James Baigrie And The House System For Gangsters

The one topic in astrology that has always caused the most arguments is that of house systems.

There are broadly 3 different types.

Quadrant house systems ( of which there are many ) are based on the Ascendant marking the 1st house cusp and the Midheaven the 10th.

Equal house which uses the Ascendant as the 1st house cusp and marks the 11 other houses at the same degree of the remaining signs.

Whole Sign Houses which places the 1st house cusp at the start of the Ascending sign and the 11 other houses at the start of the others signs.

The house system argument has always fascinated me, not least because in my own chart the Sun would appear in 3 different houses ( 11th, 12th and 1st respectively ).

The arguments for or against which one to use seem to be largely based on which other astrologers past or present used them.

I wonder whether people really test them out for themselves before they make a choice. Do they ever ask is the chart in front of them a true reflection of the sky at the time of that person’s birth ?

I was born just before 10 am a few days after the winter solstice. At this time of day the Sun would be just over 40% on its way from the horizon to its highest point in the sky.

My Ascendant is 28 Capricorn and the Midheaven is 2 Sagittarius. My Sun is at 4 Capricorn.

A quadrant house system such as Placidus would place my Sun in the 11th house.

By Whole Sign Houses my Midheaven, the point which was at the top of the sky at the moment of my birth would be in the 12th house.

WSH would start my 1st house at 0 Capricorn, so the Sun would be actually below the horizon.

It would be dark.

This is not what was meant by As Above, So Below so I feel justified in dismissing WSH out of hand as a nonsensical perversion because it simply does not reflect what is actually happening in the sky above us.

I have written extensively on this subject before so anyone wishing to follow my arguments using the examples of actual charts can do so here – Electing The President – Profection or Perfection ? and A Plague On All Your House Systems – Horary Astrology Made Simple and Nice House System You’ve Got There, Be A Shame If Anything Were To Happen To It – Exposing Astrology’s Profection Racket

There is still a problem however.

The further we go from the Equator the more uneven quadrant house systems become.

Someone born in the article circle would have virtually everything in 2 houses and nothing in the remaining 10. And which 2 houses would change depending on the time of day they were born.

Some signs are of very short ascension compared to others.

I was born at 53 degrees North. At this level Aquarius, Pisces, Aries and Taurus spend a much shorter time on the horizon than the others do.

So having 28 degrees Capricorn rising means my 1st house ( and 7th ) is 62 degrees long and goes right up to 0 Aries.

So I am inclined to look at both Placidus and Equal House for myself and others born at similar latitudes.

I can make a case for either a 12th house Sun and Moon ( Equal ) or 11th house Sun / 12th Moon ( Placidus )

Both of these methods also can apply to my 9th and 10th houses, but the one thing about Placidus that I can’t reconcile myself to is having a 1st house Mars.

Equal House gives me Mars in the 2nd which fits much better, both nataly and by transit.

But astrologers talking about their own charts has always left me uninterested. We are talking subjective judgements. I would always be more interested in looking at the charts of famous people whose lives are documented.

I am particularly drawn to the charts of murderers because the act of taking another person’s life is so singular and totally outside of the experience or even imagination of the vast majority of us.

If there is anything to astrology, you would expect their charts to reveal this difference.

And for the most part they do.

James Baigrie was a Scottish gangster. He was known for the murder of Ron Lockhart, a barman during an attempted robbery of an Edinburgh wine bar in 1982.

He was imprisoned but escaped a year later but was eventually tracked down by the police and killed himself to avoid recapture.

Baigre has the same degree rising as me ( 28 Capricorn ) and as he was born even further north he has an even larger 1st and 7th house – 70 degrees.

This gives him a 6 planet stellium in the 7th house.

Readers of my murder series will know that Sun and Moon signs are not much to go on. A Libra Sun and Cancer Moon are not typical of the gangster caricature.

However the violent Mars / Pluto conjunction, harsh and repressed Sun / Saturn conjunction, and an emotionally challenged T Square apex Moon are more the type of thing we might expect.

The transits for Lockhart’s murder were Saturn in the T Square, squaring Baigre’s Moon.

For his own suicide, Neptune square his Sun.

So far so accurate. The only problem is given this stellium was in the 7th house, you would have thought the victim would be a long suffering wife or partner, rather than some unknown bartender in a wine bar toilet.

But this could be where the house system problem occurs.

We might expect more of these planets to be in the 8th house.

Equal house system would at least place Mercury and Venus in the 8th house, but it leaves the more difficult combos in the 7th and 9th house.

The Koch house system looks more likely

But there is also a little known system invented by the Polish astrologer Bogdan Krusinski.

This one has the advantage of shoehorning the Sun and the Mars / Pluto conjunction into the 8th house.

So maybe this is an appropriate system for James Baigrie, a killer who managed to escape from the Big House.

And perhaps the Krusinski house system is one to take note of.

It is very interesting for my own chart in that like Koch and Porphyry, it places my Mars in the 2nd house unlike other quadrant systems.

I will keep an open mind on it going forward.

Unlike WSH which keeps us all in the dark.

I will take the modern Polish mafia over the ancient Hellenistic one any day of the week.

Posted on 4 January 2021