Theresa May and the Politics of Motherhood

There is an episode of Fawlty Towers where two visiting psychiatrists take one look at Basil and say ” there’s enough material there for an entire conference. ” Most observers of the Tory party would say the same, but after the events of the last few weeks we could be talking about a whole series of them.

When all the naughty little posh boys have made such a mess of things and tried to run away from taking any responsibility, the call is for Mum to come and sort things out. Freud would have a field day.

The Germans recognise this kind of thing openly. They have their own running the show and they even call her Mutti.


Angela Merkel

Perhaps the symbolism is simpler here. Merkel has a stellium in the sign of motherhood, Cancer.

This is complicated by the fact that the Sun is in very close conjunction with Uranus. Its also in wide square to Saturn. Merkel’s Moon is in Aquarius ( the sign ruled by Uranus ) and opposite Pluto.

Saturn, Uranus and Pluto are not planets that sit easily with the Moon. They often combine to frustrate or deny that particularly lunar theme of motherhood.

Angela Merkel has no children of her own, but in true Uranus / Aquarius style has widened the lunar drive to include everyone. She has become the mother of a nation.

The final act of the Tory leadership election was May’s opponent Andrea Leadsom putting forward her credentials to be a better Prime Minister because she was a mother and therefore had a greater personal investment in the future.

Leo is the sign of children and Leadsom has a powerful Mars there. What she obviously didn’t realise before asserting this maternal ” truth ” was that her Mars was opposite Saturn in Aquarius, the sign of media.

As soon as Leadsom issued her naive statement, the media pounced in the kind of way only a Mars / Saturn opposition can, and she was left with no option but to withdraw in favour of her childless opponent.

But Merkel’s example suggests that Leadsom was wrong anyway. It may be that not having children is the best qualification for a female head of state.

We don’t have much experience to go on here. Our only female Prime Minister was Margaret Thatcher – The Plutonian Lady. Thatcher was a mother, but its hard to imagine this fact helped her, given the constant source of embarrassment of her son, Mark.

How does someone get to be a Prime Minister anyway ? Some people believe its down to the policies that they hold and their ability to articulate them. But then some people believe that cause and effect is the main driver of the Universe.

Capricorn Research has proof that things run on symbolic resonance. There are two things that get you elected, the ability to look reasonably normal on TV and having a surname that is both short and positively symbolic.

For any readers not sure of this statement, I would simply ask them to reflect back over the years and apply this simple test.

Take Labour leaders as an example. Tony Blair – looked reassuringly sane as long as he was photographed from the right angle and possessed a surname with a mere 5 letters  which rhymed with flair – 10 years Prime Minister. Ed Miliband, well you get my drift.

John Major would never have got anywhere near office without that name. Even Thatcher and Cameron have the ring of stout reliable English / Scottish fellows.

And if you check out the collection of oddballs that put themselves forward once Cameron had called it a day, its hardly surprising they fell away so quickly.

Michael Gove had the advantage of only 4 letters but we’d all seen his weird little face on the telly so no chance.

Stephen Crabbe would just be walking off screen sideways complaining to himself.

Liam Fox, only 3 letters but basically we don’t trust the cunning bastards, they’re just large rats.

Andrea Leadsom, caught between loathsome and going down like a lead balloon.

And Boris Johnson, aptly named after what men call their willies, was never going to be allowed to follow the man most famously characterised as a walking condom.

So Theresa May was a shoe in right from the start. A mere 3 letters and a subliminal connection with Mother Teresa, another one who had no actual kids of her own but took to looking after all of us.

So does May’s chart fit the whole lunar maternal instincts thwarted by Saturn but redirected to look after a whole nation by Uranus and Pluto ? Well if we drop the Uranus part, yes it certainly does.

Theresa May

May’s Moon is square to Saturn, about as clear an astrological indicator that you can get for someone who would struggle to have children.

But its also conjunct Pluto.

Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are non personal planets. They deal with the issues of a generation. When they connect closely with the Sun or Moon that person is being forced to transcend and even sacrifice their personal issues for something bigger.

These connections do not always produce positive results, particularly if the Saturnian limitations are not accepted, but if they are the powerful Pluto can redirect the lunar energy onto a different plane altogether.

Many people have been surprised at how quickly May has turned from being a rather unremarkable Home Secretary to a commanding even ruthless Prime Minister, but that’s Moon conjunct Pluto for you. The internal power and resources to deal with difficult stuff was always there, May just needed the current crises to bring it all to the fore.

Moon / Saturn / Pluto can still be a mother, but it may be expressed through tough love. She wasted no time sending naughty little Michael and George to the nursery. And as Boris was so big and clumsy that he’d only knock everything over, he’s been dispatched to a foreign boarding school to get him out of the way.

So far May’s been ruthless but also talked a lot about unity and looking after the have nots in our society. This is a combination we’ve seen before.

Thatcher when taking office quoted Saint Francis of Assisi “Where there is discord, may we bring harmony. Where there is error, may we bring truth. Where there is doubt, may we bring faith. And where there is despair, may we bring hope.”

Of course she did use the word ” may ” and left it as a question. The answer was definitely not and she proceeded to run the country more like some bloke from Isisi.

So what about Theresa ? May she bring harmony etc ? Can astrology give us any clues ?

Unfortunately not, the lack of a birth time is the problem here. If she has the Moon in Virgo, maybe she will be unique amongst Tory leaders and have a genuine concern for the downtrodden.

However if she was born before 10 am, she will be likely to have as much real interest in the have nots as fellow Sun Libra / Moon Leos, Cameron and Thatcher.

Its not just the birth time issue either. Her main transit over the next couple of years is Neptune conjunct her Piscean Mars, so compassion may be a driving force but its going to be hard for any of us to see her real motivation or even a clear path ahead for her government.

She might be saying Brexit means Brexit, but Neptune just has a way of making everything seem just a little bit less clear cut than we thought.

May became PM on her Jupiter Return. The honeymoon period will last at least until late October as she has Jupiter on her Sun during that month and everyone will be believing that the answer to all our problems is having a Libran nanny figure in charge.

After that who knows ?

What we do know is that not having children is no bar from the highest office in the land, but not having reliable birth time should be.



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