Prince Charles at Seventy

There can’t be many people who at the age of 70 still have their life utterly dominated by their mother. But then again, not many people have charts quite like this.




Astrological symbolism is remarkably simple. There’s no need to make it complicated. Charles has the Moon ( mother ) right at the top of the chart, exalted at 0 degrees Taurus.

And just in case we are in any doubts as to who his mother is, the Queen has her Sun at 0 degrees Taurus.

To back up this theme of his life being controlled by his family, his own stellium in Libra / Scorpio is in the 4th house.

But as anyone who has ever read anything on astrotwitter will tell you, changes are afoot.

Uranus is conjunct Charles 10th house Moon and Liz’ Sun.

Uranus first reached this point in May this year at the time of Harry and Meghan’s wedding and is currently retrograding over it again.

It comes back for a final pass in February 2019.

So what can we expect ?

Looking at Charles chart there is an extremely close Easy Opposition between Uranus at 29.56 Gemini in the 11th and Jupiter at 29.53 Sagittarius in the 5th, focusing by trine and sextile to the Moon at 0.26 Taurus.

If this pattern does not indicate a sudden, unexpected ascension to the throne of England, I don’t know what could.

Other factors are that he will be having a Jupiter Return next year and Jupiter will be conjunct his Mars in February.

Also Pluto will be sextile his Sun from the end of January right through until August.

This is very significant because Charles’ Sun is exactly sextile the Queen’s Ascendant at 21.25 Capricorn.

Pluto arrives there just in time for Xmas and stays until June.

So its looking increasingly likely that we will have a new ruler, possibly as early as February / March 2019.

So King Charles and Queen Camilla then ?

I wonder if any of our country’s distinguished press would care to celebrate the succession by reminding us all of Charles’ ambition for his next lifetime.

I have always been open to reincarnation but felt that an astrology chart is for this life only. But since falling in love with someone who has a strong belief and experience of past life influences, I have started to look at this subject through different eyes.

Astrological symbolism is so rich that it can be observed as operating on many different levels.

And Scorpio Sun with Venus in Libra conjunct Neptune at the bottom of the chart ?

What better than dreaming of coming back next time as Camilla’s tampon ?

Actually being King is probably overrated anyway.




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