Cancerian Parasite Realises She’s Been Sucking The Wrong Host

House systems are probably the most argued about subject in astrology.

There are so many of them as well mostly named after the astrologer who first discovered them – Koch, Regiomontanus, Porphyry, Alcabitus, Morinus, Campanus to name some of the better known ones.

Broadly they fall into two different types.

Quadrant systems are based on getting the Midheaven and IC as well as the Ascendant and Descendant in the right place to reflect the heavens at the time of the chart.

And Equal systems that use the Ascendant and Descendant but divide the rest of the houses into equal 30 degree segments.

The second group contains the absurd ” Natural ” house system which is just an excuse for lazy con artist Sun sign column writers to tell all Ariens that ” Jupiter is going through your 2nd house ” when its in Taurus and make them think they will win the lottery every week for a year.

There’s also the Hellenistic mafia’s favourite Whole Sign Houses which I systematically debunked in a number of articles so there’s no need to repeat that here. For anyone interested see – Electing The President – Profection or Perfection ? and Nice House System You’ve Got There, Be A Shame If Anything Was To Happen To It and A Plague On All Your House Systems

My own preference is to use the Placidus house system based, like everything I use, on the fact that it works in most cases.

There is one area where it doesn’t work so well, which is when the chart is cast for some distance from the equator, particularly over 50 degrees north ( or south ) because like all quadrant house systems it can create extremely large houses in some areas of the chart and very small ones in other areas when certain signs are rising.

Its very easy to adjust for this however. Just use a standard Equal House System which keeps the same degree on the Ascendant and works from there.

I was born at 53 N and my own chart has 28 Capricorn rising so by Placidus I would have a 62 degree 1st house. I find Equal works better for me.

Many readers would just find all this stuff academic and the people who argue about it should just get a life, but try telling that to Cancerian gold digger Jerry Hall who has just realised that she used the wrong house system in making the most disgusting decision of her life to suck swamp dick for a few years in the expectation of a multi billion dollar reward.

Given that the world’s most offensive human is 91 years old, its quite reasonable to assume that transit Neptune conjunct his Sun and square to his Moon while Pluto was opposite his 8th house Mars would result in Rupert Murdoch’s long overdue death.

In fact I wrote an article based on this very premise – When Will Rupert Murdoch Crawl Back To The Swamp

I came up with a date in April 2022. Obviously that didn’t happen and the old ball bag is still here.

There are two conclusions that we can come to here. The first is that you cant kill the Undead.

The second is that my reading of his transits was wrong.

This does happen to astrologers from time to time. But like everything else it’s all about how you respond to making a mistake.

Many astrologers would never have made such a definite prediction in the first place. Some would simply delete the old article and pretend they never said it. Others would blame Murdoch himself for obviously giving the wrong birth time.

My response is to look again at the chart and work out why I got it wrong.

And despite the fact that Melbourne is only 38 degrees South, it is all down to the choice of house system.

Now I look at it in Equal House, I realise the error.

As emperor of the fake news gutter press a 3rd house Piscean Sun makes much more sense than a 4th house one.

But the chief thing is that the 8th house Mars has moved into the 7th. So Pluto’s opposition to it didn’t actually kill him, it just finished off his marriage.

So all Jerry Hall’s calculations came to nought. She obviously expected to inherit the lot when Murdoch took the fast route to hell.

But the massive error of judgement is actually clear from her noon chart anyway.

Nothing smacks of a hasty decision to get married which turned out to be completely delusional and deeply regretted more than a 7th house Aries Moon exactly opposite Neptune.

Note also that this opposition is in exact square to Rupert’s own ( within 10 minutes ) now 7th house Mars. So Pluto would be hitting this combo right now as they announce they are to divorce.

Hall probably calculated that with her Sun exactly conjunct Murdoch’s 7th house Jupiter she would inherit the whole dung heap.

Her Venus is in exact ( half a degree ) opposition to his Moon and her Moon is exact square ( 4 minutes ) to his Mars so you imagine how utterly disgusting and appalling the notion of having sex with the old skunk was to her.

And with transit Neptune square to her Venus and Pluto square to her Moon, it’s all been for nothing.

That it would all end in tears is shown clearly by Hall’s 7th house Moon / Neptune opposition forming a T Square with an apex Uranus.

And by their wedding chart.

Sun conjunct Murdoch’s own and Hall’s Mars clearly shows what he gets out of the deal.

The opposition to Jupiter in the 4th points to lots of big mansions to laze around in.

But Moon / Pluto conjunct in Capricorn in the 7th indicates the horrendous marital sacrifice to be made.

And the T Square apex Saturn tops it all off as a truly frightful experience.

What could an astrologer possibly say to Jerry Hall ?

Sometimes you just get the house system you deserve.

Posted on June 23nd 2022