Susan Anton and Dudley Moore – Goldengirl and Cuddly Dud

Susan Anton

If you asked men for their perfect astrological fantasy woman most of the answers would be Libra or Scorpio. Even the most basic acquaintance with Astrology  would understand that Librans are supposed to be the most attractive and Scorpions the most sexy.  If the men concerned knew anything about Astrology they would probably ask for the Sun in Libra and the Moon in Scorpio. Men are simple creatures, and if pushed for more they would ask for more of the same, something like Sun conjunct Venus in the 7th house of partnerships and Moon in Scorpio in the 8th of sex ( Libra is the 7th sign and is ruled by Venus, Scorpio is the 8th sign ). As it’s a fantasy, a bit of Pisces with its ruling planet Neptune would be required.  Lets say Sun conjunct Venus and Neptune in Libra in the 7th house, with the Moon in Scorpio and Pisces rising.

Incidentally, the Capricorn Astrology Research Project contained a group of 288 sex symbols,  the most common Sun sign was Libra with 31 and second highest score was Scorpio. Pisces was the highest for rising signs with almost 50% above the expected figure.  The house position for 20,000 public figures had its lowest scores by far in the 7th house, but in the sex symbols group, however, the Sun and Moon combinations in the 7th were the highest by some distance.  Perhaps not surprisingly these fantasy figures are reflected in the celebrity world.

Someone who has the complete combination does actually exist, an actress called Susan Anton who naturally won the Miss California title and was runner up for Miss America. Her big career breakthrough and peak was in the title role of a film called Goldengirl which was released in 1979. The movie is about a scientist who has developed a way to create a physically superior human being and tests the treatment on his daughter, played by Anton.

Anton’s chart has exactly the same Sun position as Margaret Thatcher. Admittedly the astrological resemblance does tend to fade at that point although the British Prime Minister did have Scorpio prominent and some people have confessed to having fantasies about her. The one thing that they definitely did share was a sudden and unexpected career explosion in 1979, prompted by Pluto reaching 19 degrees Libra, making a conjunction to both of their Suns. It was a watershed moment for both and indeed for anyone else born on the 12th or 13th October.

Pluto’s transit thrust Anton onto a bigger stage in more ways than one. In 1980, while the planet was still conjunct her Sun, she began a relationship with Dudley Moore the English comedian. Moore was 5 ft 2.5 in tall, and had a withered and twisted left foot and until he made a film breakthrough in ’10’ alongside Bo Derek the previous year, was chiefly known for his very successful comedy relationship with Peter Cook, which included a lot of sketches with them both wearing caps and raincoats. Susan Anton was 5 ft 11 and had all of the attributes referred to above. Inevitably there was plenty of ammunition for the gossip columns and photographs of the pair appeared everywhere. The question invariably asked was ” What’s the attraction ? “. The answer is in their birthcharts.

Dudley Moore

Dudley Moore had a reputation as a ladies man and had been married to very attractive blonde actresses before in Suzy Kendall and Tuesday Weld.  Moore’s magnetic qualities came from an Aries Sun, Scorpio Moon and Libra Ascendant. The Sun is in the 7th house in opposition to the Moon and Mars is right on the Ascendant all pointing to a very dynamic sex life. As Uranus is involved in conjunction with the Sun, there would be lots of relationships and marital changes.

Why Susan Anton ? Moore’s Mars is exactly conjunct Anton’s Venus, a classic connection ( the symbols for Mars and Venus are the male and female ) so the two together sums it up. Their Moons are also exactly conjunct each other at 8 degrees 40 Scorpio so a profoundly deep emotional and sexual connection was a given. Two people with such a placing would bring a great intensity to their shared experience. One problem, however, is that both of them would have exactly the same transits at the same time.  Anton and Moore were together for 7 years, or until Pluto arrived at 8 degrees 40 Scorpio in 1987, when they split up.

Dudley Moore had been through a powerful Pluto period of his own by then. Between November 1975 and August 1978, Pluto was conjunct his Mars and Ascendant. The Autumn of 1975 was when he first announced that he wanted to leave his comedy partnership with Peter Cook and by the summer of 1978 he was in Hollywood with a supporting role in the film Foul Play with Goldie Hawn. From the Autumn of 1982 to the summer of 1984, Pluto was opposite Moore’s Sun, certainly a watershed time in his career. The films Arthur in 1981 and Micki and Maude in 84 won him Golden Globes for best actor in a musical / comedy and they marked the peak of his career. He was a global Hollywood star during these Pluto years and his relationship with Susan Anton added greatly to his exposure.

A Pluto conjunction or opposition to the Sun is a once in a lifetime experience, in fact many people will never have one. It invariably coincides with the major watershed period of the life and usually focuses on the career. Pluto conjunct the Moon is just as rare and often focuses on major changes in the personal life. For Susan Anton and Dudley Moore there’s clear and stunning evidence of its work in both their careers and life together. It catapulted them both to prominence, brought them together and also made them part.



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