The Turning Point in Your Life

When was the major turning point in your own life ? Has it passed already or is it to come ?

For the small cost of £ 30 to cover expenses, Capricorn Research will give a personal assessment of your very own Pluto moments to help you discover the most important periods of your life.

Or for an individually written Full Chart Consultation with the opportunity to ask any questions that concern you for a fee of £ 75.

Just send your time, date and place of birth together with any requests to –



23 thoughts on “The Turning Point in Your Life

  1. Hi, I am a Capricorn like yourself born 9th January 1952 at 6.30am in London , U.K. and have been fascinated with astrology since 70s, and do charts for family members. Like you I also have Saturn at the top of my chart, I would love to know if I am at a turning point now as I know Pluto is transiting my sign. I really like your no-nonsense, scientific approach to astrology and as an amateur practitioner would love to be included in your research into astrologers, if you are including non-professionals like myself.

  2. Hi, would it be possible for you to post an example of a turning point chart? Just so that we can see if it’s the sort of thing we’re looking for? (Can’t hurt to ask!) Cheers

  3. I was following a pluto theory of mine, and came upon this. I’m currently surviving Pluto Conjunct my 21 Capricorn Ascendant

    To say I need guidance is an “under”statement ha ha
    I’m lucky I even have jokes at this state of Pluto – I respect this aspect and have commited to it, but have way too many signs and no dircection.
    Far Rockaway NY

    I have
    Mars Venus Conjunct Leo 7th house
    8th house sun
    1st house moon

    I couldn’t have hidden from this transit if I had tried
    I need to know who I am but have way too many turning signs and no straight direction.

  4. I became interested in Astrology 2 years ago, but really learning within past year. It figures that my soul became crushed, life almost nil when Pluto conjoined my sun. The start of transformation a la dragonfly.
    (Took me a year before I got to see it in an ephemeris.) There is absolutely No Doubt I nearly died due to this exact transit at 20° 40’.

    • Thanks Colette. My deepest sympathies. I have very few examples of people actually dying during a Pluto transit but it seems that it can take us extremely close to it. Fortunately it is always linked with a phoenix like rise and a new life afterwards. I hope it has worked in this way for you. Do you have Pluto aspected strongly in your natal chart ?

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