Didier Begi and the Perils of Astrology Online Dating

The Capricorn Research Project  involved the calculation of every timed chart on the astrodatabank, over 20,000 subjects.

The actual data collection took over 3 years to complete, but I realise that proper analysis would take at least as many lifetimes. This however was all part of a cunning plan to force the hand of the powers that be into granting me more incarnations with a knowledge of astrology so I can carry on the good work.

My aim is to use the whole database for research purposes in the attempt to prove a clear statistical link between planetary positions and human behaviour. To date I have written up 37 separate research cases that achieve this, for more details, see Does This Prove Astrology

However I do recognise that there is something in the essential nature of the subject that resists the research approach.

An astrological chart looks at the whole person, any form of research would have to focus on a part of that person.

The thing we can test is what one person has in common with a group of other people. But often when researchers chose to test a particular group, they do not recognise the degree of subjectivity and bias in their choice.

If someone decides to do research on people with a particular career, e.g. Accountants, they are assuming a common denominator that might not really exist.

There are many different types of accountants, some of them might fit within a Saturnian type of symbol working methodically in a dusty old office surrounded by files, others might be globe trotting, risk taking types in high powered and pressured situations.

Its probably the case that every person who ever went into that profession would have had their own different reasons and motivation for doing so. For some it might be their calling, for others just a job they fell into which they hate, whilst spending all their time daydreaming about what they could have done.

Anyone who works in a particular field will know full well that there are many completely different personalities amongst their colleagues, so why should we expect astrology to flag up similarities.

Any decision to extrapolate one aspect of a person’s life is both reductive and subjective, whether that be their choice of career or relationships or anything.

Maybe researchers should concentrate on studies of groups of people that are unusual because of specific acts that they have performed. Take murderers for example.

I believe that there are more astrological research studies into murderers than any other group of people. Perhaps this is because the act of killing another human is such an abhorrent and fortunately extremely infrequent one, that we assume that it should have an astrological signature of its own.

This may be so but its quite difficult to pin down. Capricorn Research has 545 charts of Murderers but as a whole group, there is nothing that produces a standout statistical proof of an astrological killer’s charter.

Taurus is the most common Sun sign with 57, 124 % of the expected figure, whilst Gemini is the lowest scoring with 35 ( 76 % ).

The most common Moon sign is Scorpio with 59 ( 128 % ) followed by Aries with 58 ( 126 % ) and the lowest is again Gemini again with 35 ( 76 % ).

If a research project was done asking astrologers which Moon signs they would expect to be prominent in the charts of murderers, its likely that many of them would come up with Scorpio and Aries as the top two. This could be seen as a kind of proof of its own, but it would not impress the statisticians because the ” p ” figures for the Sun and Moon distributions are 0.6 and 0.21, nowhere near the 0.01 required threshold for any suggestion of a proven connection.

Even though murder is such an extreme behaviour, is it fair to expect an astrological consensus on the character types of murderers. Apart from anything else, this group of 545 subjects includes people who killed for very different reasons.

There are psychopathic serial killers but also parents whose depressive illnesses caused them to commit suicide whilst taking their own children with them.

Capricorn Research has attempted to divide this collection of murderers into smaller subgroups of people that have committed a particular kind of act. The problem with this is that the smaller the sample group, the harder it is to make clear statistical conclusions from it.

One group that does appear to have definite themes is 100 people who have killed their spouses or partners. An in depth analysis of the findings for this group can be found here ” Is There Such a Thing as a Crime of Passion ? “

One theme that came out of this grouping is a difficult combination of the Moon and Mars. The Moon is in Aries 15 times, whereas in Taurus it only scores 3.

The Moon is either opposite or square Mars 26 times, almost twice as many as would be expected.

There is also a link between Mars and Uranus. These two planets are square each other 16 times which is 240% of the expected figure.

But the standout aspect of this research is Uranus square to the Ascendant which occurs 21 times,  with an expected figure of 6.

Interesting stuff, but not the kind of evidence to persuade Richard Dawkins to give up the day job.

Perhaps astrologers just have to stick to what they’ve always done and focus on the individual murderer’s chart, because that can tell us more than a thousand words about their state of mind and motivation behind their actions.

One that caught my attention was precisely because there were so few words attached as a biography. This is the chart of Didier Begi who is described as a ” French homicide who killed his mistress out of jealousy on 12/21/1984.”

I have tried to find out more information about Begi but have just drawn a blank, so that sentence is all I have to go on. Fortunately, I have something else.


Didier Begi

Its a fair bet that one of the commonest uses of astrology is on online dating sites. Its only natural that someone looking at prospective candidates would want some more reliable information than standard facebook type spin that is offered up. So asking for their Sun sign is a good starter.

So assuming the intended is not lying, an answer of Libra would be first box ticked. After all who wouldn’t want to go on a first date with the most attractive sign of the zodiac.

If our knowledge of astrology extended as far as Sun, Moon and Rising signs, the response of a double Libra with the Moon in Cancer should mean we wouldn’t have to worry about not getting any Valentine’s cards in the future.

We certainly wouldn’t be anticipating our own violent death. But then that would be our own fault for being obsessed with signs and not studying astrology properly.

Even if we are just looking at signs, we have to think things through carefully.

Double Librans do tend to take relationship very seriously, it is by far the most important thing in their life. They can become obsessed by it, often idealising their partners and having too high expectations of them.

The Moon in Cancer can be a hypersensitive and insecure placing, and can often make a partner possessive and jealous.

Venus, Begi’s ruler is in Virgo, perhaps suggesting a desire for perfectionism and purity in relationships and its also conjunct Pluto, indicating a tremendous intensity.

But the vast majority of men with these placings would be extremely loving, caring husbands and wonderful fathers.

So what was it that turned Didier Begi from one of these men into a jealous killer ?

While the Sun, Moon and Ascendant signs give a very good idea of basic character, its the aspects that show more about the life circumstances of the person. And if these aspects form a T Square, then that person’s life will inevitably have a very strong thrust in a particular direction.

Begi’s Moon is opposite Jupiter and perhaps more significantly Saturn. Moon / Saturn aspects are one of the most common in the charts of murderers particularly if there is a sexual element to the crime.

We know so little of this case, but it wouldn’t take too much to surmise that Begi came from a broken home, with possibly the early loss of his mother ( Moon in Cancer opposite Saturn in the 4th ).

This opposition focuses onto an apex Mars in Scorpio in the 1st house. So the emotional insecurity and possessiveness of the Cancer Moon is hardened by its aspect to Saturn and the tension implicit in this opposition forces him into an extreme act of violence ( Mars ) that results in the death ( Scorpio ) of his mistress.

As Mars is conjunct Mercury and Neptune, it looks as if this was not a preconceived act but something that occurred when his mind ( Mercury ) was confused and clouded ( Neptune ).

The Moon / Mars issue that appears so strongly in the charts of perpetrators of crimes of passion, is strongly accentuated in this chart. They are part of a T Square but also both very strong by sign as rulers but also by house being angular.

As we know Venus and Mars and their interrelationship rule the love life. Didier Begi had Venus conjunct Pluto and Mars in Scorpio at the apex of a T Square, so despite being a double Libra, there would be one awful, horrific event that overshadowed his whole life.

When would that event be ? It is likely to be when a member of one of these configurations transitted to the other.

And of course this only happened once in his life. In 1984, when he murdered his mistress, Pluto was conjunct Didier Begi’s Mars.

I’ve always felt that Sun sign astrology is extremely limited and can even be misleading, but there are instances where it can be downright dangerous. So next time you log on to a dating site don’t just ask for Sun signs, check out the angular relationship between the Moon, Venus and Mars as well. Ask them if they have any major aspect patterns and any suspicious links with Saturn or Pluto. Also check out their transits. Or perhaps better still get their birth details and send them to Capricorn Research to check against the database.



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