Cloudy Night In Georgia ?

One major stumbling block to Astrology becoming more widely recognised is the sheer impossibility of getting astrologers to have anything approaching a consensus in their predictions.

The US election also shows that even the ones that agree often come to that position by very different means.

One astrologer picked Joe Biden to win mainly on the grounds that in her view 2021 marks the beginning of the Age of Aquarius.

Which would be welcome news to the Democratic Party as they can now confidently expect to win every election for the next 2000 years.

When we are dealing with the Precession of the Equinoxes and the Great Astrological Year ( a period of 26,000 years ) it is difficult for us humans to comprehend what these ages really mean and particularly when they start and finish.

But the fact that two of the slow moving planets are due to make the big move from Capricorn to the Water Bearer’s sign next month, must signify something.

Jupiter would certainly be recalling the optimism of the Woodstock generation ( when it was conjunct the Aquarian ruler, Uranus on the Midheaven on that Friday in August 1969 ).

But Saturn ?

Traditional astrologers ( who only believe in planets they can actually see ) would jump in to remind us all that Saturn is the ruler of Aquarius ( along with Capricorn ).

If so, this is not the Woodstock version of the sign, it has much more in common with highly organised and mechanised collectivist, socialist autocratic states like China ( the horoscope of which has the Moon and Ascendant in Aquarius ).

Saturn leaving Capricorn and moving into Aquarius is more like ” meet the new boss, same as the old boss “.

In fact we may have to wait until Pluto moves into the sign in 2023 for real change to occur, and even then it might not herald the kind of utopia that the 1960s generation had in mind.

Still, Jupiter will be there and after 2020’s conjunction with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, we would certainly all grab that with both hands.

Will it be enough though for the first political test of the new era ?

One of the many intriguing things about US Politics is the power that the individual states have.

This is particularly the case in the Senate, where the least populous states have the same number of representatives as massive dense places like California and New York.

Hence there is a built in conservative majority that is extremely hard to shift.

But it is that very majority that is under threat, simply because of a local rule that requires the winner to have a minimum 50% majority.

And ironically in Georgia that rule was instigated in order to maintain the power of the conservative factions in that state.

As this is not a Presidential election I would be inclined to view it as a normal contest chart.

In which case the holders ( sitting Republican Senators ) would be signified by the Ascendant ruler, Saturn.

The Democrat challengers would be signified by the Descendant ruler, the Moon.

Saturn is dignified in Aquarius and also in the 1st house conjunct Jupiter so that leans heavily towards a Republican hold.

However I am always reluctant to judge contests that have Cancer on the Ascendant or Descendant because I usually look to the Moon’s applying aspects to see who will win.

The Moon is not strong in Libra but intriguingly it sits separating from a trine aspect to Saturn and applying to Jupiter, so possibly pointing out a route for a Democrat victory.

There are actually two Senate seats up for grabs so this chart might also be pointing to a split decision.

So from the astrology academic perspective it will be interesting to keep an eye on this race and see what happens.

For those readers who would rather know the result, perhaps we should look at the transits of the candidates.

Unfortunately we don’t have birth times for any of them, so that means our hands are a bit tied.

The Democrat challenger in one of the races is Jon Osoff. His Sun in Aquarius would no doubt be enough for the astrologer mentioned above.

And it would too, if the election was being held in April when Jupiter would be conjunct his Sun and sextile his Mars.

But it isn’t.

And Osoff’s opponent, the Republican senator David Purdue has something in Aquarius that is much more interesting

Venus conjunct Jupiter has to be the most favourable of all natal aspects.

Purdue has this one in early Aquarius and Jupiter will be exactly on his Venus on January 5th.

This would be as clear a sign of victory as there is, however he also has what is now known in the trade as a Rona – the transit of Neptune square to the Sun that has done so much for Donald Trump this year.

Perhaps the thing that will save Purdue is the fact that he has a natal Sun / Neptune sextile aspect suggesting he is better placed to make the most of the god of the sea’s demands.

Unlike his orange mentor who has Neptune square to his Mercury so when travelling across the equator and required to face his nemesis, his only available response is to deny its existence and lie through his teeth.

So the only possible result is that Donald Trump had to walk the plank.

The other Democrat challenger, Raphael Warnock also has a Neptune transit, square to his Venus.

Without a birth time we can’t really be sure how large a part Venus plays in his life.

But given that he also has Saturn opposite his Mercury and is only just separating from an opposition to his Sun, this election does not look promising for him.

Warnock’s opponent, Republican incumbent Kelly Loeffler, has Pluto square to her Mars, which depending on where Mars is in her chart could be a powerful positive or negative.

In order for a challenger to unseat a sitting candidate and favourite, which both Republicans are, I would want a significant power difference in favour of the challengers transits.

So in the absence of this, I would not be tempted to bet on either of these Democrats winning in Georgia.

Perhaps we should look at the chart of another major influence on Georgia politics

Democrat Stacey Abrams is almost single handedly credited with bringing about a Joe Biden victory in the traditionally Republican state of Georgia.

This has happened due to her tireless efforts to get disenfranchised minority voters onto the electoral roll and up to the polls.

And Abrams has Venus in early Aquarius, so perhaps the Jupiter transit would be working for her.

However, 1 degree Aquarius is where Saturn will be sitting on January 5th, so this could be just a week or so too far.

But as these seats are so crucial to the balance of power in the Senate and therefore in the country we should probably look at the chart of the one person who stands to lose most from a change.

Just like Abrams and Purdue, Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell has Venus in the early degrees of Aquarius, but unlike Abrams it’s Jupiter and not Saturn that will be conjunct this placing in the 2nd week of January.

Not only that, Jupiter will be conjunct his Moscow Mitch’s Pisces Sun in May so I can’t see him losing his position of power.

So although the run off chart is not clear, my overall feeling is that the Democrats will not get the two seat win they need to give Vice President elect Kamala Harris the casting vote in the Senate.

I feel they will probably narrowly lose. They might take one of them but not both.

In this contest, the old school power of Saturn will just about hold on.

So will January 5th be a rainy night in Georgia ?

Saturn is more about leaden grey skies, with perhaps the prospect of rain to come, if we are prepared to wait and work for it.

So for the Age of Aquarius, maybe it’s a case of Saturn saying ( at least for the next couple of years ) stand down, stand back and stand by.

Posted on November 11 2020