Mack Wolford – Praise the Lord and Pass the Rattlesnake

Sometimes a newspaper story is so bizarre that you have to instantly get the ephemeris out and cast a chart straight away. The latest one for Capricorn Research was about Mack Wolford an American pastor.

Wolford was renowned for conducting his services whilst handling dangerous snakes. The giant rattler that he was holding on May 26th 2012 bit him and a matter of hours later he was dead.

Wolford had been bitten several times before but had refused hospital treatment because a bite was a test of his faith.

And to cap it all, Mack’s father was also a serpent handling pastor who had died in the same way.

How would astrology do justice to such a story ?

Neptune would have to be involved as it generally is in cases of poisoning, but it also has something to say about irrational faith.

Jupiter could well be there, again due to the religious tie up but also because Wolford was a bit of an actor too.

Then finally the Moon because this obviously runs in his family. And of course his natal chart does not disappoint.


Mack Wolford

Mack Wolford has a T square that pictures it all nicely. The Moon in Taurus would suggest someone of a strong constitution that had an instinctive feel for nature. The fact that it is the Moon indicates that it was inherited from his parents.

The Moon is opposite Neptune.

Neptune would be at its most dangerous and poisonous in Scorpio, so snake handling it is then.

This tale has connections with the Garden of Eden story which could also be neatly symbolised by the Moon in Taurus opposite Neptune in Scorpio.

The opposition in a Tsquare points to an energy that is harnessed and focused onto the apex planet. So the overall result of this is Jupiter in Leo, a grand symbol for a religious showman.

This Jupiter in Leo would easily refuse medical treatment on grounds of faith.

Mack’s father died at the age of 15 when both Jupiter and Uranus were opposite his Sun.

So if you were Mack Wolford’s personal astrologer when would you advise him to give the reptiles a rest for a little while.

Obviously when Neptune and Jupiter were afflicting his Sun and Moon by transit.

Between March 2010 and January 2015, Neptune was in square to Wolford’s Moon, Venus and Sun conjunction.

At the end of May 2012, when he died Jupiter was conjunct his Moon.

But somehow even with this warning, you get the feeling Mack Wolford would still just have responded with his usual catchphrase ” Praise the Lord and Pass the Rattlesnake ”




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