Giovanni Ballarin – Timing a Murder

The vast majority of books on astrology will tell you about planetary placements and what they mean but my view is once you have some kind of understanding of the basics, these are not the best resources in order to extend your knowledge.

Study the heavens they say and this will give you insight into human behaviour.

My approach as a researcher is to do the opposite.

Study human behaviour and then see if you can find some correlation in the heavens and work with that, even if the connection found goes against astrological principle.

If you want to really understand astrology and how it works in people’s lives, look at the major events in those lives and see what was happening in the skies then.

And the best resource for this is the Astrodatabank

For my research – The Capricorn Astrology Research Project, I used every timed birth chart from there as of March 2013. There were over 20,000 of them then, now the figure is well over 50,000.

It took me 3 years to trawl through the whole databank, but I learnt more about the actual practice of astrology in that period of my life than in the 30 + years of studying astrology theory preceding it.

The great thing about this resource compared to Astrotheme and others is that it includes a small biography of each person and wherever possible a link to their Wikipedia page so the reader can check their major life events against the transits at the time.

Or at least it does in the vast majority of cases.

The entry for Giovanni Ballarin is just – ” Italian homicide. He strangled his girl-friend of 14 years to death because she didn’t want to make love. He stayed with the corpse for two months before confessing. “

Intrigued by this story, I have tried to google Ballarin but with no results.

So can we use the chart to reconstruct his life ?

Yes we can.

Straight away we can see an 8th theme coming up as Ballarin’s Sun is in the house that is associated with death and his Moon is in the sign ( Scorpio ).

Of course it would a bit harsh to convict on that basis because we are talking about 1 in 144 of the population, but if you were an astrological Hercule Poirot faced with the charts of say a dozen people in a murder inquiry, you’d already be fingering this one.

As regular readers would know, its the aspects that give it away.

Ballarin has an exact ( within half a degree ) square between the Sun and Pluto.

He has that Scorpio Moon right on the 7th house cusp opposite his Ascendant focused by T Square onto an apex Venus, giving us a very good clue as to the victim being his girlfriend.

He also has a Mars in Libra ( wanting to make love ) opposite Saturn in Aries ( being turned down and seriously frustrated ).

So it’s all there, the only question is when would this murder have occurred.

The only thing we know is that he was with his girlfriend for 14 years before doing the deed.

But that fact is very helpful, because 14 has some significance in astrology given that it marks the half return ( or opposition ) of the transit Saturn and the Progressed Moon.

The most powerful indicator is the fact that his Sun square Pluto will indicate a monumental turning point in his life when this is reinforced by the transit conjunction.

Pluto was conjunct Ballarin’s Sun in 2005 / 6. In all likelihood this would either be the time of the murder or of his conviction when he was 36 / 37 years old.

Given that he had been with his girlfriend for 14 years, them getting together at the age of 22 seems quite plausible.

If we are looking at Progressions, the Moon being square to the Sun and opposite Pluto in July / August 2005, adds to the evidence.

The year 2005 also coincides with Saturn being square to Ballarin’s Mars, reinforcing the frustration of the natal placing.

Its unlikely that anyone would murder his girlfriend the first time she refused sex so we are probably talking about a build up of frustration over a period of months.

Saturn was square to Ballarin’s Mars from January to May 2005

As we know that he stayed with the body for two months before confessing so we might be able to tie all this in by suggesting the murder was committed in May and he confessed in July / early August.

Looking through the ephemeris my favourite time for the deed to be committed was the evening of the 14th May when a Mars / Uranus conjunction combined with the Moon in Leo forming a Grand Cross with Ballarin’s T Square.

My favourite time for this event was…

Pluto is on the Ascendant and the Moon is on the 8th house cusp.

Hercule would have been proud.

Posted 26 jan 2021