was picked by JFK as his running mate.

But as Uranus squared JFK’s 8th house Sun in Dallas, it also conjuncted LBJ’s Moon and projected him into the Oval Office.

Uranus was still conjunct LBJ’s Moon and Mercury by the time of the 1964 election.

In the early 1960s an odd electoral tradition began which continues to this day.

There is a little village in New Hampshire where there are only 10 registered voters. At one minute after midnight on polling day, these good souls register their vote and the polls are immediately closed. This is therefore the start of polling and the moment to cast a chart for the election itself. The place where such a momentous event begins is bizarrely and some might say appropriately called Dixville Notch.


US 1964 Election


The encumbent or in the case of the end of a 2nd Presidential term, the candidate from the party of the previous office holder would be signified by the Ascendant and its ruler. The Midheaven would also be on his team.

The challenger would be signified by the Descendant and its ruler and the Nadir.

So we are talking the Sun for Johnson and Saturn for the Republican candidate Barry Goldwater.

Jupiter smack on the Midheaven would make it a shoe in for Johnson. Poor old Barry Goldwater never stood a chance, and Johnson cruised it with the biggest share of the vote since 1820.

But just one little point that I would make about this chart. The Moon is applying to conjunct the Sun. This simply shows that the Presidency is sticking with Johnson.

By November 1968, however things had moved on a bit for LBJ. The powerful transits that brought him to power had passed and the only thing around at the time was Saturn being square to his Venus.

His opponent was Richard Nixon.

Richard Nixon

Nixon has some interesting oppositions in his chart, the one that powered him to high office was Pluto in the 10th house opposite Mercury, Mars and Jupiter.

In the Autumn of 1968 both Uranus and Jupiter were forming a Grand Cross to the opposition, generating the energy required to make him President.

But what did the good folk of Dixville Notch have to say about it ?


1968 Pres Election

Well there’s nothing particularly obvious in the relative strengths of the Sun and Saturn or Uranus.

But the Moon is separating from opposition to the Sun, so the Presidency is moving away from Johnson.

So Nixon was elected in 1968.

His chart has a couple of very challenging oppositions. One is between the Sun in Capricorn and Neptune. Neptune particularly when afflicted by difficult aspects is not a happy bunny for politicians. It often points to some kind of fall from office, as if the ground from under one’s feet is eroding away. Deception and scandal are both ruled by Neptune and its position opposite the Sun points to trouble.

He also has a Mars, Mercury, Jupiter conjunction which falls mostly in Capricorn, indicating a very promising career but this is opposite Pluto in the 10th house so a sudden unexpected event would cause his fall.

Pluto made the only transit of his life to this Mercury, Mars, Jupiter conjunction, a square in 1972. He did not lose the election in that year, but this was the year of the Watergate break in.

Interestingly, Jupiter and Saturn were also about to form conjunctions to the Mercury, Mars and Pluto. Jupiter was there in the Autumn of 1972, accounting for his victory. But Saturn followed up in 1973 – 4. Saturn always calls people to account for their wrongdoings so this transit brought Nixon’s impeachment and eventual resignation.

Not wishing to feel left out of things, Uranus was also square Nixon’s Sun for much of 1972 – 3.

But what do the Dixville Ten say about the 1972 election ?

Election 1972

Note that the rising sign for this one had just moved into Virgo so the incumbent President would be ruled by Mercury rather than the Sun.

There is no appreciable difference between the relative merits of Mercury or Jupiter, but the Moon is again the key.

The Moon is applying to a conjunction with Mercury, thus giving the election to Nixon. However it has to conjunct Neptune first, indicating the scandal to come.

Sometimes its worth asking why does someone want to become the President anyway. Presumably its to do with power and the freedom to do whatever you want, but astrology shows that the further someone climbs up the greasy pole the more tied they are to their planetary symbols. Such power is probably an illusion, freedom certainly so.

Richard Nixon was always tied to the symbol of a fall from high office anyway, but he certainly didn’t make it any easier by his choice of vice president.


Gerald Ford


We’ve already seen how the charts of JFK and LBJ we so tragically linked, but Nixon certainly didn’t consult any astrologers with his choice of VP.

If you are born with a Sun / Neptune opposition, the last person you would want as your second in command would be someone who was born 6 months later.

The problem of course is that candidates deliberately choose a VP who is different to them in order to widen their appeal to the electorate. But there’s no need to choose someone whose Sun is opposite your own.

Gerald Ford had the Sun in Cancer conjunct Neptune so he was perfectly positioned to mop up after Neptune’s opposition had brought Nixon down.

In 1973 – 4 Neptune was conjunct Ford’s Moon and opposite his Venus, so he would be the one to benefit and became President in August 1974.

The Uranus transit that was square to Nixon’s Sun throughout the Watergate affair was also square to Ford’s

Gerald Ford was adopted which fits very well with the Sun conjunct Neptune in Cancer on the 4th house cusp.  Having this aspect makes him very responsive to Neptune’s transits. So just as the Neptune’s conjunction with the Moon brought him the Presidency, its opposition to Saturn took it away from him.

And anyway Ford was up against someone with Pluto conjunct his Sun, a transit which trumps the lot.

Juimmy Carter


In fact by the time of the election, Pluto had moved just past Jimmy Carter’s Sun but was still square to its natal position, so it triggered his natal Sun / Pluto square.

And the dixi chicks said this

Election 1976

The Moon separating from a trine to the Sun means President Ford loses.

By the time 1980 came around, Pluto for Carter had long gone. In fact Saturn was conjunct his Sun, so he had little chance anyway, particularly against someone who had his own personal astrologer as well as Pluto conjunct his Midheaven at the time.


Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan sounded like someone who had come from a place called Dixville Notch anyway so the voters there were bound to support him.

Election 1980


For the 1980 election the Moon made no aspect at all to the Sun for Carter, but it was applying to conjunct Saturn for Reagan, so a new era began.

For much of 1984, Reagan had Saturn opposite his Moon and square his Sun and Capricorn Research thought great we’re going to get rid of him. But sadly the people of Dixville Notch had other ideas.

Election 1984

The Moon makes no major aspect to either the Sun or Saturn. These event charts don’t work with inconjunctions. In this event we would have to look to see if there was any connection between the Moon and the ruler of the 10th house, Venus.

In fact the Moon’s next aspect is a trine to Venus which settles it – 4 more years of right wing anti Communist rhetoric and shoulder shrugging because the helicopter in the background meant that he couldn’t hear the questions being asked.

But surely the only reason that such an idiot managed to run the country for 8 years, was because he was hand held all the way through by his wife Nancy’s own personal astrologer Joan Quigley.

Even his meetings with other heads of state were timed astrologically, a fact which Capricorn Research believes is the chief reason Reagan’s Evil Empire rhetoric did not cause us all to be blown to smithereens during the Cold War.

At least the American constitution ensured that none of them could have more than two bites of the cherry so step forward Vice President George H Bush.

George Bush

Jupiter conjunct his Midheaven in November 1988, meant a seamless transition.

And the good people of Noxville Dicks

Election 1988


This one’s Virgo rising and the Moon is closely applying to a conjunction with Mercury. Bush is not the incumbent President because there isn’t one, but he is the candidate of the party in power so inevitably the winner.

In 1992 however both Uranus and Neptune were opposite Bush’s Venus and square his Moon so he had no chance of a 2nd term, particularly not when faced by this phenomenon.


Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton modelled himself on John F Kennedy which was only fitting given that they both had their lights in the 8th and 11th houses.

Earlier in this article it was explained that these houses domination of JFK’s chart indicated a lot of sex and death with a bit of politics thrown in. Whereas JFK had an 8th house stellium, Clinton only has the Moon there so we’d have to hold the death bit, but the Mars / Venus / Neptune / Ascendant conjunction in Libra points to at least as much sex.

During 1992, Pluto was aspecting both Clinton’s Sun and Moon so we are talking about the biggest turning point of his life. He was a shoe in for the Presidency and that’s not even considering Jupiter being conjunct that Mars / Venus / Neptune / Ascendant conjunction at election time in November.

But what did the Dicks of Noxville say ?


Election 1992

Simple, the Moon is separating from a square to the Sun just as easily as Bush Mark 1 is being removed from the Oval Office.

For 1996, there was nothing particularly strong going on for Clinton, for or against. Jupiter was square his Venus in the run up to the election. In order for a sitting President to lose a 2nd term election we should expect definite negative transits. So this is a case of no news is good news for the incumbent.

So a 2nd term for the Dixville Knocking Shop ?

Election 1996

The Moon is applying sextile to the Sun so Clinton stays in office, but its close conjunction to Mars rising could be a sign of what kind of 2nd term it would be.

As we all know, the 2nd term was all about Monica Lewinski and a perjury charge that threatened to remove Clinton from office.

This is the thing with a prominent Neptune and politicians, it almost always involves a scandal of some sort.

In Nixon’s chart, Neptune in Cancer in the 11th opposite a Capricorn Sun meant the scandal was strictly political.

When Neptune is sandwiched between Venus and Mars in Libra conjunct the Ascendant the scandal is definitely going to be personal and of a sexual nature.

Having Saturn in the 10th house is always going to bring problems of some sort in one’s career. So when Neptune opposed Clinton’s Saturn in 1998 – 99 he was impeached by the House of Representatives on two charges, one of perjury and one of obstruction of justice, on December 19, 1998. Two other impeachment articles, a second perjury charge and a charge of abuse of power, failed in the House. He was acquitted of both charges by the Senate on February 12, 1999.

The year 2000 took us further into the world of political family dynasties as George W Bush was up for office.

George W Bush


Bush probably won the election because both Pluto and Jupiter were square his Mars. Neptune being opposite his Ascendant conjunct the house of his opponent Al Gore quite possibly points to some kind of unexplainable patterns in the voting that favoured him.

And opportunity Knox for a big Dick ?

Election 2000

The Moon is separating away from a trine to Mercury ( the chart ruler ) so the incumbent party ( Democrats ) loses.

Jupiter was square Bush’s Sun in  2004. That and the post 9 / 11 paranoia meant that he would get a 2nd term.

And the Village Dixiots were right behind him

Election 2004

The Moon applies to trine the Sun so its four more years of America being the laughing stock of the whole world.

Fortunately the Universe is both forgiving and fundamentally benevolent and gave the American electorate a big chance to grab back some respect in 2008.

Barack Obama

Pluto was opposite Barack Obama’s Venus in 2008 and Uranus was opposite his Mars.Considering the enormous change that elected the first black President, these transits do seem appropriate.

Even the Hicks of Noxille were on side

Election 2008

The Moon separating from a sextile to the Sun meant that power was transferring from the Republicans to a Democratic President. Perhaps the Moon’s conjunction with Jupiter showed what a noble move it was too.

In many ways Obama’s transits around the 2012 election weren’t that auspicious. Neptune square the Moon is not the kind of thing that you’d want to build a confident campaign on. perhaps the Republicans missed a trick by failing to come up with anyone better than Mitt Romney to challenge him.

Either way it would make no difference because the Nix of Dotchville were alongside.

Election 2012

The Moon applying square to the Sun keeps Obama in the White House.

So what will happen in 2016 ?

Hillary Clinton

Capricorn Research has read many astrological predictions that Hillary Clinton will win hands down in 2016. Much of this has been along the lines of the Sun is going through her sign in November. So politics is that simple, all a party has to do is pick a Scorpio candidate and they’d be a shoe in. As it happens no Scorpio has been in the White House since Warren Harding.

And having the Sun in this sign didn’t help Hillary that much when she was up against Obama for the 2008 nomination either.

Most of the reasons put forward for another Clinton Presidency seem to involve a lot of clutching at astrological straws because she is the clear favourite. In terms of transits that actually count for anything, Hillary does have Jupiter sextile her Mars in November and Pluto sextile her Venus.

For the inauguration in January, Clinton has Saturn square her 4th house Moon. This could be symbolic of someone moving house but its more often associated with being made homeless than taking the most prestigious address in the country.


Donald Trump

Donald Trump however has Uranus sextile his Sun and trine his Moon in November and this transit stays around right through until Spring 2017. Given that Uranus is conjunct his Sun in the 10th house natally, it could well be suggesting that this is his time.

It is complicated by the fact that Trump, like Hillary has a Saturn / Moon issue around inauguration time. In fact Saturn is conjunct his Moon and opposite his Sun.

Jupiter is also involved. Trump has a Jupiter Return for the election and it is trine his Sun and sextile his Moon for inauguration.

If we were simply comparing the strength of transits, Capricorn Research would be inclined to give it to the Donald.

But what will the people of Dixville Notch say ?


Election 2016

They have no doubts. The Moon is separating away from a trine to Jupiter for Trump and applying to a square aspect to Mercury, the planet of the incumbent party, for Clinton.

So transits say Donald but election chart says Hillary.

The one time when these different methods disagreed was in 1984 when Reagan was reelected because the Dixville Notch chart said he would be. So maybe it will be Clinton after all.

On balance, I feel that Trump has an extraordinary chance and I placed a small wager on him early last year when he was 40/1 for the Presidency.

I do have another theory about Presidential elections that as far as I’m aware does not relate to astrology.

This is that the shorter the surname the more chance they have of being elected. This does seem to work, certainly since 1960 nooone has been elected with a surname longer than seven letters. And one has been elected twice surely only because his surname had a mere four. Perhaps there’s a connection after all, maybe its because when 10 people roll out of a New Hampshire bar at midnight to cast their votes they struggle to be able to read long names.



The Turning Point in Your Life ?

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9 thoughts on “US Presidential Elections – World’s Most Powerful Democracy Decided by Ten People

  1. Interesting but it is not New Hampshire which decides the election, it is actually Iowa. I have seen the Vedic chart of this, and I too am following the election too but what I see is that Hilary will definitely be the ONE. As for Trump, his support is actually waning and he is getting himself more and more into trouble – and another thing, I feel that Trump is dangerous. He will be the cause of war if he were elected. Accd to the Vedic charts, he will get some difficulties from late March onwards – Good!

    • On the East Coast on Election Day in November.
      I would appreciate it if you could give specific astrological reasons for your predictions as this helps us all learn from events such as this.
      I understand your preference for Clinton rather than Trump but am not sure I want the US Pres to have Sun and Asc Scorpio with 12 th house planets in square to a Mars / Saturn / Pluto conjunction in the 9th.
      Not what the world needs atm.

  2. Trump is becoming a tad less combative now his struggle to be candidate is over, and one interesting article from a BBC correspondent suggests a disconnect between his tub thumping rhetoric and his more dove-like opinions as expressed in other arenas. Interesting. I’m hoping you’re right regarding Hilary, who seems a better choice for the rest of the globe, so to speak, but you’re closing comments suggest she may be the greater of the two evils?

    • I can’t stand either of them of course, but Trump’s natal chart looks much more presidential. And we have to realise that his way of presenting himself so far was the only way to get the GOP nomination. I think we’ll see a change in his line of approach for the election. I backed him to be next President a year ago at 40 / 1 so hoping to cash in on that.
      My fear of a Hillary a double Scorpio with planets square to a Mars / Saturn / Pluto conjunction running the world is greater than Trump’s rhetoric. I think she’s a more scary prospect.

  3. Well, I’m reading this just after Biden’s Inauguration, which appears to have gone off peacefully. What did the Notchville Dixies say last November?

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