Andy Pandy’s Coming To Play. Quick Hide Looby Lou.

Astrology is the most enlightened and tolerant subject under the Sun. While pretty much everything else divides people into good and bad with perhaps the more politically correct allowing for several shades of grey, astrology alone allows for every different kind of behaviour imaginable.

Take sex for instance. Some people would say that the only thing permitted is the biblical sort, others would call that narrow minded and repressed. But even the really tolerant would baulk at some stuff.

Astrology doesn’t do moral judgement. It simply shows what the themes are.

Sex generally comes under the realm of Venus and Mars. If you study the sign and house positions of these two opposites together with all their aspects to other planets you probably have a decent insight into the persons sexual predilections and behaviour.

If you throw in the Moon as well, then you have a more comprehensive picture.

But by this stage we already have a number of combinations that is almost infinite.

And ultimately who is to say that one combination is inherently more right or godly than any other.  The sky gods seem to be open to all possibilities. The judgements made are human ones.

However we are all human and even with astrology we are inclined to talk about some kinds of behaviour as acceptable and others not.

We tend to think of some behaviours as being light and others as dark. In astrology some signs are called light and some dark. If you have the Moon, Mars and Venus all in dark signs, then maybe that is beginning to suggest something in itself.



It is harder to imagine darker signs than Scorpio and Capricorn. Prince Andrew has the Moon in Scorpio and Venus conjunct Mars in Capricorn.

In fact that Scorpio Moon is an extremely powerful placing in his chart because it is the apex of a T Square including the Sun in the one sign that nobody is really clear about, Pisces and the darkest planet of all, Pluto.

The Sun is also in the darkest house of all, the 8th.

The British Royal Family have provided entertainment for the gossip columns for millennia. The current lot are every bit as good value as even figures like Henry V111 and George 1V.

Capricorn Research has enjoyed giving the astrological profiling of their antics and if you are interested you can follow all this on Royalty

To make it easier to understand these complex characters we like to pigeon hole them. Charles is the nerdy one who talks to plants, Anne is the horsey one who talks to no-one, Edward is the flighty one who talks to other men. And Andy is just Randy.

We know this because he’s the only one who dated a porn star.


There was a great Mrs Merton interview that began – So Debbie Magee, what was it attracted you to millionaire Paul Daniels ?

So Prince Andrew – what was it attracted you to Moon at 25.38 Scorpio in the deepest 4th house as part of a T Square including an exact square to Pluto ?

Andrew and Koo’s Moons are only minutes apart.

One thing about people in relationship that have the same planets in the same positions means that they will experience exactly the same transits at the same time.

Which Andrew and Koo did when they met in 1981, with Uranus conjunct their Moons.

Who can really say but if the insatiable and prurient British media hadn’t hounded this couple because of Koo’s appearance in some soft porn stuff earlier in her life, then all this alleged Epstein related kiddy fiddling might never have occurred.

But the pressure placed on the couple by the media caused them to split.

No matter, Randy Andy soon found another Scorpio type playmate.



Fergie has a lot of Mars. She has the Sun conjunct the red planet in Libra. She has the Moon in Mars ruled Aries. She has Mars ruled Scorpio rising and Venus is conjunct Pluto. Hardly surprising she had red hair then.

Given that Fergie was a daft British upper class twat rather than an American who showed hers, it was a given that this would be the most acceptable match that Randy Andy could possibly make, so they got married in 1986.

That and the fact that Andrew’s progressed Venus and transiting Jupiter were conjunct his Sun at the time.

So fast forward a few years and we now find that Randy Andy has got himself embroiled in the Jeffrey Epstein paedophile scandal.

At the moment his chief accuser is Virginia ( Roberts ) Guiffre who claimed that Andrew had sex with her on 3 occasions, when she was under the American age of consent.

Unfortunately it is impossible to get any birthday for Roberts beyond the fact that she was born in 1983. The vast majority of astrologers would steer well clear but Capricorn Research feels a responsibility to extract as much information from this simple fact as possible in order to gain some insight into this case.

1983 was a very important year astrologically. It was the last time that Saturn and Pluto were in conjunction. This aspect occurred right at the end of Libra.

Which meant that whatever point in the year Virginia Roberts was born, her Saturn / Pluto was square to Andrew’s Venus / Mars conjunction.

Which if you think about it symbolises very accurately what he is alleged to have done to her.

How does this Venus / Mars play out ?

It is in Capricorn, a sign strongly associated with power and entitlement. So with Venus and Mars so closely together, in combination with all that Scorpio / Pluto and a Leo Ascendant, its not hard to build a picture of someone who by divine right expects to be able to thrust his pecker wherever he wants.

Incidentally Prince Andrew is not the only player in this revolting saga to have Venus and Mars in very tight conjunction and the Moon in a Mars ruled sign.



The one undisputed fact here is that Epstein was a horrible paedophilic who lured young women into his sex trafficking business.

It’s also to be assumed that he would use his royal connections to entice starstruck young women to his parties. ” Fancy coming for a weekend to my place in the Caribbean, an English Prince will be there…. “.

The question the authorities have to ask is did any of this trafficking land some of these young girls on Randy Andy’s lap ?

As often with these royal pieces Capricorn Research is not ready to overtly state his own opinion on this but is happy to lead the reader through the astrology of it all in such a way that leaves little doubt as to what that opinion is.

Because Epstein’s Mercury is conjunct Andrew’s Venus and Mars. And Andrew’s Mercury is conjunct Epstein’s Venus and Mars. So one of these guys could well be delivering a certain kind of experience for the other.

They say that all kinds of chickens come home to roost on your Saturn Return. Prince Andrew has been given his this year. The strange but true thing about the 2nd Saturn Return is that it comes at the same time as the 5th Jupiter one.

So for some reason many people approach their 60th birthday with an unrealistic Jupiterian confidence, and then all of a sudden Saturn kicks them in the teeth.

Andrew’s advisers really should have known about this simple astrological fact, if they had he certainly would not have been allowed to do that interview.



This almighty M25 pile up of an interview could not have been timed more appropriately.

Leo is rising, very close to Andrew’s own Ascendant degree.

The Sun is at 24 Scorpio right on top of his natal Moon in the same house.

Neptune is right on his natal Mercury, a sure sign of someone so utterly naive or entitled that he would completely misjudge the results that his conversation would inevitably have.

And there is an exact Moon / Saturn opposition right on his natal Saturn.

Any astrologer worth her salt would immediately tell him to hide away somewhere near the North Pole, rather than try to ” set the record straight ” by telling the nation he was at Jeffrey Epstein’s house because he was an honourable person who couldn’t find any nearby hotels.

So what will happen to Andrew ?  He’s already been stripped of his royal duties by his brother Charles.

The media are at the moment on a mission to rehabilitate the heir to the throne from aforementioned chief nerd to decisive future king, obviously because they’ve read Capricorn Research’ article 2020 Vision – Charles And Camilla On The Throne ?

But maybe his role in Andrew’s demotion had something to do with jealousy.


After all Charles’ Sun is 22 Scorpio, closely conjunct and in the same house as Andrew’s fated Moon.

What will happen next for Andrew then ?

One problem for anyone having two such important personal planets in close conjunction is that any transit to one will also be a transit to the other.

This was certainly the case for Jeffrey Epstein when Neptune came to conjunct his Venus / Mars and he ” committed suicide ” in prison.

The fact that it was Neptune means it will remain a mystery and we will never know who it was that actually performed the dirty deed.

Throughout most of 2020, Saturn will be conjunct Andrew’s Venus and Mars, so there ” maybe trouble ahead “.

However the fact that Jupiter is in the same place for much of the year will probably mean he will use his connections to save him.

But this let off will only be temporary because from March 2021 to November 2023, Pluto will be hitting that Mars / Venus conjunction.

Saturn will also be conjunct his Sun in 2023.

So maybe there will be another Prince in the Tower of London.

But everything could have been so different.

If Koo hadn’t been so luby, Looby Lou might have been spared the attentions of Randy Andy Pandy.




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