Justin Trudeau – Whiter Than White ?

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was supposed to break the mold – to actually be a Liberal political leader in a world where crypto fascism seems to be about par.

Trudeau came to power as a champion of young people and political correctness, which makes it even more surprising that pictures of him posing ” blackface ” as a student have recently surfaced.

Why has this happened now ? Because there is an election on the horizon and Trudeau’s opponents are keen to score a few points.

This development is surprising given Trudeau’s image to date.  Its even more extraordinary given his Sun sign.



Capricorn more than any other sign is also quite good at maintaining control over its own image.

The Ascendant covers the appearance and how other people see you, and with Virgo rising you would expect a certain perfectionism here. Trudeau really does care at how he comes across and would take great pains to ensure that he produces the desired effect.

However, while the planets and signs indicate how we would naturally wish things to be it is the aspects to them from other ones that determine what will actually happen and the degree of success that we have.

Interestingly both Justin Trudeau’s Sun and Ascendant are at the apex of 2 T Squares.

An apex T Square point or planet will always be thrust powerfully forward, particularly if it is the Sun or Ascendant.

Trudeau’s Sun is at the point of a T-square based on an opposition between Mars and Pluto.

Mars opposition Pluto is an aspect of a determined fighter, someone who is not adverse to getting down into the dirt in order to get ahead.

That it is T Squaring onto a Capricorn Sun, shows someone who is very determined to do whatever is necessary to get to the top, even if he doesn’t give the impression of such ruthlessness.

But it also indicates that Justin Trudeau is not what he seems.

The other T Square is with the Ascendant as an apex. This is based on an opposition between Saturn in the 10th house and Neptune in the 4th.

The square between Neptune and the Ascendant is extremely tight. All this goes to suggest that Trudeau’s carefully manicured image ( Virgo Ascendant ) is going to be seriously undermined ( Neptune ) by something coming from his past ( in the 4th house ) which could have a detrimental ( Saturn ) effect on his career ( in the 10th house ).

And as if two such tight major oppositions focusing on the two most important placings in his chart was not enough, Justin Trudeau has another one impacting on the 3rd one.

His Moon in Aries is exactly opposite Uranus.

In fact this is a very important aspect in Trudeau’s chart as it is the one that was triggered when he came to power.

In simple terms, if any of the Sun, Moon and Ascendant are closely aspected to one of the slower movers, then whenever that planet makes another aspect with it by transit, that will be a massively important time in that person’s life.

Uranus was transiting conjunct Trudeau’s Moon in 2015 when he was elected Canadian premier.

The turning point in Trudeau’s life came as Pluto transited his T Square. He was elected to the House of Commons in 2008 with it square to his Mars and he was appointed as critic for various posts with it conjunct his Sun in 2009 – 10.

Much of his time in power has been covered by Pluto’s transit square to his Moon

And it’s his Moon that is being powerfully stimulated at the moment.

Saturn has been square to the Moon / Uranus opposition for most of this year and it will be hitting it for a 3rd and final time in November.

However Uranus will be creating a Grand Trine to Trudeau’s Sun and Ascendant at the same time.

So how will this all play out in the polls ?

When doing a contest chart for an election, the important time to consider is the moment when the polling booths open.

For some odd reason, many astrologers look at the chart for the close of polls because presumably this is when someone either wins or loses.

A natural extension of this policy would be for astrologers never to make predictions or give advice to a client until they are dead so that they would have the close of life chart to go on.

This obviously has advantages in terms of the astrologer not being wrong, but it is of questionable use to the client or anyone else other than their obituary writer.

So lets have a look at the poll opening chart.

The election is timed for October 21st and the east coast ( Newfoundland ) polls open first.



The Ascendant and its ruler stands for the governing party and the Descendant and its ruler indicates the main opposition party ( in this case the Conservatives ).

Scorpio rising means Mars is the Liberals ruler. It is in detriment in Libra.

Venus for the Conservatives is also in detriment in Scorpio.

So neither party looks to be particularly strong.

The Moon’s next aspects are usually critical in these charts, but it makes no connection at all to either Venus or Mars.

In fact the Moon would be Void of Course but it still has one more aspect to make in square to the Sun.

Some astrologers would suggest this favours the incumbent party because the Sun rules the 10th house but my studies of elections in a number of countries have not shown this to be the case, whereas an applying aspect of the Moon to one of the 1st or 7th house rulers combined with an assessment of the transits of the leaders of both parties is the clearest indication of an election winner.

For more information on this see  Electional Astrology – How They Try To Control Us

Perhaps it would help to look at the chart of Trudeau’s opponent Andrew Scheer.



It is quite perfect that Scheer has a stellium in Taurus, the most conservative sign of all, in the 11th house of Politics.

The Moon, his ruler is in the 10th house which may or may not bring him to power, but its close square to Neptune in the 6th would suggest that if he did it would be fairly short-lived and undermined by something intangible, maybe by health problems ( given that Neptune is in the 6th ), a dodgy agreement with a work colleague or even some kind of scandal.

Which is all very interesting.

Even more so when we see that Neptune is currently conjunct that Moon.

Uranus is conjunct Scheer’s Venus and Mars which might suggest his time has come, but the Neptune transit indicates confusion.

As things stand the Trudeau’s Liberals are floundering 4 points behind in the polls due to the ” Blackface ” thing.

But the nature of the Canadian political system suggests that the Liberals are still slight favourites to get the seats that they require.

Maybe the opening poll chart is saying that neither will get a clear majority.

Perhaps Scheer will attempt to make a coalition with some minority parties that might just get them over the line, but you would imagine that with that Neptune transit, he won’t stay there for long.

Capricorn Research can’t help thinking that if this election was being held in Trump’s US rather than in Canada, the appearance of the incumbent in ” blackface ” might actually improve his chances of staying in power.

Canada is different however. Everyone is much nicer and more sane there.

So we will watch this space. At least it won’t be dull.




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