Goodbye Ruby Tuesday

It’s at times like this when a lot more people turn to astrology.

We’ve been following the polls daily and they haven’t changed for months but we also know from 4 years ago that polls can and often are completely wrong on the night.

The Mussolini family have been insisting that the fake news media have got it all wrong. They are obviously all mad and coked off their tits, but even so they still sound very confident about it.

Maybe its because they know that an army of Proud Boys is right this minute standing by the ballot boxes ready to shoot anyone who goes blue.

They surely already have an army of lawyers armed to take a disputed result straight to the Supreme Court of The Old Testament.

So despite the poll lead, it’s understandable to have last minute wobbles at this point.

Astrology can help, but don’t expect too much from individual astrologers.

Most of them got it wrong in 2016, despite the fact that Trump’s transits were the strongest that I’ve seen in any election in history.

I was reading an analysis of 100 astrologers’ predictions for this one and there are as many going for Trump as Biden.

It would be reasonable for a layman to ask how can this be. Surely if there are indications in the stars, you would expect a certain consensus amongst the star gazers.

Well the simple answer to that is a lot of astrologers just aren’t very good at their job.

And a great many of them have a very strong fear of getting a prediction wrong so they sit on the fence or give a vague, general forecast that fails to predict a winner but enables them to claim a success whatever the result.

I have no fear of being wrong. I have placed bets on Joe Biden but if the unthinkable happens, I made so much money from backing Trump in 2016 at 40 / 1, that I will be in credit for many years at the polling booths.

So for those of you at the back, this is why the Mango Mussolini will lose on Tuesday.

The standout reason is his Neptune transits.

Neptune is the very worst kind of transit for someone in power. It undermines, destabilises and eventually dissolves everything in its wake and it also has an energy that is extremely difficult to fight because unlike Saturn or Pluto, it’s an opponent you can’t see.

Over the next 2 years Donald Trump has Neptune in square to both his Sun and Moon.

And Neptune rules viral pandemics.

If you scroll back a year, the US economy was flying and Trump was strong favourite for another term.

This is an article I wrote in October 2019 – some time before the Democrat primaries had even begun – Donald Trump – Back In The Clubhouse Soon ?

In it I stated that Trump would certainly lose the election and the best pick the Democrats could make to stand against him would be Bernie Sanders, although his chances would be greatly strengthened by having Kamala Harris as a running mate.

As it turned out the Democrats decided to go for a safe pair of hands in Joe Biden but the thing that really swung it their way was by placing Harris on the ticket.

But Trump seemed to be way ahead and no-one, certainly no other astrologers, were predicting a Democrat victory last year.

But this Spring, Neptune came to square Trump’s Moon and Covid 19 hit.

Trump instantly saw that this could be the one thing that could scupper his chances of a 2nd term and tried to fight it. But the trouble is he tried to fight it in the same way he tries to fight everything – by calling it a liar and denying its existence.

So the one thing that Donald Trump got right in 4 years was an understanding that Covid would be his downfall.

But you can’t fight Neptune, you just have to let go and accept it.

The 2nd major reason why Trump will lose is because of the December eclipse – The Eclipse Of Donald Trump

This brings the Sun and Moon together at 23 degrees Sagittarius exactly opposite Trump’s 10th house Sun.

A clearer indication of his downfall would be hard to imagine.

Yet still there are worries.

So in light of this I thought I would try the horary approach.

With something like a Presidential election the incumbent would be represented by the ruler of the 10th house and the opponent the 4th.

In a contest chart the holder would be ruler of the 1st house and challenger would be the 7th.

As it turns out, this does not matter because both 10th and 1st houses are ruled by Jupiter and both 4th and 7th are ruled by Mercury.

Jupiter for Trump makes sense because he embodies all of the negative characteristics of an excess of that planet.

Jupiter is in the 10th ( in office ) but it is weak in the sign of its Fall.

Jupiter is also about to conjunct Pluto and Saturn, so that on its own would be enough evidence to predict his demise.

Mercury for Biden is also not strong because it is retrograde. But it turns forward during the day of Tuesday 3rd.

There is one very simple horary measure that will clearly indicate a victory.

That is if the Moon is separating from an aspect to team A’s significator and applying to the one belonging to team B.

Here the Moon is at 21 Aries, separating from a square aspect to Jupiter for Trump and applying to an opposition to Mercury for Biden.

In horary the fact that these aspects are challenging ones does not alter the outcome. Joe Biden will still win the election.

But it can point to the idea that such a handover of power will be stressful to say then least.

This is also indicated by the fact that the Moon is in Aries conjunct Mars.

Jupiter applying to conjunct Pluto and Saturn and the Moon to square them both before it reaches the opposition to Mercury might well be describing the difficulty of the handover.

Its likely that there will be trouble, and fears of violence on the streets from disgruntled Maggots cannot be discounted.

But the end result will be President Biden.

It may be that it takes a while and the handover of power does not happen straight away.

But that famous orange face will turn many shades of puce over the coming days.

And in the end it will be Goodbye Ruby Tuesday – We’re Not Gonna Miss You.

Posted on Oct 30th 2020


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