Serie A Hots Up As Pluto Goes South

Many footballers are superstitious but Napoli manager Maurizio Sarri takes the whole packet of digestives. He was an hour late for training one day because a black cat crossed his path and he had to stop his car and wait until another car passed him. But it was a quiet country road and no-one came […]

Are AC Finally Going To Stop Being DC ?

Ask anyone to name the top three sides in world football and they’ll likely come up with Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich. All three of them came into existence around the turn of the 20th century and their charts have much in common. They all have the Sun in mutable signs in conjunction with […]

Taxi for Pardew ?

Most of the clips on TV’s You’ve Been Framed seem to be someone doing appalling ” Dad Dancing ” at a family wedding only to trip over an obstacle and spend the evening in A+E. If pushed to come up with an astrological symbol to reflect this experience it would be hard to beat Sun […]