Beverly Aadland – Propelled by Venus

Beverly Aadland had a very short acting career in B movies but became a major American news story at the age of 17 as the mistress of 50 year old actor Errol Flynn.

Beverly Aadland

Aadland was a Sun Virgo but certainly not the shy reserved type that Virgoans are often portrayed. She had an emotionally direct and assertive Moon in Sagittarius which because of its 1st house position demanded expression. Scorpio rising also gave her an intensity and passion not normally connected with the Sun sign. On top of that she had the Sun conjunct the sexually assertive Mars as part of a double conjunction with Neptune. The Mars / Neptune conjunction is powerfully exact.

This conjunction occurs in the 10th house and the whole symbolism suggest that Aadland’s career ( Sun in the 10th ) would be affected by a sex ( Mars ) scandal ( Neptune ).

The real power in the chart comes from a T Square. This is based on an opposition between the Moon in the 1st house to Uranus and Saturn in the 7th focusing onto Venus exactly conjunct the Midheaven. The 7th is the house of relationships and Saturn there shows the age difference between Beverly Aadland and Errol Flynn.

Uranus in the 7th particularly with difficult aspects would suggest sudden unexpected occurrences within relationships which would have a seriously destabilising effect. The Moon opposite Uranus here would also point to separations and divorce.

Aadlands apex Venus guarantees a strong magnetic sexual attraction and its shared by many of the world’s most beautiful women. As Venus is exactly conjunct the Midheaven, it also dramatically projected her image and her love life into the nations consciousness.

Lauren Bacall also had an apex Venus at the focus of a Tsquare from a Moon / Saturn opposition and she was also suddenly thrust into the limelight as the result of a relationship with a much older man.

The powerful patterns of this T Square would suddenly come to prominence as Pluto transited through it between 1959 and 64.

Errol Flynn died suddenly of a heart attack whilst with Beverly Aadland on his yacht in October 1959.

After Flynn’s death, Aadland was in the news again in 1960 as she was raped by a man at a party and in the struggle, the man was fatally wounded with his own gun. Aadland was put up for trial but it was deemed self-defense and she was acquitted.

In 1961, Aadland’s mother, Florence Aadland, alleged in her book ‘ The Big Love ‘ that Flynn had a sexual relationship with her daughter starting at age 15. Pluto was conjunct Venus in 1960 -2 and the scandals that followed Beverly around provided much copy for the gossip columns of the time.

Aadland also had a near fatal car accident in 1964 as Pluto made its final contact of the Tsquare, a square to Saturn.

Pluto was also square the Moon. The moon in a chart rules the mother and the suggestion is that Beverly’s mother Florence was instrumental in pushing her precocious daughter into a relationship with Flynn. She was also at the party when Beverly was attacked. It appeared that Florence was in some way gaining personal excitement through her daughter’s early sexual experiences.

So we have a situation where Beverly Aadlands mother ( Moon ) encouraged her into a relationship ( 7th house ) with a much older man ( Saturn ) but a sudden, unexpected accident ( Uranus ) occurred propelling Beverly to great media coverage and notoriety ( apex Venus conjunct the Midheaven ).

The sixties were turbulent times for Aadland as she married and divorced twice. The big turning point for her came in 1969 when Pluto was conjunct her Sun. She married Ronald Fisher in 1969 and they settled for a low key life away from the media glare and were together until she died in 2010.

Venus is usually considered to be a very beneficial planet that attracts people and pleasant experiences. When it is the focus of a T Square, however, it’s very attractive qualities can bring about experiences that are far from desirable. It gave Beverly Aadland her fame but she would have probably settled for less.


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