Taylor Swift v Nicki Minaj – A Classic Moon / Mercury Twitter Spat

Like most self respecting dinosaurs, Capricorn Research doesn’t normally do pop music. This should come from a conviction that it is all mostly manufactured and there has been nothing really new in the last forty years. In truth the reason is that I spend all my time obsessing with questions like whether its ethical to bet on Donald Trump’s Jupiter transits making him the next US President, or how soon Christian Benteke’s Saturn issues will cause everyone to call for Brendan Rogers to be sacked at Liverpool.

This week however, I have been diverted from these pressing concerns sufficiently to become aware of the latest Twitter spat.

This seems to be between Taylor Swift, who I have heard of chiefly because she did a track called Mercury Retrograde, which had the impressive effect of getting a whole generation to talk about astrology for 5 minutes and rap artist Nicki Minaj, who I had not heard of before. This spat was made more entertaining by Katy Perry, who everyone has heard more than enough of, adding her tuppence worth.

I couldn’t tell you what it was about, something to do with Minaj not being nominated for an award and complaining that this was due to racial bias whilst getting in a little dig about women with very slim bodies.

Swift being a white woman with a very slim body naturally thought that was aimed at her and responded with a swipe at Minaj for attacking other women in the industry. This prompted Perry to call out for hypocrisy due to a perceived dig at her in one of Swift’s songs.

All very silly and over in 5 minutes, with the net effect being that all 3 reminded everyone who they were, no doubt as a promotional stunt to sell a few more million tracks.

But it got me thinking about Twitter and the astrological nature of a Twitter spat. All communications are naturally ruled by Mercury but this particular form of social media is as ephemeral as they come. Everything done and dusted in 140 characters but so much of the traffic is based around reactions to someone else’s view. Reaction is the province of the Moon, particularly if its an emotional one. The Moon is also the fastest moving of all the planets so a relationship between it and Mercury seems appropriate.

The chart for the launch of Twitter shows a very close and harmonious trine between the Moon and Mercury.

Twitter Launch

To show that it is more about the communication of feelings and emotions than intellect is indicated by the fact that Mercury is in Cancer and the Moon in Pisces, both Water signs. The Moon is also the apex of a Mutable Tsquare with Venus in Gemini opposite Pluto.

This whole chart says much about the essential lighthearted, here today gone tomorrow nature of Twitter.

Mercury is in very close trine to the Moon which points to the ease of communication in this medium. But what would a Twitter spat look like ?

Presumably the Moon and Mercury would still be involved but in harder aspects to each other.

This brings us to the charts of Swift, Minaj and Perry.

Taylor Swift

Nicki Minaj

Katy Perry

Interestingly enough all 3 have stelliums in adjacent signs. Swift has one in Capricorn, Minaj in Sagittarius and Perry in Scorpio.

But from the perspective of this article they all have Moon / Mercury aspects.

Taylor Swift has the opposition, Nicki Minaj the square and Katy Perry the conjunction.

Swift’s Mercury is also conjunct Saturn and Neptune, Minaj’s Mercury is conjunct Neptune and Perry’s is conjunct Saturn.

All perfectly set up for getting into a few squabbles on Twitter.

Of course each of these charts warrant further consideration but this is an article about the ephemeral nature of social media so Capricorn Research has to restrain himself from usual long winded astrological discourse.

But a chart like Katy Perry’s with exact Sun / Pluto  and Moon / Saturn conjunctions in Scorpio is enough to tempt me away from those of crazy politicians and footballers.

It might even get me a few more followers.


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