William Colby – Head of the CIA

We’ve all seen enough films and documentaries both for and against to have our own views on the role of the CIA in the modern world. From the exciting crime series portraying the heroic operatives that work in the field to the conspiracy theorists   vision there is plenty of evidence to back up any viewpoint.

But what would astrology have to say about the organisation itself, and particularly about some of the people that have served in it at a high level ?

William Colby was a senior member of the CIA for 15 years and served as Director for 3 of them. His chart whilst speaking volumes about his own personality, also seems to make a case for representing the image of the organisation as a whole.


William Colby

The three most conservative Zodiac signs, those most concerned with preserving the status quo would have to be Taurus, Cancer and Capricorn. It is immediately striking that William Colby has his Moon, Ascendant and Sun in the latter two of that grouping.

The sign that most reflects a large governmental structure, particularly one with tremendous authority would have to be Capricorn, Colby’s Sun sign.

Both supporters and detractors of the CIA would surely agree that its main purpose is the protection of the American people and their interests. The one sign that is most concerned with this kind of thing is Cancer.

Secrecy and activities carried out away from the glare of publicity is the area that the organisation focuses on and this points strongly to the traditional interpretation of the 12th house. Colby’s Moon in Cancer in the 12th house perfectly symbolises the field of operations. The symbol for Cancer is the Crab, the only animal that uses for its own protection a hard and resilient armoured shell. Cancerians are always acutely aware of their own sensitivities and insecurities and this brings with it a sense of vulnerability which they try to mask by adopting a tough exterior.

The USA chart of July 4th has the Sun in Cancer, so it would be fair to suggest that this is a national characteristic.

There is one planet that is strongly linked to underground activities and that is Pluto. Colby has Pluto conjunct the Moon in the 12th house.

Capricorn Research would defy anyone to come up whether a better astrological symbol for the CIA itself than William Colby’s Sun in Capricorn opposite a Moon / Pluto conjunction in Cancer in the 12th house, with Cancer also rising.

Colby’s Sun has one other major aspect, that of the square to Mars. The red planet of course rules aggression and military activity. Mars is in the 4th house of the homeland so this reinforces the Cancerian nature of the chart and indicates that such activity is undertaken to preserve the security of the state.

CIA supporters would no doubt like to point out that Mars is in Libra, so its actions would be performed in a balanced and considered way, seeking primarily, as Librans do, to preserve the peace.

William Colby’s chart is another perfect example of the extraordinary accuracy and simplicity of astrology.

Apparently he never really liked the business of spying. He was a devout Christian and a rigid Catholic, a stern and precise man, a Capricorn to a tee.

One of the indisputable facts about the lives of many people who rose to become top politicians is that the height of their career is clear for everyone to see without argument. A man who becomes the President would rightly expect the most important transit of his life to fall within the period of his Presidency, most naturally at the very beginning.

As all readers of these articles will know, the undisputed king of transits is Pluto, and its transits to make aspects to the Sun and Moon will reveal the major watershed moments of the person’s life.

If the Sun and Moon are aspected together at birth as in Colby’s case, the one transit in a lifetime that Pluto would make to them would occur at basically the same time.

If Pluto is also involved in this birth aspect, the power of its transit is multiplied considerably.

So when we say that the only time during William Colby’s life that Pluto made this transit was between 1973 and 76 when it formed a T square, squaring both the Sun and Moon, readers would not be surprised to find that these were the precise dates of his tenure as Director of the CIA.

But then regular readers would probably by now be astonished if this had not been the case.

Capricorn Research is aware that writing articles like this about CIA chiefs can invite the possibility of personal surveillance. This is just to let anyone watching know that astrology enables such scrutiny to be a two way street.



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