The Art Of Explaining A Saturn Return

Astrology is a bit like Zen. When you first read about it, it all seems straightforward enough, but if you start to properly look into it, the subject becomes much more complex. In the end however, it is seen as being essentially very simple.

Just like meditation, if you stay still and patient and keep observing charts it will all be revealed to you.

But if you think you’ve grasped it before you’ve done the work, you won’t have anything of true value.

Yes you can read the books that will tell you over and over again what a planet in a certain sign or house does, but until you have witnessed exactly how these placings work in many people’s actual lives you are still clutching at straws.

Take the Saturn Return for example.

This is one of those terms which most young people with a little understanding of astrology have heard of and like Mercury Retrograde they assume it to be a bad thing.

They have read in the books that Saturn rules authority, boundaries, limitations, restrictions, frustrations and delays. So to have it coming back must be crap ?

First of all this happens to every single person on earth at the age of 29.

And short of feeling pissed off because they are about to be 30, is this really such a terror ?

Back in the 1960s there was a TV documentary called 7 Up.

The idea was to interview children at the age of 7 about their ideas, hopes and wishes for their life and to come back to them every 7 years to see how they had got on.

At age 14 and 21, most of them were very uncertain and lacking in confidence, but when it came to the 28 show, many were much more content and showing signs of following their youthful dreams but in a practical fashion.

So perhaps we should review the Saturn Return in a more positive light.

As a Sun, Moon and Ascendant Capricorn with a strong but harmoniously aspected Saturn in my 10th house, I had no idea what I was going to do as a career until my Saturn Return. I just drifted.

From that point on I was able to set off on my own particular mountain path. It was a steep, uphill journey with hard work required, particularly on myself, but I was content because I could finally see a clear direction for my life to take.

I have seen many clients through their Saturn Return and many of them have found it hard but it is always an essential part of their own life’s pattern.

The way to work through it is to accept the discipline and responsibility required even if it may feel like a certain amount of freedom is lost.

This so called freedom is often just what other people say it is anyway.

Real freedom is an inner thing anyway, and ultimately you get more of it once you have accepted what the Universe has in mind for you.

But of course all of this depends on where Saturn is the chart of the person concerned.

Bruno Artuno had Saturn in Scorpio in the 8th house in the middle of a very difficult T Square opposite Mars which focused onto an apex Pluto.

Given that this article is part of the Murder Most Horrid series, it doesn’t take much to see this as the chart of a killer, Mars / Saturn / Pluto being the most violent of all combinations.

As a rule with killers its very hard to get accurate birth times, sometimes even their dates are unavailable. This inevitably makes astrological deductions difficult.

With Artuno the reverse is true. We have a birthtime with an AA reliability recommendation.

What we don’t have is anything much else to go on.

Having scoured the net for more info all I have is from which says he was a

” French homicide: he killed his victim with the help of the man’s wife; 1/06/1985.”

On that date Saturn was at 25 Scorpio opposite Artuno’s Mars and square to Pluto. It went backwards and forwards through the T Square for most of 1985.

So we can clearly see the killing and probably his capture and sentencing from this transit.

But can we piece anything else together about the murder from this chart ?

It’s interesting that he had help from the victim’s wife because that Mars / Saturn opposition is not only the base of a violent T Square, it is also at the core of a beneficial Kite formation involving Mercury, Jupiter and Uranus.

The Water Grand Trine would certainly make the deed easier.

But why did Artuno kill this man ?

Was he in love with the wife and wanted her husband out of the way ?

My feeling is that he wasn’t.

My reason for this is that none of his Sun, Moon or Ascendant were involved in the aspect patterns. Neither was his Venus.

In fact he had the Sun and Moon in very close trine aspect.

Mars is in Taurus in the 2nd house, so you would think that the motivation for the killing is more one of finance than of love.

With the Moon in Leo in the 6th house in trine to the Sun I would expect Bruno Arturo to be quite skilled at his job. As Pluto is also in the 6th, perhaps he was a career criminal.

Maybe this was a contract killing, the wife benefitting financially and therefore paying Artuno to do the deed.

Saturn is always saying no to something. But we all have to have a Saturn.

People who have it conjunct or perhaps trine or sextile one of their personal planets are more used to the energy. The likelihood is they would naturally impose those limitations on themselves and so when they get their Saturn Return it isn’t something that hurts them that much because they are used to it, but also quite good at seeing the positives to a bit of self discipline.

People who have Saturn in square or particularly opposite their personal planets are not so good at doing this.

They can’t impose those limitations on themselves and therefore have to attract the energy from outside.

If someone has it opposite his Mars, this person probably needs to be stopped but can’t do that because Mars is all about action. So they need some kind of external authority stop them.

For Bruno Artuno, the Saturn Return triggered this particular killing, but maybe that was also for a reason.

Perhaps he was stopped on a criminal path by getting a long term jail sentence for this murder.

Who knows for sure ?

All we can do is study the effect of the Saturn on as many charts as possible.

And if we watch and listen very intently we will know that the Saturn Return is the sound of One Hand Stopping.

Posted on 7 Sep 2020


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