Pluto To Call Time On Bill And Jerry

The dumbest thing I’ve heard an astrologer claim was that Mick Jagger is a Sidereal Cancer because he loves cricket.

Jagger was so obviously a Sun / Jupiter / Pluto conjunction in Tropical Leo that if anyone is prepared to argue that point we might as well all pack up astrology and take up knitting. 

While the Beatles were the kings of pop, dominated by Air and Water signs, the Stones were true rock and roll, all Leo / Scorpio themes.

John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison are famous for giving peace a chance and bring eastern mysticism to a generation.

Jagger is famous for not being able to get any satisfaction, Keith Richards for not being able to kill himself and Bill Wyman for having a residence in the South of France and sharing it with a 13 year old girl. 

A 4th house Scorpio Sun could cover the grand chateau and a 7th house Aquarian Moon a somewhat unconventional view of relationships but there’s much more to it than that.

Virgo is a perfectionist sign, it likes purity and can be prudent and reserved. With Mars there, one’s sexual expression will carry some of these qualities.

With Mars conjunct Neptune, this search for purity can become an almost spiritual longing for innocence.

Mars opposite Saturn ( particularly if the 8th house is involved ) suggests that the native can experience a lot of frustration in their sexual life.

Bringing together these symbols it’s understandable that Wyman would be looking for an innocent virgin to relate to, perhaps because more conventional couplings were not working out for him.

When there is an opposition, these planets always create a certain tension and challenge in the person’s life. If another planet is square to both this forms a T Square. The tension created by the opposition will always be projected very strongly onto the apex planet.

Wyman’s T square has an apex Jupiter in Sagittarius in the 5th house.

An apex Jupiter will create someone who feels a fair degree of entitlement. In its own sign, Sagittarius that is even more so.

The 5th is the house of creativity and children.

The whole T Square points to someone who has earned great wealth through their own creativity and music ( Mars conjunct Neptune in 2nd square to Jupiter in 5th ) but who seeks to overcome his difficulty forming normal relationships by feeling entitled to have sex with a child.

Any planet conjunct someone’s Sun describes a theme that will have to play out strongly in their life.

So with the Sun conjunct Mars its going to be sex.

The Sun conjunct Mars in Cancer points to a rather childlike quality and maybe someone who is searching for a father figure.

The 9th house is about foreign travel.

So the Sun conjunct Mars in Cancer in the 9th house could easily be having underaged sex in a grand chateau in the south of France.

Venus in Virgo can also point to an innocent, virginal experience, conjunct the South Node, it’s going to be problematic and come with some fairly significant lessons to be worked through.

This is backed up by Saturn in the 7th house of relationships, which also points to getting involved with an older man.

Bill Wyman’s Sun is closely conjunct Mandy Smith’s Ascendant.

Wyman has a Sun / Pluto square aspect. This undoubtedly adds to the Scorpionic themes that run through his life, but it also points to a time when these themes will get a very pronounced airing.

This would be when Pluto makes the conjunction with his Sun by transit.

This ran from November 1983 – August 1985, and covers the period when he first met 13 year old Mandy Smith and first had sex with her.

The same period had Pluto square Smith’s Mars and conjunct her Scorpio Ascendant.

And in case this wasn’t enough, Saturn was conjunct Pluto making the same transits for both of them.

When Mandy was 18 they got married, but they separated 2 years later. She had experienced health problems due to using contraception at such a young age and Wyman soon tired of her.

Some people might dismiss this kind of thing as being just ” rock and roll ” behaviour but even in that world its unusual. But it does happen.

Jerry Lee Lewis famously married his cousin who was 13 years old at the time. Maybe there are some astrological similarities.

Lewis was born a year before Wyman but has some remarkably similar patterns.

Here its Venus in Virgo ( rather than Wyman’s Mars ) widely conjunct Neptune opposite Saturn.

The opposition is in a very similar area of the chart and focuses by T square onto another apex planet in Sagittarius ( Mars rather than Wyman’s Jupiter ).

There is also a tight square between Lewis’ Moon and Pluto ( for Wyman it was his Sun with Pluto ).

Granted Jerry Lee Lewis was only 23 rather than Bill Wyman’s 47 when he copped off with a 13 year old but it was still Pluto transits that triggered the event.

When he married Myra Gale Brown, Pluto was in that T square conjunct that Virgo Venus, opposite his Saturn and square to his Mars.

Incidentally Brown was a Sun Cancer like Mandy Smith with the Sun conjunct Venus ( while Smith’s Sun was conjunct Mars ).

The marriage occurred when Pluto was conjunct Brown’s Mars.

Incidentally Bill’s son, Stephen Wyman married his grandmother in law, Mandy Smith’s mother Patsy.

Patsy was 46, Stephen was 30.

Stephen, like his father / son in law Bill, has a Mars / Virgo type signature too. This one is Mars in Pisces opposite Pluto in Virgo.

So is there a moral to this bizarre astrological story ?

Probably not. If you are a ” rock star ” it seems you can get away with anything, even in your face pedophilia.

But just as Pluto brought about these ” marriages “, it will also likely mark the end for Bill and Jerry.

Over the next 2 – 3 years Pluto will be forming the opposing squares to Wyman’s Sun and Lewis’ Moon.

Given that both of them will be in 3rd Saturn Return territory, it won’t be a pretty sight.

Maybe Bill will lose his ” grand chateau ” and Jerry will have his ” great balls of fire ” chopped off.

No doubt the Siderealist I mentioned earlier would have argued that Bill Wyman really had the Sun in Libra, a 7th house Moon in Capricorn and Cancer rising because he too was keen on cricket. 

And Jerry Lee Lewis was actually a Sidereal Virgo with Capricorn rising.

Pass me the needles. 

Posted on June 3rd 2022