Alchemy in The UK – Premier League Predictions 2021 – 22

The last time I wrote an article about English football was on December 20th 2019 with Saturn Turns Silva Into Lead

Since then Saturn has teamed up with Pluto to do pretty much the same to the rest of us through Covid.

While this is no excuse for neglecting my second favourite subject after Astrology, it has to be said that the lack of fans in attendance at grounds has put me off watching as much of it as before.

But now they’re back and Saturn has shifted far enough into Aquarius to suggest the worst is past ( for England anyway ), its only fitting to start this new season with a Capricorn Research Premier League review.

So where to start ?

Obviously with the comfortable champions Man City.

Pep Guardiola is widely considered to be the finest manager around. Capricorn Research believes this is only fair, but thats mainly as a thank you for him providing his birth time for all and sundry.

That and the fact that this gives him a 10th house Capricorn Sun, a placement that pretty much guarantees that honour.

The only man who could dispute this title was a fellow Capricorn, Alex Ferguson.

Interestingly Ferguson arrived at United when he was 44, Guardiola at City when 45. If the Spaniard stays anything like as long as the Scot you would expect him to pass United’s trophy haul in that time.

They both have extremely strong synastry with their club’s charts with Fergie’s Aries Mars conjunct the same for United, his Venus on the club’s Jupiter and Moon on its Pluto.

Guardiola’s Moon is exactly trine City’s Mars in Aquarius, his Venus is exactly ( to within 10 minutes ) square the club’s Venus, but most particularly his Sun is very closely square the City Sun at 26 Aries.

And it’s this latter connection that has brought about the three Premier League titles in the last 4 years.

Uranus was conjunct the City Sun and square Guardiola’s when they bagged their first in 2018.

Uranus was still around for the first half of the 2018 – 19 season and was conjunct Guardiola’s Ascendant when City picked up their 2nd as part of a domestic treble.

At this point they looked invincible, but Saturn came along and was conjunct Pep’s Sun as they fell flat the following year and ended 18 points behind Liverpool.

Saturn was still there in the early part of last season but left by the beginning of December. After a poor start, City were back to their unbeatable best and finished the season 12 points clear.

This late burst also coincided with Pluto’s conjunction to Guardiola’s Sun which was there until mid May, but then deserted him for the Champions League final against Chelsea.

So will City win the League again this year.

Pluto will be back for the second half of next season so you have to say yes, absolutely they will.

The one difference this time is that Pluto stays right to the end so its conceivable that City might just take the Champions League as well. This suggestion will no doubt have the older fans crossing themselves and singing Blue Moon, of course its a Cup competition so contest charts on the day will play their part but this time they start as astrological favourites.

What about Liverpool ? Can the return of Virgil Van Dyke take them back to the summit ?

Jurgen Klopp also took his side to his first Premier League title with a Uranus square transit, it was square to his rising Venus / Jupiter in 2020.

But even at the end of that Covid disrupted season, things had become a struggle as Saturn was opposite Klopp’s Ascendant.

That aspect continued into last season.

Many pundits are expecting Liverpool to return, if not to the summit at least to 2nd place.

Astrologically that is unlikely as Neptune will be square to Klopp’s Sun for the tail end of this season and it will stick around right up to the end of 2023.

This season will be a disappointment for the Reds.

But what about the other Reds ?

Pisces is not a Sun sign you automatically associate with great managers. There was Kenny Dalglish, but his success was mainly surfing on the back of the work done by previous Liverpool managers.

Other than that the sign has maverick oddballs like Harry Redknapp and Ian Holloway.

Solskjaer’s appointment raised a number of question marks but it mainly seemed to be about the club wanting to renew a connection with the Ferguson era after the dour football of the Jose Mourinho years rather than any real sense that the Norwegian had the strength of personality to be able to run a global enterprise like United.

That and the fact that he was appointed in December 2018, when Jupiter was square to his Sun.

In fact if it wasn’t for an entirely unexpected victory over PSG in the Champions League when Jupiter was conjunct his Moon, he’d probably be back in Norway by now.

Instead United extended his contract. Since then nothing.

What about this season then ?

A 2nd place finish last year coupled with some decent spending should be cause for optimism ?

Well thats reasonable, because if there is one time when you expect a Piscean to do well its when Jupiter is in that sign evidenced by Redkapp taking Spurs to the CL quarters and annihilating Inter Milan ( Taxi for Maicon ) in 2010 when it was last there.

Incidentally in the same year with Jupiter conjunct his Sun, Ian Holloway took Blackpool ( yes, Blackpool ! ) into the Premier League.

So could Solskjaer do the equivalent for United next season.

Well probably not quite because this transit peaks in early February so maybe a decent start which runs out once the business really gets going.

What about the European Champions then ?

Thomas Tuchel has the Sun in Virgo in close trine with Mars. Which came in very handy when he was kicked out of PSG and given a job within a few weeks at Chelsea with Uranus hitting both of them.

Just like another Virgo who had decent summer, Gareth Southgate, Tuchel had Jupiter opposing one of his personal planets ( Mercury ) in time for the CL win.

What will happen this season ? Surely Chelsea have spent enough money to guarantee a push for the title ?

This is a birth time related question because if its anywhere around midday, they won’t as Tuchel will have Neptune opposite his Moon.

So much for the big 4. What about the rest ?

I cant see any improvement for Arsenal. Mikel Arteta has nothing transits, but I do remember saying the chart for the day of his appointment with the Gunners was rubbish, which pretty fairly reflects the state of things in North London.

Over the road it could be anything but as Daniel Levy replaced one Aquarius stellium ( Mourinho ) with another.

Nuno Espirito Santos had Uranus conjunct his Mars when he got the Spurs job. It sticks around for most of the season too and with Jupiter somewhere around his Moon in the 1st half of the season. So with or without Harry Kane, Spurs could be heading back for the top 4.

Wolves should not be too upset though because the guy who they replaced him with Bruno Lage has Uranus conjunct his Venus and Pluto opposite his Mars so they could back to threatening the top six.

Leicester had an interesting last season as Uranus was square to Brendan Rodgers Sun. They won the Cup and looked a shoo in for the Champions League but also had Saturn conjunct his Sun when it counted most and so ended up 5th.

Saturn is there again in the early Autumn with nothing much happening the rest of the time so a slow start might be the thing that holds them up this year.

David Moyes, dismissed as completely useless when Saturn was opposite his Taurus Sun at United ( a fact pointed out by Capricorn Research at the time ) had to wait until Uranus was conjunct it last season for his rehabilitation at West Ham.

I would expect the Hammers improvement to be maintained this year as Uranus will be square his Mars. Maybe even a trophy with Jupiter conjunct his Venus.

Rafa Benitez went to the dark side of town ( well blue anyway ) this summer, a suitable metamorphosis for someone with Pluto square his Sun. The fans weren’t happy ( ” we know where you live ” ) but they obviously have no clue about astrology. Maybe they will be when a succession of Jupiter transits puts their team higher than the locals for the first time since the last manager skipped across Stanley Park ( back in the 19th century ).

What about another club who appointed a new manager who made his name with local rivals. Patrick Viera is now at Palace and his Jupiter transits in the first half of the season should enable him to escape the fate of their last foreign manager, Frank De Boer. The second half is looking less promising so we won’t expect too much, but survival has been the aim at Selhurst Park for many years and they should do that comfortably.

Aston Villa did better than expected last season on the back of Jupiter being conjunct manager Dean Smith’s Venus. It will be conjunct his Sun at the end of the season so the loss of Jack Grealish will likely be compensated for by his replacements.

Jupiter square manager Graham Potter’s Sun enabled Brighton to stay up last year, more of the same plus it being conjunct his Mars at the end of the season will ensure a comfortable finish this time and maybe a move to a bigger club in the summer.

Any hope for the promoted clubs ?

For most of last season, the Championship winners, Norwich manager Daniel Farke had Uranus opposite his Sun. This season is more mixed as both Uranus and Saturn impact on his Mars, but it should be just enough to keep them up there.

My own team Watford bounced straight back up on the back of their successful policy of replacing their manager every three months. Fortunately this time they went for someone whose decent transits should last a bit longer as Pluto opposite Xisco’s Venus and Uranus trine his Sun which took the Hornets up will hang around for much of this one too, so we should stay up too.

Brentford’s Thomas Frank had Uranus conjunct his Sun for much of last season which was why they did so well in the championship. He also had Saturn square it which is why the missed out on automatic promotion. Saturn is back for the early part of this season so it could be a baptism of fire for some scorched bees.

Burnley’s Sean Dyche always seems to get credit for doing a decent job under the circumstances. Perhaps not this coming year with Saturn conjunct his Mars.

Leeds Marcelo Bielsa is another looking at a slow start with Saturn opposite his Mars in the Autumn. He does have Pluto opposite his Sun at the end of the season though. With his maverick tendencies and this unpredictable transit you could expect anything from a trophy to walking out in a huff.

Newcastle’s Steve Bruce has Jupiter conjunct his Venus for the first moth of the season so he might pick up a few unexpected points and get off to a decent start. Saturn is in the same place at the end of it though and along with Neptune probably square his Moon his time in charge might be coming to an end.

Southampton had an up and down season last year with both Saturn and Uranus aspecting Ralph Hasenuttl’s Sun and Mars. These aspects continue this year so the expectation would be for more of the same.

So Astrology and everyone else says City will win the league again.

But perhaps the big story for the coming season is the one that pitches the Spanish Arien hero’s Jupiter turning Saturn’s lead of the Portuguese Cancerian traitor ( read the article ) back into gold.

For the blue half of Liverpool that would be alchemy indeed.

Posted on 11 Aug 2021