Proof That We’re All More Accident Prone on Our Birthdays, and Half and Quarter Birthdays

Capricorn Research does not normally refer to astrology research done by other people. This is not due to the blinkered egotism that is often associated with the sign. It is simply because I don’t often come across research projects that are targeted at issues that provide a sensible test for astrology.

Pseudo scientists will often say that astrology has not been proved by research. My own website disputes this notion. Really what they mean is it has not been proved by them. And the main reason for this is that when they do condescend to look into the subject they either deliberately or subconsciously choose topics that are unlikely to provide significant results.

If anyone wishes to dispute this observation, I would be happy to provide them with a number of test ideas that I am confident would prove a statistical link between planetary movements and human behaviour.

One example of this is a test that a colleague of mine suggested. A link between the Sun’s position at death to its placing at birth has been observed and some research will be done to see if death occurs more frequently when the Sun is conjunct, opposite or square its natal position than expected.

Despite the fact that it was published over 20 years ago, it has just come to my attention that a research project was undertaken into the transit position of the Sun relative to its natal placing, in the case of over 1000 workplace accidents.

The findings are absolutely staggering and the write up of the project can be found here

One of the problems with reading research papers is that they have to be written in a formulaic way to be accepted by academics.

Whilst accepting that this is the way these things are traditionally done, Capricorn Research does feel that often works as a handy way of burying the actual findings particularly in a case where the results might be controversial, so that noone will actually find out what these results are.

To simplify things, this piece of research proves that the Sun occurs conjunct, opposite and square to the subjects’ natal position at the time of a reported accident at a frequency which produces a ” p ” figure of <.000000001.

The normally accepted figure to indicate a statistical link is anything below 0.01.

So the chances of these findings occurring by chance are over a million to one against.

Now by anyone’s frame of reference that constitutes a proven link between astrology and human behaviour.

This research should be on the front pages of every newspaper across the world, yet it has been buried for over 20 years.

I wonder why. Anyone might think there is a conspiracy going on.


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