Will Gladys Get The Pips ?

We have all known people who are not what they seem, who create an identity that disguises their true motives. Some are more successful at maintaining it than others, but if you want a true insight into their hidden recesses, all you actually need is their birth details.

Because astrology will reveal these things to anyone who is prepared to spend a little time in research.

This is particularly handy when dealing with politicians, because as we know they are all lying bastards.

Astrology can tell us exactly what kind of lying bastards they are.

I could fill this article with examples from my database but one very simple one that springs to mind is that of ex British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

In 1997 the UK electorate were faced with a choice between nerdy John Major ( the only person who ever ran away from the circus to become a bank clerk ) who had managed to oversee Black Monday and interest rates of 15% with the whole country in negative equity, and media friendly, smily faced, acceptable face of social democracy, ” things can only get better “, Tony Blair.

No contest then.

But who knew then that Blair was a closet Tory ?

Anyone who looked at his chart, thats who.

The media savvy, social democrat would be clearly shown in Blair’s Moon in Aquarius in the 10th house of career and public persona.

Mars rising in Gemini would point to the friendly communicator.

But the Sun gives it away. Its in Taurus, the most conservative sign of the lot in the 12th house of hidden things.

So closet Taury it is then.

His successor was another one who hid his true colours.

Gordon Brown is famously known for one quote from Vincent Cable, the acting leader of the Liberal Democrats, “The house has noticed the prime minister’s remarkable transformation in the past few weeks – from Stalin to Mr Bean.”

This stunning metamorphosis fits fairly well as Brown’s Moon and Ascendant are in the powerful fire signs of Leo and Aries respectively, but his Sun is hidden away in soppy Pisces also in the 12th.

Since I have moved to Australia, I have wanted to do articles about the politics down under but have been put off doing so because its mostly pretty boring and predictable.

The place seems to be run by a square headed Taurus / Scorpio religious nutcase bully and a wizened dried up old teabag Pisces ” newspaper ” baron, and the only fun to be had is when the first one goes on holiday – Scummo And The Fires Of Hell and taking bets on when the 2nd one is going to die When Will Murdoch Crawl Back To The Swamp ?

The opposition is lead by the Toothless Fairy himself, Anthony Albanese who occasionally puffs himself up to ask anodyne questions looking for all the world like a slightly agitated dormouse.

The media is just obsessed with putting the boot into premier Daniel Andrews for having the audacity to care about the health of the subjects of his state, Victoria.

I like to think I take a genuine interest in politics, but until this week I didn’t even know who was the leader of the opposition in my state, NSW. I really believe that Jodi Mackay just woke up from a very long sleep and couldn’t believe her luck.

The rest of us were in total shock. We were all totally convinced that NSW Premier, Gladys Berejiklian was a virgin.

And with good reason

Gladys has a stellium in Virgo, which yes, you guessed it, is the sign of the virgin.

Virgos are known for their pure spirit, hard work and concern for those less well off than themselves, so with the Sun, Mercury and Mars in the sign, this is how she has been seen by the public.

But the Sun’s conjunction with Pluto points to hidden depths and secrets that adds both a steel to her resolve but also a strong need to keep these things away from the public eye.

Such a close natal conjunction also indicates that something will happen in her life that completely blows everything to smithereens at some point, probably when Pluto was transiting to a new angle to her Sun.

So what would be hidden in Gladys’ chart ?

Step forward Venus, skulking in Scorpio.

Venus, naturally rules love affairs. Scorpio conveniently covers those twin towers of sex and other people’s money.

Which given the revelations this week, seems highly appropriate.

As most of my readers are not Australian they have probably never heard of Gladys Berejiklian so for their benefit, the story so far…

Gladys is the New South Wales Premier, a post that is similar to a state governor in the US but has more power and influence.

She took the job in January 2017 and as far as one can gather has been a popular leader, skilfully handling the coronavirus situation amongst other things.

However this week she appeared before a Commission and was forced to admit to having a ” close personal relationship ” with a former state MP who had to resign for seeking ” inappropriate payments “.

This sounds very much like entering ” Ugandan discussions ” with someone who was using ( colluding with ? ) her to use political connections to stuff his grubby little pockets full of dosh.

This affair had been going on for the last 5 years and was only terminated by Gladys when she found out she was going to be dragged up in front of the beak to explain herself.

My own very strong feeling is that no-one should be allowed to run for political office unless they provide a cast iron, reliable birth time.

And in the absence of such, I feel perfectly justified in concocting one of my own.

A time of 10.00 am kills several birds with one stone.

First it shoves the Virgo stellium into the 10th house of career, and therefore which takes away the academic librarian feel of the noon chart and turns her into a reluctant leader.

Second it moves the Moon into the 7th house of relationships, which given that the Sun / Moon square aspect points to her day job being undermined by lunar activities seems very appropriate.

And third, it shoves that secretive Venus in Scorpio into the 12th house of closeted adventures.

At time of print, a horrifically embarrassed Gladys is having to endure the Virgo / Scorpio nightmare scenario of having the whole country poking fun at her love life.

As far as the dodgy financial exploits of her bit of rough go, she is deftly using the classic politicians defence of ” I didn’t see it ” just like a football manager who always happens to be reaching for a bottle of water just at the very moment one of his goons was applying their boot to an opponent’s skull.

But really this is not very likely and certainly anyone with a cursory understanding of planetary patterns could see a mile off.

Disgraced former MP Daryl Maguire has the Sun in ” ducking and diving ” Aries opposite a ” feel for the ladies ” Moon in Libra but where this gets him is seen by the T Square apex planet Saturn in Capricorn – into serious karmic trouble.

And on the same principle as with his decidedly boring but no less politically influential squeeze, Gladys, I feel completely entitled to devise my own birth time for this scumbag.

It may or may not be a coincidence that both reconstructed times are 10.00 am, but this time also kills several birds with one stone

First it pitches the Sun in the 11th house of politics and the Moon in the 5th of ” love ” affairs. It also promotes the apex Saturn bad boy right into the 8th house of obtaining financial advantages through other people.

It also gives him a money loving Taurus rising, and Mars in the 2nd house of personal dosh.

And said Mars is conjunct Gladys’ 7th house Moon and square her 10th house Sun.

So Maguire’s money grabbing becomes a serious embarrassment for her political career.

A hour is a long time in politics and very quickly the question moved from ” What, Gladys not a virgin ? ” to ” Can she survive ? “

You can always tell that a party leader is in dire jeopardy when suddenly out of nowhere all of the scumbags who would instantly benefit from her fall start mouthing exactly the same words ” she has my full support – absolutely “, just as they’ve had the same photocopied note thrust into their hands and prodded out in front of the cameras.

So what will happen next ? How will Murdoch cover it ?

Will it be Glad All Over, or Glad To See The Back Of You ?

Well it just so happens that we have a little insight here.

Pluto is about to sextile Gladys Sun / Pluto over the next couple of years.

If the time is right Neptune will square her Moon ( the same transit that will get rid of Donald Trump )

And Uranus is about to oppose her Scorpio Venus.

So it looks like our Gladys will be receiving her pips.

Who stands to benefit most from this state of affairs ?

In that ” you really could not make this shit up ” kind of way that astrology is always dropping into our laps, here is the chart of previously comatose and now suddenly very excited state opposition leader, Jodi McKay

Born just over a year before our Glad, Jodi has the Moon in Virgo conjunct Pluto right on the premier’s Sun / Pluto conjunction.

So she is on the telly too.

But given that the next state elections are not until 2023 and her transits for that year are not looking that special, McKay’s triumph might be a bit short-lived.

I did have a look at the transits for the potential Liberal party frontrunners to make a Gladys grab.

The list seems to be Dominic Perrotet, Rob Stokes, Andrew Constance, Mark Speakman, Matt Kean and Stuart Ayres.

So my favourite for next cab off the rank is

Apparently Stokes was in with a serious chance of becoming Premier in 2017 instead of Berejiklian but was on holiday in the UK when former leader Mike Baird suddenly resigned, and so had to make way.

Again on the astrological – you couldn’t possibly make it up theme, Saturn ( frustration ) was conjunct Stokes Mars in Sagittarius ( holiday abroad ) at the time.

But as I constantly remind my clients, Saturn always has your real long term best interest in mind, even while depriving you of what you think you actually want at the time.

Because this very week as his boss seems to be floundering in some kind of Scorpio nightmare soup, Saturn is conjunct Rob Stokes Sun.

And what that means is that over the next couple of years, Pluto will follow it.

So it looks like another Capricorn will get there in the end.

Gladys gets her pips and daylight Robbery.

Oh well, at least it gave us all a laugh, while we are waiting for the Orange bloodbath in the USA.

But politics aside, if you want to know the hidden secrets of any of your mates or love interest, just info@astrologyresearch.co.uk for a reading with a total reveal.

Posted on Oct 14th 2020


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