The Transit of Uranus conjunct Your Sun Should Leave You Shaken Not Stirred

A 12th house stellium and a fascination with meditation has led me to conclude that the mind has basically two modes of working.

One is simple mind wandering where one thought merges into the next one almost seamlessly – a process referred to by Monty Python as Word Association Football.

The other is where thoughts come from a different place unconnected to anything previously ruminated over. This is often called intuition.

These two modes are as different from each other as the horizontal and vertical planes. Thoughts belonging to mode 2, just drop into your mind as if from the sky.

It is this mode where thoughts have a distinct quality that belong to the moment in which they occur and these can be understood through methods like horary astrology.

The real trick is in being alert enough to recognise the difference between the two modes in order to be able to respond appropriately to the vertical stuff.

And its easy to miss the point at which they come in because the brain is trained to spot associations and is likely to assume that they belong to the first mode when they actually don’t.

For me the process of deciding which astrology articles to write is tied up with this process.

It often appears that the decision is to write one is associative, but in fact it isn’t, because I am being pushed to write about something that actually reveals itself in the course of the article’s research.

And this revelation is frequently quite different from the original idea, but once I discover it, I realise that the Universe wanted me to write that all along and used this roundabout way of getting me there.

One example is the death of legend Sean Connery prompted the associative side of my brain to consider writing an astrological article on which actor was the best James Bond.

I thought I could do this by comparing the natal charts of Connery, Moore, Craig et al with the chart of Ian Fleming and the release dates of the first film, Dr No.

It’s often the case that the natal chart of an actor who is very definitely connected with a particular role will clearly describe that role, sometimes even more accurately than it will describe their own life.

After looking at these for a few minutes I realised that this was probably not the case and it would make a fairly uninteresting article and not really provide any resolution to the ” who was the best ” question anyway.

However one thing did become clear and this was about the transits of each of the above at the time of playing their first Bond role.

And this was obviously the article I was meant to write all along.

It would be difficult to argue that a Virgo stellium and Saturn rising in Capricorn would be how most people would describe James Bond.

Yes he was cool, but this is positively frigid.

But as I have said many times the Sun, Moon and Ascendant signs are often overrated in astrology.

More significant here is the T Square, particularly the apex planets.

Connery has a sexy Venus in Libra in the 8th house opposite Uranus focused onto an apex Jupiter / Pluto conjunction in the 7th house.

Which indicates that he was very much one for the ladies with the emphasis on the plural.

Everything is contained within the top half of the chart apart from Uranus, which becomes the handle for a Bucket type chart, emphasising its power in Connery’s chart.

It takes Uranus 84 years to get round so it would only conjunct his Sun by transit once.

This happened in the Autumn of 1962 when Dr No was released.

Connery was Bond for the first 5 films, culminating in You Only Live Twice in 1967 with Uranus conjunct his Moon.

After a single appearance from George Lazenby, Connery returned for a one off in Diamonds Are Forever in 1971 with Uranus in the T Square conjunct his Venus and opposite its natal position.

And again for a final appearance in Never Say Never Again which was filmed in 1982 while Uranus was square to Connery’s Sun.

It could be said that Roger Moore’s Sun / Mars conjunction in Libra with Leo rising fits better with most people’s astrological perception of Bond.

But interesting again that Uranus with Jupiter forms a twin handle for a bucket chart.

Even more so that Moore’s first role in Live And Let Die in 1973 occurred when Uranus was conjunct his Sun, exactly the same transit that Connery had in 1962.

Daniel Craig has the Sun in Pisces but the Moon along with Mars in Aries and Scorpio rising probably makes him the astrological favourite for the classic Bond figure.

And yes, Casino Royale, Craig’s first in the genre came out in 2006 when Uranus was conjunct his Sun.

What are the odds against this sequence happening by chance ?

Well if we accept that Uranus will be conjunct the Sun for one year out of every 84, we are looking at a chance 1 in 7,000.

Interesting also that the minor Bonds, Timothy Dalton had Uranus square to his Sun during his two film Bond experience in 1987 – 89 and Pierce Brosnan had Uranus trine his Sun during the filming of his first, Goldeneye.

Of course the big question now is who will be the next one.

So who can keep their cool ordering a martini while experiencing a Uranus / Sun transit ?

If they are to have the same one as Sean, Roger and Daniel, they would have to be a Taurean.

This would include Outlander favourite Sam Heughan but as his Sun is 10 Taurus, they’d better hurry up.

Maybe best to put your money on Henry Cavill, with the Sun at 15 Taurus, the timing could be just right.

Despite this strong Uranus theme, I would still be inclined to go with my main man, Pluto.

James Norton has the Sun and Mars conjunct at 25 Cancer so Pluto will be opposite these two soon.

We don’t have a birth time for Norton but his life is certainly going to be powerfully impacted by this transit.

Maybe he will be shaken but not stirred.

Posted on 2 November 2020