How To Be Queen For More Than A Day

The most valuable service an astrologer can offer their client is an election. This is the word for a chosen time, date and place of anything they wish. The most commonly required elections are for weddings.

Everyone has a natal chart and a decent astrologer can be extremely valuable when it comes to delineating it. A good interpretation is an essential tool in understanding one’s place in the scheme of things.

The client has a chart that is fixed due to being born on that day. An astrologer can help you make the most of it, and to make sensible decisions based on it but no matter how good your astrologer is they can’t change it.

But an election, particularly for something as important as a wedding can give you a chance to make a fresh start and this is an opportunity not to be missed.

It is something that is profoundly understood in countries like India, where astrology is woven into the cultural fabric of the nation. Even families who would not generally take any notice of their stars would consult seriously about their children’s future partners and the timing of a wedding, in many cases even to the extent of arranging marriages through astrology.

So how does an astrologer seek to pick the most auspicious time for a wedding ?

A little while back on Twitter someone posed the question – which is most important for arranging the time of a wedding, the transits to the charts of the couple concerned or the planetary alignment on the day ?

Capricorn Research always finds these kinds of questions both amusing and absurd.

Pick a pair of arbitrary opposites and then stand back and light the blue touch paper by asking which is better. Watch while the whole of Astrotwitter goes into entirely self driven meltdown.

I have watched people get their knickers in a serious twist by trying to resolve whether astrology is an art or a science.

Who says that it should be either one of them ?

More than any other discipline, Astrology is above these ridiculous divisions. The Zodiac contains all of life, good and bad, light and dark, up and down, heaven and hell. It is everything.

Most of the people who responded to the above question were convinced that the transits to the chart of the couple were the more important and that the astrologer should focus most of their energies on that.

Why ? Isn’t the Universe already doing that then ?

If two people have reached the point where they have decided to get married, it’s already likely to be happening with transits that are powerful and positive for them. so electing based on this would be just about tightening them up.

Capricorn Research however believes that the wedding chart becomes the birth chart of the couple’s married life, so it is vitally important that it stands alone as something that works well for them.

So it’s not just about being queen for a day. It’s about creating something that will work for the long time.

But what if you’re already queen ? How do you decide which day to hold your coronation  on ?

If you are Elizabeth 1, you get John Dee to do it.

Dee was a magician and all round fixer in the mid 16th century, a smarter version of Blackadder 2, if you like. He was mostly known for casting spells but was also quite capable of resorting to more prosaic methods to make your enemies disappear.

In astrology circles he became famous for cementing Elizabeth’s place on the throne for the best part of half a century. Dee was given a period of about 3 weeks to work with and came up with this chart.


Liz 1.jpeg

Coronations were always conducted at mid day, even the Church of England were not that stupid to ignore the power of the Sun at the Midheaven.

This chart also places Mercury up there, which is important because it is the ruler of the chart. Mercury is also in the sign of its exaltation and it is moving away from a conjunction of the Sun ( combustion – not considered to be good ).

It is also important to consider what Elizabeth wanted, which was a long and stable reign, which had never occurred for a female ruler in England up to that point in history.

So a chart with 6 planets in Fixed signs would really help.

It’s true that Mars is opposite Saturn, but there are always going to be some difficult aspects.

In politics, the trick is to bury the bad news on a day when the public would be distracted by Princess Kate wearing a dress that she’d been seen in before or something like that.

In astrology you dump Saturn in the 12th house where it can’t do any serious damage. There may be secret enemies there but if you arrange the Mars / Saturn opposition so that it projects onto an apex Jupiter in the 10th house, you can use them to further advance your queen’s power and reputation.

Because Jupiter is the real power here.

John Dee recognised this and enhanced it by timing the chart so that the Moon made an exact applying sextile to it.

He was a clever guy and good at his craft, but also lucky because like everyone else at the time he didn’t know about Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

Any of these three could have caused trouble but they didn’t. Uranus was conjunct Mars and opposite Saturn but that just pushed even more energy Jupiter’s way.

The last two versions of John Dee weren’t so fortunate.

Edward V1 was a young lad when Henry V111 died. He had someone called a Protector,  who turned out to be an early version of a mafia boss. This guy was also called Edward, the Duke of Somerset, and had plans for taking power mostly for himself.

No doubt Somerset employed the court astrologer of the time to make the most of the coronation. Edward V1 was not in the most robust health and the need to pick an auspicious chart was just as great as if he had been a woman.

And you can see where the guy who picked this one was going.




A New Moon is always seen as auspicious, a time for fresh starts. The Moon being ruler of the chart in a sign that fits well with its nature ( Pisces ) in the 10th house would be all that was needed.

Jupiter was also elevated, again in Aquarius as this coronation was 12 years before Elizabeth’s. Jupiter being conjunct an exalted Mercury in the 9th would have been seen as perfect for cementing the necessary deals with foreign rulers to keep young Edward from being invaded by them.

Saturn again was parked in a Cadent house ( although perhaps the 6th of health was not the best idea given the young prince’s weak constitution ).

But really you’d have to say job well done.

All apart from Uranus, the planet of change ( the one thing a 16th century ruler would not be keen on ).

Uranus is opposite the Coronation Sun and Moon and would cause havoc here. It’s also in the sign of health.

Edward died of a fever in July 1553 after being on the throne for 6 years.

Saturn was at 15 Pisces exactly conjunct the coronation Moon when he died.

No doubt the astrologer who fixed the date for the coronation was called an idiot for placing Saturn in the 6th house of health in the first place.

Maybe he was outed as a Catholic traitor and paid for his ignorance of Uranus with his life. Who can say ? After all it brought a Catholic onto the throne and the pendulum of 16th century religious politics took another massive swing.

Queen Mary was Henry V111’s first child born to Catherine of Aragon who caused the English Reformation and the end of Papal rule in the country for the simple crime of not being a boy, got her chance to get her own back on those Protestant bastards.

Naturally she picked an astrologer to ensure that she and Catholicism ruled for ever and said seer came up with this chart.




As usual the Sun at the Midheaven. To reinforce her divine right to be there after the usurper Edward, the Moon was in regal Leo.

Jupiter the ruler of the chart was in the 9th house sextile Mars indicating successful alliances with Catholic monarchs in Europe.

Saturn was again pretty much shifted out of harms way in the 2nd house.

But alas Uranus was so close to the Sun that it undid all of the good intentions of the other alignments.

Venus also was closely opposite Pluto.

Though it wasn’t actually Uranus that killed her off, it was Pluto.

Mary was born at an exact Full Moon with the Sun at 8 Pisces and Moon at 8 Virgo.

Pluto reached 8 Pisces in 1558 and Mary died of a fever probably linked to uterine cancer.

So another major fail on behalf of the astrologers of the day, simply because the most important planets in transits hadn’t been discovered yet.

But this was nothing compared to the complete balls up for the one sandwiched between Edward and Mary.

Lady Jane Grey was a young innocent, and was nominated as his successor by her cousin cousin Edward simply to avoid the impending disaster of Mary and the return of Catholicism.

This was a rushed job and Jane never had a coronation but was proclaimed queen on 10th July 1553. It seems pretty likely that no astrologer was consulted over this due to lack of time and the need to establish the succession before Mary amassed enough support to put a stop to it. Because….



If the first few degrees of a New Moon are perfect for a new start, it seems pretty true that anything begun during the last few degrees of the lunar cycle has got no future at all. Particularly if that New Moon is to be a Solar Eclipse as it was in Cancer on July 10th.

Jane famously lasted 9 days until Mary took over and shoved her in the Tower, convicted her of treason and executed her.

So you see it’s important to get these things right.

One who obviously did is Liz Number Two, cos she’s about 150 years old and still has the crown superglued onto her bonce.


Liz 2.jpeg

Sun in the 10th conjunct Jupiter is about as regal as you can get.

The chart ruler, Mercury is up there too, dignified in Gemini conjunct Mars.

The Sun is exactly trine the Moon.

Uranus is well out of the way and Saturn, Neptune and Pluto are casting close beneficial aspects to the ruler.

It’s so obvious that Liz had astrological help with this one. She waited over a year after George V1 died, with the reason that it would be inappropriate until a sufficiently long period of mourning had been completed.

Thats just cobblers, Elizabeth is a Taurus with a Fixed T Square and Capricorn rising. She was more than happy to wait for the ideal set of planets.

There are many astrologers around these days who think the ancients of 2,000 years ago got it all right. They refuse to use Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. They also wear long, bushy hipster beards and probably do their readings on old fashioned typewriters in wifi cafes.

They believe that their Hellenistic idols were the smartest guys around at the time but for some strange reason they don’t get that this would mean their heroes would jump at using Uranus, Neptune and Pluto if only they knew about them.

Capricorn Research is willing to bet that the astrologers who fixed the dates for Edward, and Mary would have happily saved their heads by adopting the new planets.

And we all know about the great John Dee. No-one sings the praises of John Bee or John Cee, do they ?

Capricorn Research is a traditionalist but only in so much as you stick with something that works until something new that works better comes along. Capricorn is a pragmatic sign but not a Fixed one.

But really if astrologers want to live back in biblical times they should expect to receive the type of feedback that was handed out in those days.

Any hipster traditional astrologer refusing to use Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in their elections should have to pay the price. If they miss something because of their primitive approach, they should just lose their heads, or maybe even worse, an enforced public shaving.




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