Their Time Is Up – Can Oprah Really Become the Next President ?


Over 50 years ago, British Prime Minister Harold Wilson declared that ” a week is a long time in politics “. That was pre internet, now you would have to suggest that an hour seems like eternity.

No sooner had Oprah Winfrey given a magnificent and uplifting speech at the Golden Globes promising a new dawn, then all and sundry starts touting her as the next President of the USA.

We are all probably that desperate about facing another 3 years of Donald Trump in office that we are prepared to clutch tightly at any straw that blows past us in the wind. But just a day after the speech many Democrats are saying Winfrey could run in 2020 although there would have to be all kinds of considerations to be met first.

It would tick so many boxes for so many of us. There could not be a stronger contrast  than between Oprah and Donald and any real experience in. politics didn’t stop him so why should it her ?

The bandwagon has begun rolling and Oprah is already 2nd favourite after Trump himself with odds as low as 8 / 1 being offered. With his own particular experience of picking Trump for 2016 when he was 40 / 1, Capricorn Research is eager to climb aboard.


Oprah Winfrey

On the face of it Oprah’s natal chart does not look particularly Presidential, none of the classic features are there. It has the chart of an outspoken political rebel attested to by an Aquarian Sun with Aquarius rising and the Moon in the same sign in the 11th house.

There is a very powerful T Square however with Mercury in Aquarius opposite Pluto focusing on an apex Scorpio Mars in the 11th. And it is this very T Square that is being highlighted at the moment with Jupiter currently square her Mercury ( hence the speech ) and about to conjunct her Mars in February and March and again in October this year.

This transit is quite a big deal and it would come as no surprise if Winfrey did throw her hat in the ring under its influence.

Could she even win in 2020 ?

Its a long way off but Jupiter has time to move on considerably in the next 2 or 3 years. Far enough in fact to make another aspect with Mars ( the sextile ) throughout much of 2020 including the election time and maybe more importantly be conjunct her Sun in January 2021, just after the inauguration.

On top of that Uranus is square to her Sun for 2020 – 21.

Saturn is also conjunct her Sun 2021, but rather than this stopping her, it could easily be a sign of increased responsibility and the necessity to conform to a more restricted lifestyle. After all Saturn was opposite Trump’s Sun when he took office.

Capricorn Research does not really go much for Secondary Progressions. This is not through any belief that they don’t work, its just that my whole approach attempts to be a simple as possible and I stick to the transits of the slow moving planets alone.

However 2016 – 17 had Trump’s progressed Sun on his Ascendant and 2020 – 21 has Oprah’s progressed Sun sextile her Jupiter.

So what can we say when we see all this.

In the absence of any declared candidates it might seem very early days to be discussing it, but any readers tempted to put a small wager on Oprah Winfrey as the next US President might be wise to get on quick. Once this blog has been published the odds are sure to come tumbling quickly.

But remember an hour is a long time in politics and in 3 years, well anything could happen.




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