Marianne Bachmeier – Saturn’s Vigilante

Murder is always unacceptable, but some deeds are more understandable than others.

To quote Wikipedia

” Marianne Bachmeier grew up in Sarstedt, where her parents fled to from East Prussia . Her father had been a member of the Waffen SS. Her parents separated, and her mother remarried.

In 1966, at the age of 16, Marianne Bachmeier had her first child. She became pregnant again at the age of 18 by her then-boyfriend. Shortly before the birth of her second daughter, she was raped. Both of her children were given up for adoption shortly after their birth. In 1973, her third daughter Anna, was born. She raised Anna alone. After Anna’s birth, Marianne Bachmeier was sterilized.

On 5 May 1980, Anna Bachmeier did not go to school to spite her mother. When trying to visit a friend her own age, Anna was abducted by Klaus Grabowski, a 35-year-old butcher. He is said to have held Anna for several hours at home and then strangled her with a pair of tights. According to the Prosecutor he had tied the girl tight, packed her into a box, which he then buried on the canal bank in a shallow grave.

On 6 March 1981, the third day of the trial, Marianne Bachmeier smuggled a Beretta M1934  into the courtroom of Lübeck District Court and shot the alleged killer of her daughter Anna, Klaus Grabowski, in the back. She aimed the gun at Grabowski’s back and pulled the trigger eight times. Seven of the shots hit, and the 35-year-old defendant was killed instantly. “

Bachmeier was initially charged with murder which was dropped to manslaughter and she was sentenced to 6 years.

What chart features would you expect to cover a life like Marianne’s ?

I have often found that the Sun’s hard aspects to Saturn result in some kind of absence in the father principle. The native’s father can die while she is young, or leave the family or at least have some problems which prevent him from being fully supportive to his child.

This Saturn theme can also work down through the generations, in that the native can be prevented or delayed from having children herself or that there would be some significant problems with her relationship with them.

In general terms with aspects the tighter the orb the more powerful the experience, so to cover a life like Marianne Bachmeier’s you would expect a seriously tight Sun / Saturn affliction.

And you would be right

Bachmeier’s Sun is exactly square Saturn with an orb of 30 minutes.

Also this aspect is part of a T Square including Jupiter with the Sun as the apex planet.

An apex Sun can be the most powerful of all single placements as there is a very strong desire to thrust the self forward in the affairs of the house that it’s in.

This seems to happen even in signs that are not normal seen as forceful or even assertive.

So Bachmeier’s apex Sun in the 9th would force her to intervene in a judicial process ( 9th house ) perhaps because she did not trust the authorities to do the job properly.

I’m not always a fan of using horary concepts in natal astrology, but if we try turning the chart to see things from the perspective of Marianne’s daughter Anna, we see that she is represented by the 5th house ruler, Saturn.

Saturn is in the turned ( Anna’s ) 8th, pointing to her own murder.

The 8th from the 5th would rule the murderer and this is the Sun.

So the Sun’s exact square to Saturn shows the murderer’s own death and Marianne’s role in it.

Anna’s murder happened in 1980 when Saturn was conjunct her mothers Ascendant.

Marianne’s vigilante killing occurred the following year with Saturn conjunct her South Node and more seriously Pluto square to her Moon.

There is no birthdate for the killer, Klaus Grabowski.

There is one available for Anna Bachmeier but no birth time. Anna had a Scorpio Sun in square to her Aquarius Moon.

She was murdered when Uranus was exactly conjunct her Sun.

What to say about this tragic series of events ?

The one thing we can learn is that the tighter the aspect pattern, the more dramatic the events that unfold.

And Saturn will get its revenge one way or another.

Posted October 31st 2020


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