The Gates Of Heaven Or Hell – Which Way For Bill ?

Capricorn Research has often made fun of traditional astrologers. It’s not a crusade though, I have made equally disparaging comments about modern so called “ evolutionary “ ones.

I have to clarify that I am not attacking the ancient practitioners of our art, just the contemporary people who think they look like academics if they stick religiously to the methods used 2000 years ago.

The point is that the astrology of 2000 years ago was appropriate for the needs of people then. It was enough to help most people understand what was going on at the time. But it isn’t now.

Life was different in the days before the industrial revolution. Not necessarily better or worse, just different.

Life was simpler then. If you were rich, you would have enough money to fit with the symbol Jupiter in the 2nd house of money.

If you were extremely wealthy, perhaps Jupiter in Leo in the 2nd house might do it.

But in those days wealth was relative. No one had a fortune of 100 billion dollars.



Bill Gates has an exact Jupiter / Pluto conjunction in the 2nd house.

In classical terms, Jupiter expands everything it touches.

Pluto is atomic. So with Jupiter it would expand things beyond our normal comprehension.

We can see evidence of this at the moment. The current Jupiter / Pluto conjunction has turned a nasty viral situation into a global pandemic and economic catastrophe.

So Bill Gates had more money than anyone in history – by a country mile.

As regular readers of these pages would know, the pivotal turning point in anyone’s life is when Pluto transits to the Sun.

This happens only once in most people’s lives. The most powerful of these would be the conjunction.

And this would be even more powerful if the Sun was in Scorpio.

On Nov 20th 1985 Microsoft launched its first retail version of Windows.

On that very day Pluto was at 5 degrees Scorpio exactly conjunct Bill Gates Sun.

Uranus has an important place in Bill Gates chart. It is rising and also in square to his Sun. For someone who had such a prominent place in the computer revolution, that seems very appropriate.

It’s transits were also significant.

Uranus was conjunct Gates’ Sun in 1975 when he founded Microsoft with Paul Allen.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is supposed to be the world’s largest private charity. He has pledged to give at least half of his wealth away.

This philanthropy can be seen from his Sun’s conjunction with Neptune. This was confirmed when he and Melinda established his charitable foundation in 2000 when Neptune was making its only major transit to his Sun – a square aspect.

So how will posterity judge Bill Gates ?

Is he the ruthless billionaire who amassed the largest fortune known to man through using anti competitive tactics ? Or is he a force for good through his charities ?

Recently he has been going through another Uranus transit.

This has coincided with him being lauded for predicting a global pandemic but at the same time he has been lambasted because his obsession with vaccination fits nicely with his own vaccine related businesses.

He took control of a programme of polio vaccinations for Indian children. However his campaign has been blamed for a non polio paralysis that paralysed nearly half a million children.

Both of these fit with a Sun / Neptune conjunction.

So which is it for Bill Gates, heaven or hell ?

No doubt readers have their own opinions on this, but maybe both apply.

No sign possesses a greater range of possibilities of good and bad than Scorpio. With the Sun in that sign conjunct Neptune heaven and hell can comfortably exist alongside each other.

Diego Maradona also had the Sun conjunct Neptune in Scorpio. He could quite comfortably contain both extremes.

He was lauded as a god and condemned as a drug taking, mafia supporting cheat. In fact he contained both of these polarities one afternoon in the Mexico 1986 World Cup against England when Pluto was conjunct his Sun.  For more on this see Diego Maradona – The Hand Of Pluto

The Gates of Heaven or Hell ?  With Pluto coming to oppose Bill’s Ascendant we might be about to find out.



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