Goldilocks And The Saturn Return

Astrology is the only study that treats all things equally.

It doesn’t matter what it is, day and night, summer and winter, male and female, up and down, forwards and backwards, expansion and contraction, life and death, everything is contained and accepted and delivered at the right time.

But we who study the subject are mortal and attached to ourselves as a separate wave in this vast ocean, so we register these things in relation to that wave.

We desire day, summer, expansion and life and fear night, winter, contraction and death.

We call the former group ” good ” and the latter ” bad “.

Traditional astrology talks about Jupiter as the great benefic and Saturn as malefic. It’s as if Dumbledore and Voldermort are traversing the skies and fighting for supremacy.

When in actual fact this is all nonsense.

Having personally lived with Saturn for 66 years as the ruler of my Sun, Moon and Ascendant sign, I can absolutely vouch for it.

More than any other planet, Saturn has your back.

Jupiter doesn’t care about your future. It just wants you to party hard right now, even if you end up with liver failure.

Saturn is interested in your long term best interests. It wants you to make the right decisions to keep you alive and thriving.

But if you can’t help yourself by making the best decisions sometimes Saturn has to force you to do it.

Suffering is not caused by Saturn, this only comes from our own misguided responses to its demands.

This is particularly true of the Saturn Return, an astrological phenomenon that scares most people in their twenties.

But why should it ?

It happens to everyone aged 29 – 30 and again at 59 – 60.

But you don’t read of all kinds of disasters happening to everyone at those ages.

The Saturn Return is just simply about coming to terms with your age.

If you still want to live it up like you did in your early 20s, you will resent it. But that will be your problem. Saturn will do its job with or without your consent.

If you are ready to focus and concentrate on the important things in life at that juncture, the Saturn Return will be seen as beneficial.

Because this is the time to do that.

Many people are taking on extra responsibilities at this age anyway, be it through settling down and raising a family, acquiring a mortgage.

And if we do these things on a Saturn Return we will have more success with them than at other times.

There is research which states that the optimum time for getting married is between the age of 29 – 32.

For every year before 29, the chances of divorce rise 11 per cent, with more or less the same findings for people getting married after the age of 32.

This research is called the Goldilocks Theory, as in neither too early or too late.

So if you want to give yourself a chance for the long term, come together on a Saturn Return.

Celebrities are known for not lasting the distance, perhaps it’s the pressure of having to conduct their love lives under the constant glare of the media.

But one who did was Goldilocks herself

Widely touted as one of the world’s most beautiful women in the 1990s, Claudia Schiffer has a chart to match.

The T Square apex Mars / Midheaven conjunction in Leo was always going to bring her to prominence, but you might think that a 7th house Saturn receiving difficult aspects might prevent a happy love life.

With Uranus and Neptune square to her Venus in 1993 she met stage magician and illusionist David Copperfield ( as you would with that transit ) but this was not to be the defining relationship of her life. They split in 1997 referencing the difficulties of combining a relationship with their careers ( Saturn square to a 10th house Sun )

Schiffer’s Saturn Return in 2000 brought a change of focus and she met film director Matthew Vaughn.

And not only do they have 3 children together but they still work alongside each other.

So her Saturn Return has not only given Goldilocks Schiffer the stability she needed in a relationship but it has also enabled her to work through her Mars / Saturn / Neptune T square and combine it with her career.

When the ringed planet comes back to its natal position you have to be wise like Goldilocks and be ready to settle down.

But if you aren’t ready Saturn will probably arrange for you to be eaten by the Three Bears.

Posted on April 2nd 2021