Assassinations Of Chas and Louis – Its Simply Astro – Logical

I have written many articles about the limits of the traditional approach to astrology and how it misses many of the most important events in history.

The main reason for this is that they were only using a palette of seven planets to describe things.

Given that three of those planets are always close together ( Sun, Mercury and Venus ) there is very little scope for aspect patterns.

If you are only working with five possible combinations ( Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn ) large aspect patterns are very rare.

The T Square and Grand Trine require a minimum of three planets involved which means there is only 10 possible combinations.

The Grand Cross requires a minimum of four, which with the traditional planets only leaves 5 combinations.

Once we add Uranus, Neptune and Pluto to the mix, we have 65 different Grand Cross possibilities.

The Grand Cross is a rare enough aspect in itself occurring in approximately 1 in 60 charts, but if we limit ourselves to the traditional seven, this aspect pattern will only appear once in 780 charts.

This is basically why astrologers in the past focused less on aspects because there simply weren’t enough of them to explain the majority of things that happened.

So they had to try and look for other things that would hopefully describe the things that were actually being caused by angles involving Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

And in doing so they would have missed the most outrageously potent and revolutionary chart in human history.

I cannot recall seeing any chart from any time period in human history that involves all four of the slowest moving planets in such a powerful, oppositional arrangement.

It goes without saying that the astrologers of the time ( even the great William Lilly ) would not have seen it.

They would have spotted a Moon / Mars conjunction in Virgo in the 4th opposite Venus in Pisces T square onto an apex Saturn.

Maybe that would have suggested difficulties that Charles would have experienced in getting his subjects to accept his Catholic wife, Henrietta Maria ( which he definitely did ) but it would certainly not have pointed to the world’s first revolution and his execution followed by rule from Parliament.

Revolution belongs obviously in the province of Uranus and Pluto in powerful opposition here.

And in one of those occurrences that Muggles would describe as coincidence and anyone with half a brain would see that it obviously wasn’t, the very next time these two heavyweights opposed each other, we got exactly the same thing.

The Ancien Regime was brought to its knees by the French Revolution and Louis XV1 was executed with Uranus and Pluto in exact opposition.

Again we have a Grand Cross, this time involving the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto.

Obviously the astrologers of the day would not have known about Pluto, but as Uranus had just been discovered 3 year previously, the French Revolution would have given them an instant lesson in its effects.

Maybe some of the more pragmatic ones might have looked back to Charles’ execution chart to see if Uranus played a role there too.

But the Uranus / Pluto theme wasn’t just about the execution charts.

Charles 1 was born with a Uranus / Pluto conjunction. Which in itself would indicate the potential for revolution during his reign.

Particularly since the opposition between the two at his execution in 1649 fell right on his Sun ( Pluto at 8.12 Gemini was exact to within 4 minutes ).

Intriguingly Pluto was conjunct Charles Sun when Louis XV1 was born.

Louis had Uranus and Pluto in square aspect. They were forming a T square with his Ascendant.

No doubt astrologers with hindsight would have seen Louis’ Sun in the final minutes of Leo as symbolic of the end of the French monarchy, but it would surely have helped if they had known about Uranus and Pluto at the time.

Particularly as the warnings were repeated for both monarchs when they acceded to their respective thrones.

Uranus and Pluto were in square aspect when Charles succeeded to the throne.

These two were part of a difficult T square which interestingly included the Moon and Venus, just like his execution chart did.

Charles’ father James 1 was the first of the Stuart dynasty who took to the English throne after Elizabeth 1 died childless.

James was always aware of the delicate religious balance in England and the importance of not antagonising his subjects.

Charles with a Sagittarius stellium was not so diplomatic, in fact he believed strongly in the divine right of kings.

His first act as king was to marry a 15 year old Catholic French girl. He knew that this would be an immediate slap in the face to his Protestant countrymen, and he delayed calling his first Parliament until after the marriage had been consummated.

This flagrant Moon in Scorpio opposite Venus / Pluto in Taurus act resulted in an apex Uranus revolution.

Louis’ own succession chart also had a Uranus / Pluto angle.

Here the contact between them was a trine.

Louis with an exact natal Sun / Jupiter conjunction in Leo was another who believed in absolute monarchy.

This accession with both lights conjunct in Taurus would back up a strongly entrenched belief in the status quo.

Both Uranus and Pluto were in aspect to the Sun and Moon so this chart was indicating how successful Louis would be on holding onto it.

All of these charts are an astonishing testimony to the power of astrological aspects and particularly of planets that hadn’t even been discovered at the time.

Astrologers of the day would certainly not have seen either the English or French revolutions coming but maybe that was meant to be.

Ultimately, the Universe only allows us to know what we need to at the time.

We know that William Lilly had the ear of Charles, he was consulted about when and where to engage in battles during the Civil War. If Lilly he had known about the existence of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto and the power of that Grand Cross, he may well have advised the king differently and the English Revolution could possibly have been avoided.

And given that it was the only one we would ever get, that would have been a pity.

So it was right that the astrologers of the day were ignorant of the power of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto and aspects in general.

But there’s no excuse for todays pundits to remain in that ignorance.

Posted on April 15th 2022