Adam Ant – Scorpio’s Prince Charming

It’s a well known fact that parents of teenage children have little or no comprehension of the musical tastes and fascinations of their offspring. This obvious state of affairs is entirely unaffected by the fact that the same conditions applied during their own youth. Capricorn Research’s devotion to Pink Floyd and Yes in 1970 has left him all at sea when it comes to understanding his youngest son’s addiction to the most disturbing kinds of rap music.

Of course astrology helps in all areas, not least the idea that someone on their second Saturn Return at 59 would struggle to understand another undergoing their first Saturn opposition at 14. But just in case there are any doubts there is the daily reminder that Dad is just a sad old git who spends all his spare time writing rubbish about dead people.

Capricorns are not that well equipped to get their heads round the Mercurial nature of popular music anyway, so the only recourse is to have a look at the charts of the people involved in a desperate attempt to still appear relevant. Even then it is difficult to follow these things unless we ask fundamental questions like what is fame anyway ?

The classical idea is that anyone who reaches the pinnacle of their own particular career area would have a strong 10th house. Capricorn Research’s study of over 20,000 charts of public figures show that whilst there is some truth in this idea, with the Sun in the 10th house scoring 1899, a significant 10.4 % above the average, it is still behind the 1st, 11th and 12th houses.

It is a matter of debate whether the here today, gone tomorrow success of most in pop music would be considered a career, although the bizarre longevity of the likes of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards would dispute that.

But a simple look at the category of 680 charts of pop singers show that it is definitely not a 10th house phenomenon. In this group the 10th house scores 51, less than 90% of the average figure, a score that is absolutely dwarfed by the Sun in the 1st house with 75, 132% of what would be expected.

Incidentally the 12th house comes a clear second with 123.5%.

This shows that fame in pop singers is entirely tied up with the Ascendant, particularly the 1st house, and has nothing to do with the Midheaven.

This really does make sense from an astrological perspective, particularly if we consider the signs that are associated with the respective houses.

The 10th sign is Capricorn, so the house of career would contain something of that sign’s perspective, the careful building and long term planning that goes into a successful career. We are talking about something with a definite structure, with serious aims and objectives and a calculated step by step approach to achieving ones goals.

The 1st sign is Aries, the place where everything is immediate and the long term does not exist. The whole nature of the sign is to act now and to project and assert the self as quickly as possible. The direction of the energy is immaterial, the only concern is that it gets out there. How long any project lasts is entirely irrelevant as the energy has a natural burn out and the subject will quickly get bored anyway.

When looked at in this way we can see that a natural square aspect exists between the 1st and 10th houses. Planets in aspect in these two houses will not coexist easily.

So if we assume that the 1st house, is the one that resonates most strongly with pop singers, the aspect pattern that would propel someone most powerfully onto this stage has to be the T Square with an apex Sun in the 1st house.

Regular readers of these articles will know that the T square is Capricorn Research’s favourite aspect pattern, because it has a compulsion that is irresistible. A T Square is made up of two planets in opposition with their energies pulling strongly in different directions creating a challenge and a tension that is forced very strongly onto a third planet that is in square aspect to each of them.

By far the strongest single feature in any astrological chart is an apex T Square Sun. And it is this powerful feature hammering onto the 1st house in conjunction with the Ascendant that explains the scarcely credible rise to fame of Adam Ant.

Adam Ant

Adam Ant has a stellium ( multiple conjunction ) mostly in Scorpio of the Sun, Ascendant, Saturn, Mercury and Neptune. This extremely powerful grouping forms the apex of a T Square which is based on the opposition between his Moon and Mars conjunction in Aquarius and a Jupiter / Uranus conjunction at the end of Cancer.

It is an exceptionally unusual occurrence to have a planetary pattern that contains 9 points including the Sun, Moon and Ascendant.

In fact the only other planets entirely reinforce the main message, as Venus is also in Scorpio in the 1st house in close square aspect to the signs’ ruler Pluto.

It is true that every chart is unique, but in 35 years of sifting through many thousands of them, Capricorn Research has never seen anything even remotely like this.

Regardless of the signs and planets involved this chart with such a powerful focus onto the 1st house would inevitably catapult Adam Ant into the nation’s consciousness.

The Ascendant and 1st house is all about image. Whilst the Sun shows our essence and individuality , the Ascendant is the window through which we express that essence into the outside world. The Ascendant is what everyone else sees.

The fact that most people have the Sun and Ascendant in different signs accounts for a lot of misunderstanding. People may appear at first to be one thing ( Ascendant ) but on getting to know them better we find out their truer nature ( Sun ). Occasionally other people might perceive the results of this as a deliberate deception when of course it is not.

This is not a problem for someone with the Sun conjunct the Acendant. The image is the truth, what you see is what you get. Adam Ant was .. well Adam Ant.

So what kind of image are we talking about ? Well the apex Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Ascendant are in Scorpio, so everyone knows exactly what we are talking about.

In pop music probably more than any other walk of life, sex sells. Adam Ant was always clear about what he was selling – ” Ant music to Sex people “.

But more than that, with the Sun so close to the Ascendant he was selling his image. The single that he is probably best known for is Prince Charming with the repeating lyric, ” Don’t you ever, don’t you ever stop being dandy, showing me you’re handsome “. Dressed himself in a Prince Charming outfit, this is obviously a reference to himself. Adam Ant was undeniably handsome, with those dark Scorpio good looks.

There was never any self consciousness about this reference. The image ( Ascendant ) and the essence ( Sun ) are one ( conjunct ), of course Prince Charming was Adam Ant.

But why choose these particular images ? As well as Prince Charming, he was the highwayman in Stand and Deliver and in later years he chose the personna of the Blue Black Hussar and always dressed in the attire of these characters.

The other planet in the 1st house in close conjunction with the Sun and Ascendant is Saturn. Saturn is principally about history and the past, its only natural that with Saturn in such an important placing in this pattern, Adam Ant should seek to romanticise these part fictional, part real historical characters.

With the Sun conjunct Saturn on the Ascendant, Adam Ant IS these people and yes Adam they are all undeniably handsome.

As anyone with so much Scorpio and a powerful T Square will tell you, life is never easy. Adam Ant suffers from bipolar disorder and has spoken candidly about his experiences with the effects of the illness and the medication required to control it. “In the past I’ve been a robot. It’s been an out-of-body experience. Bipolar means up and down and that’s me… Music has always been the best medication. I was on sodium valproate for seven years…. I couldn’t get to sleep and I didn’t make love for seven years. My hair fell out and I couldn’t pick up a book as I couldn’t concentrate. I didn’t write a song or pick up a guitar in that time – and piled on the weight. I might as well have been dead. I work very closely with my GP and any decisions I make are made with him”

It is difficult to collect enough charts to seriously test this assertion, but Capricorn Research has enough anecdotal evidence to suggest a strong link between bipolar disorder and powerful opposition aspects in the chart, particularly involving the Moon.

The opposition aspect itself indicates a situation where an individual is pulled in two completely different directions, either at the same time or with one dominating for a while only to be followed by the other.

One of the truly wonderful things about astrological symbols is that they don’t just mean one thing.

The opposition in this chart focuses onto a close conjunction of two planets. An apex Sun in the 1st house could be seen as the powerfully up, even manic side of bipolar. The apex Saturn is certainly the other side of it, a deeply depressive condition.

That Saturn is the key is evidenced by the disorder first being diagnosed when Adam was 21, as the ringed planet was transiting his T square opposite the Moon and Mars and square to the Sun and Ascendant.

Antmania was a powerful but short-lived phenomenon. It coincided with Pluto’s entrance into Adam’s T Square, conjunct Neptune, square Uranus and Jupiter in 1981 – 83.  The Ants were disbanded in 1982 and Adam pursued a solo career.

The big change in his life however came from 1984 – 8 as Pluto transited to conjunct his Ascendant, Sun and Saturn whilst also squaring his Moon and Mars. This was when he gave up music to pursue a career as an actor. He had limited success in this new world and returned to music during the 90s.

It does seem that Adam Ant had some understanding of his own chart. He certainly released a track called Scorpio rising contained the intriguing lyrics :

” Four young men, greasy hair
Don’t know zip
Leather jackets, big packets
Into it, into it…..

Give me a flash of white white skin
Above the stocking part
Cool it with the jewels, appreciate
The world finest work of art. ”

Prince Charming indeed !



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7 thoughts on “Adam Ant – Scorpio’s Prince Charming

  1. Wow, with the third house planets plus the Sun and Mercury straddling his Ascendant, it was clear Adam was meant to communicate ! And he did.

  2. Can you a chart on Bowie, a REAL enduring talent! Good article but Bowie is more interesting, has changed with the times and I am sad that he died.
    RIP Bowie 1947 -2016

  3. Kudos to you! Astrology is an empirical science – ever was and ever will be, I think. You did a great job on Adam’s natal chart! I “get into” Astrology and Adam since I was 12 y. o. and now I am 46.
    In an interview Adam said that he made also good experience in serious Astrology. With his Moon in Aquarius and as a double Scorpio he is very receptive for this science and I think, my “helpers” to get into Astrology were my Moon in Aquarius, Pluto 1st house and Saturn in 9th house. You know, Saturn in 9th house urge someone literally into big questions.
    And the reason why I told you that must be my Mercury in Gemini in 10th house. 😉

    My Cancer sun like to thank you very much for this article. Keep up the good work!


    • Thanks a lot B. Your chart and Adam’s have a lot in common. I didn’t like him when I was young, mainly because my little sister was mad on him. Since Ive seen his chart, I’m a fan of Prince Charming.
      Regards CC

      • I can understand you well, CC. But this chart is indeed a very good example and how it fits. As you’ve said, what you see is what you get. 😉


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