A Scorpio Moon Who Should Have Been Locked Up, But Was Almost Dug Up

If you ask the average person in the street to coin a phrase to sum up Scorpio, it’s a fair bet the most common one would include the words ” sting in the tail “.

This appraisal can be both fair and unfair at the same time.

All astrology textbooks will harp on about the sign’s capacity for regeneration. Scorpio’s behaviour can be influenced by the lowest but also the highest imaginable motives.

But if Scorpio’s realm is depth, the one sign of breadth would have to be Pisces. They are capable of almost anything.

It’s as if the powers that be in the Universe got through the first 11 signs and then decided to fill the last one with whatever was left over.

Both signs can be secretive. Scorpio because they don’t want to reveal what is hidden in those deep dark places. Pisces because they don’t want others to see how bizarre their feelings are.

My alphabetical trawl through my murderers file has so far ( its very early days ) revealed a lot of Scorpio / Pluto / 8th house and Pisces / Neptune / 12th themes.

Such that I feel pressured to state that just because you might share one or more of these placements does not automatically mean you should be locked up for the good of society.

But it still does mean that people who are operating at the lowest depth and the widest frequency of these two symbolic wave bands are capable of the most horrendous acts known to man.

Andrea Allocca was 70 years old when he raped and murdered a 9 year old boy. But he only served a few weeks in jail, dying of emphysema before he could even be found guilty.

He was buried secretly because the authorities feared members of the public would dig him up and mutilate and burn his corpse as punishment for the killing.



Allocca has a stellium in Pisces together with a Scorpio Moon.

His Pisces Sun is at the apex of a T Square including Mars in Gemini in the 5th house of children opposite Saturn.

The Moon too is an apex, this time of a Yod also including that Mars and Uranus.

The Sun conjunct Jupiter in Pisces is probably not the kind of thing you’d expect in the chart of a child murderer, but perhaps this placing explains why Allocca avoided a long jail sentence.

After all Jupiter is ruler of his 12th of imprisonment and the Sun ruler of his 8th of death.

The murder and his own death occurred at the only time Pluto entered his T Square in his whole life in November 1997. It was square his Sun and opposite his Mars at the time.

The victim, Silvestro Delle Cave also had a Yod including his Sun and Jupiter focusing onto an apex close conjunction of Saturn and Uranus.



The boy also had a Mars / Saturn hard aspect.

And his Uranus is exactly square to that of his killer ( to the minute of arc ).

His transits for November 1997 were the toughest he had experienced.

Neptune was opposite his Sun and Saturn opposite his Moon.

Andreas Allocca sunk to the lowest deed imaginable and then died before he could be punished for it.

If given the chance the good folk of Naples would have happily provided a resurrection ceremony for him.

There’s an elevated apex Scorpio Moon for you.


Posted on Sep 2nd 2020



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