Why Greece has been the Biggest Challenge to the Euro ?

We’ve seen it coming for a while. The European Economic Community has always been fraught with issues about who joins and who leaves ever since its inception in 1958. However the issues that gained prominence since the beginning of the Euro in 1999, have seriously come to a head over the last few years. Recently the focus has been on Greece to the point where some punters are saying if a solution is not found by the end of the month, the resulting panic in the markets will be so strong, it will make the crash of 2008 seem like a picnic.

Much of this has to be dismissed as simple economic propaganda designed to force the divergent parties involved to cobble something together, but the question on many people’s lips must be why has it come to this and why is the Greek membership of the Euro such a vital cog in the global economy. Is it like one of those children’s games where you build a column and gradually take one piece out at a time until the whole edifice comes tumbling down ?

Capricorn Research was under the impression that tax avoidance by multi national companies was one of the main reasons that capitalism was still working. Have we really reached such a point where because a few Athenians have skipped paying their dues, the whole system comes crashing down on our heads ?

Of course modern media thrives to make a drama out of a crisis, but perhaps we could all do with taking a step back from the abyss and having a think about why we this has all come to pass anyway. And the best way to do that whilst retaining some level of detachment is to look at the charts of those involved.



A Sun sign only approach would instantly seek to put the blame on Capricorn, but this would be a trifle unfair given that so many economic institutions have a starting date of January 1st with the inevitability of the Sun at 10 degrees of that sign.

Given the fragility of the markets its probably just as well, because at least Capricorn provides some level of stability and longevity. If the EEC had begun in Gemini or Pisces it would surely have splintered into hundreds of little regions and disappeared without trace years ago.

The interesting thing in this chart is the T Square.

Venus is in Aquarius opposite Uranus. This is an incredibly idealistic vision of a community based on the breaking down of old national barriers.

Uranus, Aquarius and the 11th house are all symbols of the new global society, of equality of opportunity for all.

But the fact that the aspect is an opposition points to the difficulties in maintaing this community. An afflicted Uranus can produce all kinds of conflicts around the idea of freedom and independence.

The challenge that is endemic in this opposition focuses by T square onto an apex Moon in Taurus in the 8th house. So we see that the focus is economic along with the problems. Taurus is the sign of money and the 8th house is the place of other people’s resources.

This chart will always carry with it difficulties around money.

We all know that our early forties are a kind of mid life crisis, the classic image is of a dutiful and conventional husband and father suddenly going out and buying a Harley Davidson. This is entirely down to the natural Uranus opposition that occurs for everyone at this age.

So how would that work for an economic community ? Simple it goes out and buys and brand new currency.

The Euro


As we can see Uranus in the chart of the Euro is in exact opposition to its EEC natal place triggering that extremely close T square to the Moon.

So if the EC wanted to deliberately do something that would produce the maximum amount of financial disruption purely for some kind of vanity project, it could not have timed it better. But then that’s a forty something male for you.

The chart has its own T Square involving moving planets as in the Moon, Mercury and Jupiter in Mutable signs of Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces in Cadent houses of the 3rd, 9th and 6th.

This would point to a mass exodus with the apex Jupiter in Pisces in the 6th house suggesting that the Euro would be left as a bloated, dissolute figure with ailing health.

How on earth this institution has managed to survive relatively intact for 26 years is a question that can only be linked to that 4th house Capricorn Sun again.

The Euro has faced many challenges in the last quarter of a century but why should it be Greece that presents the biggest one ?

The chart for the nation state has some of the answers. There is no time available but a noon chart works very well.



One thing to note is that Uranus is in the middle of Aquarius conjunct the EEC Venus and the Euro Uranus. Its interesting that the EEC Venus in Aquarius was in its 5th house, a symbol that suggests some children in the family objecting to the old man’s buying a motorbike.

With Greece having Uranus on that Venus, it shows the rejection and the threat of separation coming from Athens.

The most challenging aspect in the Greek chart is the opposition between Mercury and Jupiter at 24 – 25 Virgo / Pisces which fits perfectly on the Euro T Square also involving Mercury and Jupiter in Pisces.

So if any country is going to trigger a break up of the Euro it would be Greece.

What will happen this week then ?

Anxious economists would point to Uranus being currently opposite the Euro’s Mars with Pluto approaching square to the same position over the next couple of years.

There is also the idea that Saturn will be square the Greek Sun in November this year.

The transits for the next week or so look relatively benign however.

Neptune is sextile the Euro Sun and Jupiter is about to sextile its Moon.

Jupiter will conjunct the Greek Sun in September so its hard to see a complete breakdown with an imminent stock market crash.

Greece has been dealing with Neptune being opposite its Sun since March 2014 so its not surprising the amount of confusion surrounding its position, the ground has literally been dissolving under the country’s feet.

We often think of Uranus as being symbolic of left wing politics but Capricorn Research’s experience is that Uranus tends to be radical but can be either of the left or the right. Its Neptune that features more prominently in terms of left wing idealism and its no surprise that Alex Tsipras government has come to power under this transit.

Despite Jupiter’s upcoming conjunction with its Sun there are still many challenges to come from both Saturn and Neptune for the Greek economy.

But the Euro ? It has survived Pluto going through its T Square and being conjunct its Sun. If it was going to fold, it would have done so between 2012 and 14.

The markets response ? Who can say. Capricorn Research has long been sick of the idea that a few jittery idiots who can’t hold one consistent thought in their own heads for more than 5 seconds should have so much power over the economic future of mankind. Fortunately the fact that they have no control over their reactions means that the astrology of the situation will most likely dictate matters.

My reading of the global financial situation is that we are just emerging from a Uranus / Pluto square inspired depression exactly the same as the 1930s. For more information on this see The Recession – When Will it End ? 

I don’t see us going straight into another one.

But then I am a triple Capricorn and as we’ve seen from the EEC and Euro charts its only that Sun sign that’s holding it all together.



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