Can Astrology Help With Mental Illness ? If You Ask the Right Question.

There has been an ongoing debate on AstroTwitter recently about the role Astrology can play in diagnosing or helping people with mental illness.

This has provoked strong reactions from some people who insist that it is not within Astrology’s remit and that any attempt to link planetary placements with mental health issues is inappropriate and despicable.

These reactions come from people who profess to believe in or use astrology, but presumably have their own personal experience or that of family or friends with these issues.

They feel that any attempt to use astrology in this way constitutes a betrayal of people who are suffering. This is understandable but if there is any betrayal here, it is that of the subject of astrology itself.

Because by holding these views, these people show that they do not really understand what astrology is.

There is an assumption that if one person with issues has a particular astrology placement, everyone else who shares it would also suffer similar problems.

Astrology does not work in this way.

A birth chart is a symbolic code that can be applied to a person’s life or character. It cannot say that someone will have mental health issues.

If someone does have mental health concerns however, their chart can point to what they are and how and when they are likely to manifest in the life of that person.

I have a client who was diagnosed as schizophrenic 2 – 3 years ago while spending time in hospital.

She has an exact Sun / Ascendant opposition within 30 minutes, Virgo to Pisces.

Neptune was transiting her Ascendant when she was in hospital.

Recently she asked a horary. The question was ” Will I ever go to Hospital for Mental Health Related Reasons Again ”

This was the chart cast for the moment that question was asked



Horary Astrology is different from its Natal counterpart. There are different rules in play.

The first thing that an astrologer would do is to see if the chart fairly reflects the person asking the question.

And here we can see that the Sun in the horary chart is in Virgo, conjunct the Sun of the client.

It is also just passed an opposition to the very Neptune in Pisces natal transit that linked to her stay in hospital in the first place.

The Sun has separated from Neptune by 2 degrees 41, which if we take 1 degree per year, corresponds exactly to the time she was in hospital.

There are a number of things about this chart that would instantly make any horary astrologer sit up and take notice. These are the considerations before judgement.

In horary astrology if less than 3 degrees or more than 27 degrees of any sign is rising, this is seen to have a powerful impact on the question.

Late Ascendants can show that the querent already knows the answer, or that the question has already run its course and no longer needs to be answered. There is little mileage in it anyway.

The other factor about this chart is that the ruling planet representing the client is Mars, placed at 29.53 of Capricorn in the 9th house.

This indicates that a particular type of experience is coming to an end. Capricorn rules institutions.

Mars in this chart also rules the 12th house, which covers hospitals and the 8th house which rules transformative experience.

The Moon is at 27.16 of Virgo coming to the end of the sign of health and only has one aspect to make before it leaves, a trine to Mars.

The Sun, also in the sign of health, is separating from an opposition to Neptune in Pisces, a symbol that could easily be seen as spending time in a mental health hospital, particularly as it ties up with that recent transit in the client’s chart.

So we have 4 very clear signals that point to an end to this type of experience, so we can safely answer that she would not have to spend any more time in hospital for mental health related reasons again.

The question is answered as emphatically and clearly as I have ever seen from any horary.

But interestingly, as often happens, there is even more information given by this chart that was not asked for in the question.

The Moon is about to change sign into Libra.

The ruler Mars is about to change sign and house into Aquarius and the 10th house. Its first aspects are to Venus, the 7th house ruler in the 7th house itself and Uranus in the 1st.

This can only mean one thing particularly given that the client is 21 years old.

There will be very big changes in her life as she is about to get married.  This is in fact the case and the emotional support given to her by her future husband is a large part of the reason why she will not end up in hospital again.

Anyone who has gone through this kind of experience is likely to be extremely anxious of a recurrence and these anxieties would inevitably cause great distress and impact negatively on their life.

This chart is so emphatically clear in its answer that the client rightly feels much more optimistic about her future and is looking forward to a new life.

So this is a definite case where astrology has not only identified mental health issues but has been of profound help.

Anyone who believes that it is not appropriate to use astrology to link to mental health concerns, either does not fully grasp these issues, or far more likely has an extremely superficial understanding of astrology.




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