What Does The Inauguration Chart Say about The Next 4 Years ?

” Now as the river dissolves to sea, so Neptune has claimed another soul “

So its finally all over then. Il Duce has been douched, the waves have closed over those last wisps of fake hair and its all one way to the bottom of the ocean from here.

The final act, an attempted coup d’etat, failed as miserably as you would expect given that it was organised by the same people who brought you the Four Seasons Total Landscaping fiasco.

Because Neptune has a way of turning even the best laid plans of men to total mush.

Many astrologers ( most of them Trump fans admittedly ) were predicting revolution because of the US Pluto Return, but obviously they weren’t able to prevent their political ignorance poisoning their astrological judgement.

In most areas of life, it helps to be ahead of the game. You would think that goes without saying in astrology.

Surely the point of astrology is to anticipate future transits by looking at what happened when similar alignments occurred in the past.

But this is something that few seem to do with any real consistency. Many look at what is happening at the moment it occurs or with hindsight and try and find an astrological link to the events, but such an ad hoc approach works against real understanding.

For several years I had been convinced that Donald Trump would lose the 2020 election because Neptune would be T Squaring his Sun and Moon between April 2020 and February 2023.

But just one year ago it would have been very hard to see how this might work in practice.

And then Covid 19 occurred and by the time Neptune made its first contact with Trump’s Moon, his delusional response to this planetary challenge made it clear that it was only a matter of time before the deluge, took him and his bizarre family with him.

So the current New Moon in Capricorn conjunct Pluto falling opposite Mango Mussolini’s Venus / Saturn conjunction means it’s good night from him and there’s no need to waste any more time on him.

So what’s next then ?

US Presidents are inaugurated on January 20th, which is an interesting choice of date.

Why is this given that the election occurs in the first week in November ? Having read various articles on this question I can only conclude that it was because it used to take a long time for new Presidents to move all their furniture across the country.

Which is kind of bizarre and doesn’t happen anywhere else, even in large countries.

You would think that it might have occurred to someone that a lame duck narcissist might use the time in between to overthrow the democratic process or start a nuclear war or something.

This in a nation that is always harping on about checks and balances to ensure that there’s no chance of any one branch having too much power.

You might think they would use this system to check out whether the President was mentally balanced in the first place, but its Amurrica so…..

In fact these dates are never picked for no reason. January 20th will always fall at the beginning of Aquarius, which gives everyone the chance to say its a brave new world in the cradle of democracy.

Conveniently ignoring the fact that the election was held in Scorpio so they’ve probably already elected an evil bastard with a hidden agenda.

Speaking of which.

Sleepy Joe Biden has a 12th house Scorpio stellium hiding behind that smilingly optimistic Sagittarius exterior.

So the next 4 years are certainly going to be different from the last.

With President Tweety we knew exactly what was going on in his head, this one is a much more typical politician. You’ll never know what he’s thinking, even when he plunges a knife into your back.

So if his natal chart gives no clues, where are we going to look then ?

Perhaps we should look at the birth chart of his Presidency instead.

The critical point is that Joe Biden starts out with the dubious honour of having a Jupiter / Saturn conjunction.

I have mentioned this before in a number of articles as it occurs every 20 years and so will coincide with every 5th Inauguration.

Since 1881 every time a President was inaugurated under a Jupiter / Saturn conjunction, he did not complete his term because he died in office.

Some were assassinated – Garfield 1881, McKinley 1901 and Kennedy 1961. Harding 1921 and FDR 1941 died of natural causes.

The only one to survive a Jupiter / Saturn was Ronald Reagan 1981, who wasn’t really known for having much good sense but he had enough nous to employ an astrologer after an assassination attempt on his life, so managed to avoid the big planets curse.

George W Bush was inaugurated when Jupiter and Saturn were conjunct ( 2001 ) but it was a separating dissociate one with Jupiter having passed on into Gemini at the time. So he just had 9 / 11 and someone threw a shoe at him.

More details of all this can be found in Coincidence – The Greatest Conspiracy Theory Of All

So what about next week’s Aquarian fanfare then ?

Not only is the Jupiter / Saturn conjunction present but it’s also conjunct the Sun in the 10th house at DC.

Also the Sun / Jupiter / Saturn is square to an awkward looking Moon / Mars / Uranus conjunction in the 12th house.

Note how exact that Mars / Uranus conjunction is. In the 12th it just screams out hidden sniper. In Taurus it points to some reactionary / conservative figure.

It is also square to Jupiter ( the President ).

There are plenty of anecdotes that indicate that the security forces were either complacent or complicit in the events at the Capitol building last week. One look at this chart would suggest the FBI and the Pentagon need to really get their act together for the coming one.

But they will probably just dismiss this as more astrological scaremongering of the kind witnessed on astrotwitter every day.

And if I was simply going on this inauguration chart, that might be fair comment.

But this is not how Capricorn Research works. I make a point of ” looking at what happened when similar alignments occurred in the past “.

And there is a rather sinister precedent.

Abraham Lincoln was also inaugurated in a year with the Jupiter / Saturn conjunction ( 1861 ). This is the chart for the start of his 2nd term.

In those days inauguration fell in March with the Sun in Pisces.

But, like with Biden’s inauguration chart, here we have the Sun at the Midheaven ( the President ) in square to a Moon / Mars / Uranus conjunction in the 12th house.

Lincoln was assassinated a matter of weeks later.

So Biden’s inauguration chart looks pretty threatening.

But after last week, surely the security will be ramped up for January 20th ?

You can’t rule it out, but my feeling is that unlike Abe, Joe Biden will survive the opening weeks of his Presidency.

I am basing this mostly on the chart of his VP, Kamala Harris

With the Sun and Moon in direct opposition at 27 Libra / Aries, Kamala Harris will have Pluto squaring both between April 2021 and December 2023.

At some point during this timeframe, I expect her to become the first female President.

For more on this see President Harris ? Might Be Sooner Than You Thought

Given Biden’s age, this could be just due to him retiring anyway, but the similarities with Lincoln’s 1865 chart are more than a bit worrying.

Also given that the US is gripped with a political turmoil and polarisation not seen since 1865, it doesn’t take a conspiracy theorist to fear the worst.

Neptune claimed the last soul, but Pluto might be out to get this one.

Posted January 13th 2021