Granny’s Boy Could Murder A Pizza

There is an argument put forward by some astrologers that their subject is not an empirical one and therefore cannot be tested by research.

They say that no two birth charts are the same so any attempt to test a connection between those with similarities should be avoided because we should look at the whole symbolic picture shown by the chart rather than comparable parts with others.

This is a sophisticated way of saying that they are scared of research because it’s findings might not actually agree with their prognostications.

It also flies in the face of what they have been doing their whole professional lives.

Because as soon as you make an observation about the character of any placement, this has to be based on your experience of what has been seen in the behaviour of other people who share that chart feature.

I used to have a discussion with one of the above astrologers who would stress for example that an Aries is an assertive character because of the sign’s position at the start of the Zodiac.

This is undeniably true but if it turned out that the vast majority of his Aries clients and other famous people born under that sign did not display those characteristics at all, I suggested that he would modify his view of the sign’s character. He denied that he would.

He has both Sun and Moon in Fixed signs whereas I have them in pragmatic Capricorn. So we have a different world view.

If you start from a fixed perspective you would not welcome research on the grounds that it might not back up your perspective.

If you are pragmatic you would adjust your perspective to incorporate the results of the research.

Astrologers like to think that their subject is different from any other. In many ways it is, but in some ways it isn’t.

Any type of forecasting, whether economic, social, political, environmental, sporting or even weather faces the same problems.

No two situations occurring at different times are the same, they can’t be, but that doesn’t stop forecasters using their experience of what happened on previous occasions when similar combinations occurred to try and predict what might happen when they reoccur.

The weatherman can’t refuse to give us an idea of whether it will rain this weekend because the particular conditions have never occurred in exactly the same combinations before.

Astrology is not fate but then nor is any other subject.

Astrology indicates that a particular range of experience is to be expected with certain placements or transits, so if we are prepared to those terms, I feel it is a subject that is very amenable to and would be endorsed by research.

We could call it symbolic empiricism.

I choose subjects for my articles with this in mind.

I am always on the lookout for new themes to explore from an astrological perspective, but once I start I try to allow the Universe to find it for me.

My wife was telling me about a particular married couple with a very large age difference and I noted similarities with another similar couple. There seemed to be a Cancer / Capricorn 1st / 7th house thing there.

I thought I would look into this on the astrodatabank to see if the same kind of thing came up regularly. There were 187 timed charts of people who married someone more than 15 years older or younger than them.

But when I got to the 5th one on the list, something told me I had to look at this one in much greater detail. I’m glad I did because it was for someone called Margherita Pezzoni, who sounds like an item on an Uber Eats menu.

This is her astro biography –

” Italian octogenarian who married 23-year-old Andrea Pezzoni when she was 93. Sprightly and lucid of mind, she explained that she wanted to protect him with her estate as she was fond of him. She wanted to adopt Andrea but it would take too long so she married him instead. The media got hold of the story and made it highly public, covering the wedding on 4/28/1994.

When she died “mysteriously” on 1/07/1996, Andrea was left the small inheritance of her pension, not the fortune he anticipated. He was arrested on 11/07/1996 on suspicion of killing another women and confessed to the murder of both women.”

It is much more difficult to identify the chart of a murder victim than that of a murderer. The act of taking someone’s life is such a singularly inhumane and horrific thing that you would expect it to be there clearly as a major theme in the killer’s chart.

Victims can be many and varied, all kinds of different personality types. Some might have a specific relationship to their killer, others might be simply just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The way I look at charts like this is I ask if it was one of half a dozen picked at random, would an astrologer have chosen this one as the likely owner of the biography above.

I believe they would have done for a number of reasons.

Scorpio is rising, with the ruler Pluto in the 8th house of death as part of a tight ( within 2 degrees ) T square that focuses on an apex Mercury, the ruler of that house.

Pluto also has an exact ( 4 minutes of arc ) quincunx aspect ( the aspect of death ) to Saturn.

There is another wide T Square including the Moon and Venus which focuses onto an apex Neptune in the 8th house.

Saturn is square to the Sun indicating a possible problem with men in general. The Sun is in the 5th which might be pointing to an issue with her own children.

And in this chart, the Moon’s Nodes really do carry the main theme.

The North Node is in the 1st house, the South one in the 7th, indicating that this person is way better off pursuing a life of independence and suggesting some significant lessons to be learnt from and within marriage.

As a rule I would not look at planets in square to the Nodes as forming a T Square, but in this case I am prepared to overlook that. The reason for that is the extremely tight orbs involved.

So the apex Mars ( a mere 6 minutes from the Nodes ) depicts the likely results of Margherita’s marriage – an act of violence.

What about her young husband / killer ?

His biography contains the same information as that of Margherita with the additional piece – ” Pezzoni was orphaned as a baby with his dad’s death. At three he had a fall that resulted in a nervous tic and an arm that had lesions. “

Again the question is would any self respecting astrologer be able to pick Andrea Pezzoni’s chart out of a random line up.

A few months ago I set a game for my followers on Facebook that had to do precisely that, pick the chart of a murderer when placed alongside 3 other random ones.

We called this game Murdle, because it coexisted with a similarly named but far less interesting one.

The results were astounding, people were picking the killer approximately 90% of the time, even when I deliberately chose other charts that were quite difficult and menacing in their own way.

I believe they would also have picked Andrea Pezzoni for the following reasons.

The Sun and Moon are in the 12th house indicating hidden life themes.

The Moon is closely square to Pluto.

Venus is closely square to Saturn the co-ruler of the 8th house.

The Sun is square to Uranus, the 8th house’s other ruler.

Mars is exactly on the Ascendant ( an orb of 21 minutes ). I have noticed that anyone who has such a close conjunction of Mars with a major personal placement will live a life that is very strongly tied to that planet.

All these things point in the direction of possible killer but when we see the type of murder that Pezzoni committed, not once but twice, it becomes clearer.

Both were older women, one 70 years older who had taken pity on him and wanted to adopt him, but marred him instead.

These are real Cancerian issues. A killer with a violent ( Mars / Ascendant ) Cancerian stellium and the Moon afflicted by Pluto is likely to turn his muderous attentions on a mother figure.

Venus being in close square to Saturn as ruler of both 7th and 8th houses could be suggesting he killed his wife.

Also the Sun in Cancer in the 12th square to Uranus in the 4th would point to losing a father as a baby, most likely when the transit Uranus tightened that aspect.

Uranus would have been square to Pezzoni’s Mars and Ascendant when he was three years old, pointing to the accident and injuries received.

When we come to put the charts together for synastry purposes we can see a powerful overlap of these themes.

Margherita’s Sun / Venus in Aries is square to Andrea’s Sun / Ascendant / Mars in Cancer. This also brings her Sun / Saturn square into play.

Her Saturn is opposite Andrea’s Mars. This already picks her out as potential target for him.

Her Moon / Neptune square sits right on his Moon / Pluto one.

Andrea’s Venus is conjunct Margherita’s Mars showing perhaps why she sympathised with him and even the thing that brought them together in marriage despite their 70 year age difference.

However both these planets come with a price. It also means that the squares are brought into play. So Andrea’s Saturn ( 7th and 8th ruler ) is conjunct Margherita’s South Node in the 7th house.

We don’t have a timed chart for the marriage but one thing is clear. The South Node was at 23.49 Taurus ( a mere half degree from Margherita’s natal 7th house SN ) and opposite Pluto.

The two lunar eclipses that fall before and after her murder have the Moon at 15 Aries and the Sun at 14.32 Aries, right on Margherita’s Sun and square to Andrea’s Mars / Ascendant

And Andrea’s Solar Return for the year of both his murders and his confession.

There is a nasty Grand Cross involving, Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Jupiter, Saturn, the Nodes and all of the angles. These all hit the major placements in Margherita and Andreas charts.

And the South Node is in the 7th house exactly ( half a degree orb ) to Margherita’s Sun.

So there we have it.

For me this is a fine example of symbolic empiricism.

There may be some who would contest it, but I would issue them a challenge. Find a couple with a 70 year age difference with comparable synastry and chart themes whose marriage doesn’t end in murder.

I’ll wait.

Posted on June 22nd 2022