Rebellion Against The Poms – Pluto Down Under

When analysing any charts in Mundane Astrology, Capricorn Research feels that it is only right that the author declare their own interests and potential biases. This is certainly true when it comes to elections – it’s amazing how much the political views of an astrologer can impact on the way they see the fortunes of the parties involved.

So when taking the opportunity to use Australia Day to look at the astrological fortunes of the country, it’s only fair to state that Capricorn Research is in the process of emigrating to ” Gods Own Country “.

At first I thought it would be a relatively simple matter to check out the birth chart of Australia, but a short search shows there are as many as 5 different ones that are put forward as representing the country.

This is not that unusual. Back home in the UK, there are just as many charts put forward to cover things. These seem to be tied to every political change involving borders, the 1707 Union with Scotland, the 1801 chart which includes Ireland, one for 1922 which sends the Irish back home. No doubt some bright spark will come up with a new one to commemorate January 31st 2020 and the folly of Brexit.

Any or all of these may have their relevance and respond to the different opinions of the people claiming them, but when it comes down to it the 1066 chart of William the Conquerors Coronation says more about the English character and the important  moments of the country’s history than any of the others.

So I could spend the whole of this article assessing the relative merits of the Australia charts for 7th February 1788, Jan 1st and May 9th 1901, and even 27th May 1967 when the Aboriginal Australians won a referendum on equality, or I could just go with the date that everyone knows and celebrates as Australia Day.



Many of the assessments of which chart is the most appropriate are based on an interpretation of the character of the country, but anyone who has taken the trouble to read some of these articles will probably see that writers are quite capable of bending their interpretations of the characters of the planets and signs involved to fit some vague notion of their view of the place.

One example of this is I have read defends the May 9th chart with a Taurean Sun on the basis that Australia is traditionally a cattle rearing nation and cows are Taurus right ?

If this is where we are seriously going, every country in the world should have a Taurus Sun because cattle etc.

I only mention this example because it is a fair reflection of the general level of research in the astrology community. It is also the kind of assertion that would make anyone with more than half a dozen brain cells dismiss the whole subject as a refuge for airheads.

As astrologers we really need to work harder than this but also that it’s maybe best to stay clear of Sun sign generalisations when writing about serious astrological matters.

The above chart has a stellium including the Sun and Ascendant in Aquarius. Whether this is an appropriate symbol for the Australian character, I am not qualified to say, but I am sure that it is by a mile more accurate than the Sun conjunct Saturn in Capricorn / Moon Taurus of the Jan 1st 1901 chart.

For Capricorn Research the best and simplest way to ascertain whether one chart or another is the right one is to look at transits to it throughout that country’s history.

As regular readers of these articles will know, there is a strong focus on the transits of Pluto because they always coincide with powerful events which are turning points and moments of significant change in the life the person or nation whose chart it is.

If we take the landing on January 26th 1788 to be the chart for Australia, it obviously cannot be one that covers the indigenous population and their astrology.

This chart would particularly reference the Invasion of the British.

So transits to it would have a big impact on modern Australia, but particularly on the  relationship between the new country and the Brits.

So therefore any Pluto transits to the Sun of the 1788 chart would mark some kind of rebellion against Pommie rule.

Pluto moves very slowly. It takes approximately 250 years to orbit the Sun and therefore go through the whole Zodiac, so it has not even reached its natal position once in the chart of Australia.

This means that in the 232 years since Invasion / Discovery, Pluto has made 3 major aspects alone to the Aussie chart’s Sun.

The first one was the square aspect between 1855 and 1860.

This coincided with the Eureka Rebellion of 3rd December 1854 of gold miners who fought against the colonial forces and the authority of the UK.

To quote Wikipedia

” Mass public support for the captured rebels in the colony’s capital of Melbourne when they were placed on trial resulted in the introduction of the Electoral Act 1856 of which mandated suffrage for male colonists in the lower house of the Victorian parliament. This is considered the second instituted act of political democracy in Australia. Female colonists of South Australia were awarded suffrage 5 years later on condition of owning property, much in the way men did not have full suffrage in the absence of property ownership. The Eureka Rebellion is controversially identified with the birth of democracy in Australia and interpreted by many as a political revolt “.

So far so Pluto.

The next Pluto transit was the opposition to the Aussie Sun which occurred between 1941 and 1944.

There was the war obviously but the UK’s shock defeat in Asia in 1942 prompted Australia to adopt the Statute of Westminster which formerly ended most of the constitutional links between the two countries.

The threat of Japanese invasion caused Australia to turn to the US as an ally.

The final Pluto transit ( the square ) came in 1985 – 86.

” The passing of the Australia Act 1986 ended all possibility for any vestigial role of the British government in the government in Australia and removed the already seldom-used option of judicial appeals to the Privy Council in London “.

This begs the question – What will happen when Pluto is conjunct the Australia Sun in 2026 – 7 ?

Given this summers experience, it might be tempting to think that the whole country will be razed to the ground by fire.

However it seems more likely to be a further loosening of the connections with Captain Cook’s old mates.

This could well be the time when Australia finally becomes a Republic.

The closest my adopted land has come to this in the past was with the referendum in 1999.

According to the polls it looked as if it would pass, but in the end it was defeated. My own understanding of this is that it lost not so much because of a pro Brit atmosphere but because there was confusion and also distrust over the proposed ways of electing or appointing a President of such a Republic.

The period around the referendum saw both Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius passing over the Australia Sun.

This would fit perfectly as Uranus would see the genuine desire for radical change and a final freeing of the connections with the old and Neptune would embody the confusion and distrust.

However Pluto is not so mixed up. Its modus operandi is usually fairly emphatic and final.

Its interesting that many people in Australia are questioning the January 26th celebrations, firstly because its not viewed as being entirely respectful of the indigenous population and secondly because the country has suffered so much at the hands of the fires that it feels wrong to do mass barbecues anyway.

But back home the poms are having street parties to celebrate Brexit.

Like a rat leaving a sinking ship, Capricorn Research is very happy to have fled those shores and is during this very week applying for permanent residency.

By 2027 there probably won’t even be a UK left anyway.




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