Who Killed Alexander Litvinenko ? – Looks Like President Jupiter

Just this week a UK public inquiry into the death of former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko has found that he was “probably” murdered on the personal orders of Vladimir Putin.

Litvenko was a former officer of the Russian FSB secret service who specialised in tackling organised crime. In November 1998, he and others publicly accused their superiors of ordering the assassination of the Russian tycoon and oligarch Boris Berezovsky. Litvenenko was arrested twice but acquitted and fled to London and was granted asylum in the United Kingdom, where he then worked as a consultant for the British intelligence services.

According to the inquiry, Litvinenko, who died in a London hospital in November 2006 from radioactive poisoning, was killed by two Russian agents, Andrei Lugovoi and Dmitry Kovtun, and there was a “strong probability” they were acting on behalf of the Russian FSB secret service.

It is unlikely that many readers of this would be that surprised, having needed barely ten seconds rather than years to come up to come up with their own conclusions.

However it is interesting to look into the astrology of all this, not least in order to see why the committee has come up with their findings now.


Alexander Litvinenko


Litvinenko had a Sun / Moon conjunction in Virgo. The one thing that can usually be said about such characters is that they have a very strongly developed sense of right and wrong.

They are usually perfectionists with high standards. With the Sun in Virgo these standards are applied to themselves but with the Moon in the same sign they are applied to everyone else as well.

So if a Sun / Moon Virgo sees something that they believe is wrong they will make sure everyone knows about it.

Virgo is not a politically pragmatic sign. There are other Russians lets say with the Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Pisces that would come over here, buy a football team and never say anything at all.

But a Sun / Moon Virgo would voice it’s criticisms unconcerned whether this would be politically expedient or not.

Litvenenko had an extraordinary stellium in Virgo with the Sun and Moon flanked by the rebellious, outspoken and explosive Uranus and Pluto. So he was never going to keep stum.

He accused Russian President Putin of all kinds of things, from running a mafia state to bumping off his opponents to being a paedophile.

Given all that it was hardly surprising that Litvinenko met a sticky end.

Andy Warhol once said that in the future everyone would be famous for fifteen minutes. It seems that Alexander Litvinenko’s quarter of an hour was his last one after drinking that cup of tea.

An astrology chart will provide a good description of a persons character and the major themes in their life, but if someone becomes globally famous for a particular thing, the chart will inevitably describe that thing.

Of course Litvinenko became famous because of the way he died, so his chart picks out the details of his death very clearly.

One fascinating thing about astrological symbols is that they can describe different things at the same time.

Having the Sun and Moon flanked by Uranus and Pluto quite nicely describes being stalked by two extremely dodgy, shadowy figures.

Litvinenko had a very close Moon / Pluto conjunction. Pluto as we all know rules all things nuclear so polonium obviously comes under it’s  governance.

Virgo is the sign of the ordinary run of the mill small details of life.

The Moon has a shape that often looks like a cup.

So what better than the Moon conjunct Pluto in Virgo symbolising some bastard putting polonium in your cup of tea ?

Litvinenko was born in 1962 and in some ways the stellium in his chart nicely depicts the common view of the global politics of the time. The innocent, pure as the driven snow western governments ( Sun and Moon conjunct in Virgo ) being surrounded by the dark side, these nasty, sinister revolutionaries who would stop at nothing to bring the whole world under their control ( conjunct Uranus and Pluto ).

It sounds like an episode of Thunderbirds where two heavily bearded, shadowy figures in cossack hats were secretly plotting – ” Ve vill go to London, yes to his Mayfair hotel and will put something nasty in his English tea “. Cue much insane cackling.

And in all the furore since, noone has raised the possibility that the CIA or MI6 might have ever gently dropped some arsenic into someone’s vodka.

The inquiry revealed that the two shadowy figures were Andrei Lugovoi and Dmitry Kovtun. Unfortunately we have no birthdate for Kovtun but we do for Lugovoi.


Andrei Lugovoi

Now this is interesting. Lugovoi is also a Virgo with the Sun conjunct Uranus and Pluto, so symbolically there is a strong connection with the karma of Litvinenko.

However Lugovoi’s Sun / Uranus / Pluto is opposite the dastardly Saturn. To cap it all his Moon is in Scorpio in aspect to both wings of this opposition.

Capricorn Research has 545 charts of Murderers, the most common Moon sign is Scorpio with a score of 128 % of the expected figure.

Also the most common Moon aspects in this group are the conjunctions with Saturn and Neptune with figures of 134 and 127 % of the expected figures respectively.

Andrei Lugovoi has the Moon in Scorpio conjunct Neptune and trine Saturn.

This feature also has something to say about the chosen method of murder. Neptune rules intoxicants and generally figures prominently in the charts of poisoners. Saturn is also in Pisces, the sign ruled by Neptune.

This is pretty damning so far but can we place Lugovoi in the Millennium hotel, Mayfair on November 1st 2006 when Litvinenko sipped at his polonium tea ?

Well actually we can.

Regular readers of these articles will know that Pluto transits to the Sun will be the watershed moments in the person’s life. This is particularly true if the Sun is in aspect to Pluto at birth. It means that the explosive and even possibly fated incident that would come to define that life would tend to occur when Pluto makes the only transit of that lifetime to that Sun.

On November 1st 2006, Pluto was at 25 Sagittarius creating a T Square to Lugovoi’s Sun / Saturn opposition, unleashing the murderous power of this natal pattern.

The transitting Jupiter was also conjunct Lugovoi’s Scorpio Moon and Saturn was also square to it.

So bang to rights then. Honestly why bother with a 10 year inquiry when a quick look at the charts of a few suspects solves it so easily.

However Andrei Lugovoi could be forgiven for using the famous Monty Python Dead Bishop sketch confession –

” Its a fair cop, but society’s to blame “.

And of cause the detective in the sketch says ” Agreed. We’ll be charging them too “.

Because it seems that a closer look at Lugovoi’s chart reveals that he did have a fair bit of help from a particular kind of society.

Lugovoi’s Moon in Scorpio is closely trine to Saturn but it is also trine to Jupiter in Cancer intriguingly in the 8th house of the noon chart. In fact this aspect to Jupiter creates a Grand Trine in Water signs.

Now we all know that Water is an element of great depth and particularly when Scorpio or the 8th house is involved much of the intrigue occurs in secret, beneath the surface of things with much mysterious plotting. The action under these circumstances is often surreptitious and indirect.

A Grand Trine is a very interesting pattern. It requires a planet to be in each sign of a particular element and allows all of them to work together in harmony.

In Lugovoi’s chart the Moon in Scorpio conjunct Neptune in trine to Saturn in Pisces ( which is in itself opposite the Sun / Uranus / Pluto conjunction ) obviously points him out as Litvinenko’s poisoner.

But Jupiter turning it into a Grand Trine appears to be the third and final piece of the jigsaw actually enabling the deed to happen.

So who could this Jupiter figure be ?

Well Jupiter usually stands for a leader or perhaps even a President. Cancer is the sign of one’s roots or homeland and since Lugovoi obviously is Russian……

Actually if we go back to Alexander Litvinenko’s chart we can see that Jupiter is playing a major role here as well.

Jupiter is opposite Litvinenko’s Sun and Moon. It is also in the sign related to poisoning ( Pisces ) in the noon chart house related to one’s homeland ( the 4th ).

Jupiter also forms a Water Grand Trine with Mars in Cancer ( again the homeland thing ) in the noon chart house of death ( 8th ).

The third planet in this Grand Trine is Neptune, the planet of poisoning in Scorpio, the sign of death. This Neptune is also exactly conjunct Litvinenko’s noon chart Ascendant.

So who could this Jupiter figure possibly be ?

Vladimir Putin

For a more general discussion of that lovable Libra Vladimir Putin’s chart see The Libran Impaler.

For the purposes of this article we might note that someone with the Sun conjunct Saturn, Scorpio rising with Venus in the sign, Pluto closely conjunct the Midheaven as the apex of a T Square and the Moon in the 8th might well be inclined to a spot of 8th house activity to further his own career.

However unlike the many obvious links between Lugovoi and Litvinenko’s charts, the synastry here is harder to spot.

But of course that would be expected as noone is suggesting that a head of state would actually be caught slipping something radioactive in an opponent’s tea. So the would be astrological detective has to work a bit harder here.

Its fair to say from Litvinenko’s noon chart that Neptune in Scorpio conjunct the Ascendant rules the highly radioactive polonium and its Grand Trine to Jupiter in the 4th and Mars in Cancer shows where the poison came from.

Litvinenko’s Neptune 11 degrees Scorpio is exactly conjunct Putin’s Venus ( his Sun ruler ) which is powerfully placed conjunct his own Ascendant and is part of his T Square to Jupiter and Pluto.

And in one of those extraordinary ways that astrology has of confirming something just in case there are any doubts, Putin’s Neptune at 21 Libra is very closely conjunct Litvinenko’s Venus.

Cue much finger pointing back to Moscow.

What about Alexander Litvinenko’s transits then ?

Readers might reasonably be expecting a major Pluto transit in November 2006, but in fact this seldom happens at the moment of someone’s actual death.

The reason for this must be that Pluto symbolises the death of some aspect of the person’s life or character in order for a completely new phase to occur, so there needs to be a continuity of their actual life to enable that fresh start.

In fact Pluto was square to Litvinenko’s Sun between 1998 and 2000 when he was arrested for accusing the FSB of ordering Berezshovsky’s assassination and his subsequent asylum in London and future working for the British security services.

So very Pluto in fact.

So while the death of Alexander Litvinenko could not be the turning point of his own life, it will be for assassin Andrei Lugovoi as Pluto was square his Sun and square his Saturn at the time.

Of course the politics of Litvinenko’s murder is pretty delicate. While our government can’t be seen to condone or ignore people being poisoned in London hotels by foreign governments, it’s also a bit awkward.

It generally is the case that the politicians don’t want to upset people like Putin because there’s usually some deal or other going on where a certain level of cooperation is required.

So the classic response when our government wants to sweep an awkward issue under the carpet is to set up an inquiry.

As we all know these inquiries generally take a decade or more to report their findings so by the time the truth comes out the government that set up the inquiry will have long gone.

The truth does come out either when the committee finally realise that they can’t sit on it any more, or when the transits of the major players force it out into the open.

So it comes out now, nearly ten years after Litvinenko’s murder, because Pluto is currently square to the Suns of both Vladimir Putin and David Cameron.

Now we all know that Cameron does not really care about some Russian spy who got done over 10 years ago, but he can’t say that. He has to express his outrage over such an event happening in a London hotel, particularly since a cup of tea was involved.

But really if David Cameron, or indeed any politician, actually cared as much as he professes to about everything and everybody, his poor little heart would explode into a thousand pieces.

In the real world Cameron is much more interested in Putin carrying on shooting people in Syria, but wants to encourage him to aim at the people we think are the baddies rather than the ones he thinks are.

So any condemnation or finger wagging over incidents like Litvinenko has to be done simply for the benefit of the media.

Cameron has said he will carry on dealing with Russia but with cold eyes and a clear heart, or some such nonsense.

Which is actually fair enough and Capricorn Research would like to say much the same. To that end I would like to point out that this whole article operates under one big ” allegedly ” and any connection between President Jupiter and any actual persons living or dead is one that could only be formed in the mind of the reader.

Particularly as I currently have Pluto transitting conjunct my own Moon, which just happens to be square to Vladimir Putin’s Sun and Saturn, I would urge that these are not my own views, simply the findings of the inquiry committee, and I would rather not be shot as the starry messenger.

However if it has to be, I would like the deed to be done via some fast acting radioactive poison so I too can be buried in a lead lined coffin in Highgate cemetery next to Alexander Litvinenko and that other bloke that started it all in the first place.



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